Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Chapter 1056 - All Sides of the Chaos

Chapter 1056 All Sides of the Chaos

Yu Yuan’s trip to the Chaos had officially

stepped onto the right track. At the same time, the third Chaotic Assembly created momentum again. After tens of millions of years, another generation of geniuses appeared, coveting the Supreme Divine Throne that represented geniuses.

The top ten thousand geniuses of the previous two Chaotic Assemblies had already proved themselves and become famous mighty figures and giants in the ten million domains of the Chaos. As for the Ten Absolutes, they were even more world-shattering existences. Under such circumstances, the Chaotic Assembly’s status was naturally high.

Han Jue decided not to go personally to the Chaotic Assembly this time.

He had clones in all three Dao Fields. If any disciple was willing to leave, they could look for his clone at any time.

Millions of years later.

Han Jue was 110 million years old. However, he didn’t trigger the reward option, but there was an additional Creation Heaven’s Chosen.

This meant that he had to wait for a hundred million years to trigger the choice reward in the future. Although the cycle had become longer, the reward should also become more advanced.

It seemed that he had to increase his seclusion cycle to once every ten million years. Otherwise, it would be too difficult to wait.

Moreover, he also felt that five million years was too short recently.

Han Jue started to check his emails.

In the past five million years, his descendants and disciples had stopped fighting. Compared to the tens of millions of years before, it was indeed much quieter.

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Han Jue asked after reading the emails, “Shan’e, the Chaotic Assembly is about to

begin. Do you want to go?”

Shan’e opened his eyes and asked carefully, “Can I go?”

Han Jue smiled. “Of course. Continue cultivating after you come back.”

Shan’e was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly thanked him.

“Go with your Ancestral Mothers and protect them when the time comes.”

“Of course!”

Han Jue stood up and walked out of the Daoist temple to visit his Dao Companions.

Xing Hongxuan, Qingluan’er, Xuan Qingjun, Fairy Xi Xuan, and Chang Yue’er were also looking forward to the Chaotic Assembly. They were all prepared to go and watch the commotion. Han Jue didn’t stop them.

At that time, he would send them to the second Dao Field and follow Li Yao, Dao

Comprehension Sword, and the other


Li Yao had been keeping a low profile all these

years, but every time Han Jue visited her, he discovered that her cultivation level had been advancing by leaps and bounds. She had long reached the perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm and was still cultivating diligently.

It was not difficult for them to dominate the Chaos with Li Yao and the Chaotic

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Fiendcelestials around.

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Han Jue came to the second Dao Field several

days later.

Pleasantly surprised to see him, Dao Comprehension Sword immediately pounced forward.

Li Yao also opened her eyes and looked at him


Han Jue sat down and chatted with them about cultivation.

Two hours later, the three of them entered the simulation trial. Han Jue fought Li Yao and Dao Comprehension Sword to test their strength.

The two women were both Chaotic Fiendcelestials, so the difference in potential was naturally not great. It was just that Li Yao was more determined and focused on cultivating. Dao Comprehension Sword would occasionally slack off, so the cultivation years she had accumulated were inferior.

The battle began.

Han Jue didn’t attack but. He let the two

women use all sorts of Mystical Powers first.

Han Jue discovered that Li Yao’s Dao had changed. It was the Sword Dao in the past. Now, it was still the Dao of Weapons, but there were other types of weapons. Using the power of the Great Dao to transform into a weapon, it

was even sharper.

As for Dao Comprehension Sword, it was still the Sword Dao.

Five minutes later.

The simulation trial ended. The two women

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admitted defeat. Han Jue didn’t attack from the beginning to the end.

Li Yao sighed. “We can’t shorten the difference between us no matter how hard we cultivate.” Dao Comprehension Sword nodded and looked at him with admiration.

Han Jue began to discuss her Dao with Li Yao.

“I infuse Dao with all sorts of weapons, but I actually control the Dao. I want to control all powers. My Dao is to control the Dao. What do you think?” Li Yao asked seriously. Han Jue said, “That’s feasible. If you control the Dao, you can do the same thing and return

the favor. With all sorts of divine weapons as the formation, you can reverse the stars and overturn the world.”

The two of them began to discuss the Dao

while Dao Comprehension Sword listened carefully.

Han Jue finally returned to the third Dao Field

after discussing the Dao for a thousand years and interacting with them for decades. He sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and began to look at the Chaos.

The first person he paid attention to was Yu Yuan. The current Yu Yuan had already completely integrated into the Creation Emperor Court and had even made a name for

himself. His status had risen very quickly. The Creation Emperor Court’s reputation also erupted. With the addition of the number one

expert of the Chaos, Han Huang, how could the various overlords not be afraid?

From the looks of it, the Creation Emperor Court was unstoppable. They would definitely be able to obtain great providence when the

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Endless Era arrived.

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Han Jue’s gaze landed on Life again.

Life had already turned to the edge of the Chaos and was constantly spreading. Recently, it had not caused much trouble and seemed to

be keeping a low profile.

Han Jue discovered that Huang Zuntian was missing.

He couldn’t find his aura in the entire Chaos,

so he checked his friends list. Huang Zuntian’s portrait was still there.

Han Jue was not too worried. He had greater confidence in Huang Zuntian than in Han Huang. This fellow was very capable of

survival. His gaze landed on Li Daokong next. The current Li Daokong was the strongest Calamity Life Controller in the Life faction and was also the leader on the surface. He had fought with Laozi several times and had both

wins and losses. He dominated the Sword Dao and became a peak existence that countless sword cultivators looked up to. Shi Dudao and Jing Tiangong were still in the

Life faction. As believers of the Dark Forbidden Lord, they were very careful. Perhaps because the Dark Forbidden Lord had not appeared for a long time, they did not have the confidence. He looked at the Heavenly Dao next and saw that it had already entered a bottleneck. It lived in the domain under the Divine Robe Daoist

and could be considered the overlord of a region. However, the surrounding domains were all transcendent factions, causing the Heavenly Dao to not dare to expand anymore. The Divine Robe Daoist had instructed that if the Heavenly Dao developed more than a region, it would be surrounded by the Great Dao Divine Spirits. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du had no choice but to stop expanding. Han Jue felt that this was enough for the

Heavenly Dao. If not for him, how could the

Heavenly Dao be where it was today? The Heavenly Dao should be satisfied. The Heavenly Dao wasn’t his Great Dao World, so

he naturally wouldn’t support it under


Even now, Han Jue didn’t know if this Heavenly Dao was Pangu’s Great Dao World or

the Dao Ancestor’s. Pangu had already revived and was far from

the Heavenly Dao. He seemed to have severed ties with the Heavenly Dao and had no contact with it at all. The more this was the case, the more Han Jue felt that there was something fishy.

Han Jue’s gaze landed on the Ultimate Origin

World in the blank domain after observing the Chaos and the Heavenly Dao.

At this moment, a huge battle was erupting in

the Ultimate Origin World. Hundreds of Chaotic Fiendcelestials participated, including the figures of the Ultimate Origin Soul Race and the Nether Race, as if they were fighting for the right to speak in the Ultimate Origin World.

Han Jue watched the battle without the slightest intention of interfering.

The first Life Fiendcelestial to be born had already established a connection with the Nether Race. It was even Han Jue who pulled the strings. This battle could only be won by

them in the end. If they didn’t fight, the other Fiendcelestials would probably not be convinced, so Han Jue left them to it. Even if the Chaotic Fiendcelestial died, Han Jue could use his will to create a new Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

The Chaotic Fiendcelestials in the Ultimate Origin World had already changed greatly. They would transform one day. They would no longer be Chaotic Fiendcelestials, but Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestials.

Of course, they were still far inferior to Han

Jue, the Extreme Dao Ultimate Origin Body. They were only equivalent to descendants of

the Extreme Dao Ultimate Origin Body.

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