The Rough Hunter's Little Lucky Wife

Chapter 117 - Excited

Chapter 117: Excited

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“Sure, I’ll send the things to the Rising Cloud Inn at that time. You can ask them to directly go to the shopkeeper to get it. There’s something I want to discuss with you.” Zhao Zhan looked at Fang Tianliu with a serious expression. “Do you still want to return to Huai County? If you don’t want to go back, we can work together to open a shop in Wangshan Town. However, I want to put this partnership under my wife’s name. This is my dowry to compensate her.”

“You’re too good to your wife. When I get married in the future, you can’t let my wife and your wife know each other. Otherwise, how can I live?” Fang Tianliu couldn’t help but mutter. He was also a little moved by Zhao Zhan’s suggestion. “Huai County is really not interesting. Tell me, what do you want to do with me?”

“I want to sell food,” Zhao Zhan said. “I’m going to rent a shop in Wangshan Town and sell breakfast in the shop in the morning. It’s the soybean milk and tofu pudding that you’ve been eating recently. I’ll cook a pot of hot and spicy soup so that the tofu pudding can be made into a sweet and salty option.

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“Other than that, there are also buns and noodles. I’ll make the toppings every day. You just have to know how long the noodles will be cooked in the boiling water, and you can just take them out and cover them with toppings.

“I haven’t thought about the specific toppings yet. I’ll think about it carefully after the shop is opened.”

“Although I’ve never done business before, I know one thing. If your shop only sells morning food, isn’t it a bit too much of a waste of money? It’ll be empty for half a day.”

“I won’t. I have other plans for the second half of the day for shop.”

“Since you’ve said so, I’ll believe you this once.” Fang Tianfu put his arm around Zhao Zhan’s shoulder and narrowed his eyes. “When the time comes, we’ll drive our shop all the way from the small Wangshan Town to the capital. Let’s see how my father will scold me for being useless.”

“I’ll split the initial investment fifty-fifty with you, and the money earned later will be the same,” Zhao Zhan said in a deep voice. “But there’s one thing, I can’t stay in the shop all day. I’ll make the things at home every day, and then I’ll have someone send them to town.”

“If I do business in town and leave my wife alone at home, I won’t feel at ease.”

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Fang Tianliu shivered and rubbed his arms. “I know you and your wife are in love and can’t be separated for even a moment, okay?”

“However, it’ll be bad for you to split the profit fifty-fifty. We don’t lack money and we shouldn’t take advantage of our friends. How about this, I’ll invest seventy percent and you’ll give the other thirty in the early stage, and the profits will be forty sixty later. You just said that everything in this shop is done by you, and your brain is much more valuable than silver.”

“That’s enough, don’t push me around. I hate this kind of thing the most. It’s a deal.”

“It just so happens that I’ve had enough of staying in this village recently. Huai County is boring, so I’ll just stay in your Wangshan Town. When we open our branch in Huai County, I’ll show off to those people who look down on me.”

Fang Tianfu made a solemn vow and mustered up all his energy. Even when Zhao Zhan went to teach Lizheng how to use the manure pit, he followed behind.

Zhao Zhan was helpless. While he was fighting with his son, he was being urged to get on the carriage and return to town.

As soon as they arrived in town, Fang Tianliu began to chase them away. “You should go back quickly. I know you miss your wife at home, so my attendants have already come over. I’ll ask them to find a shop. When the time comes, I’ll choose a few more and bring them to you for discussion. This matter will definitely be settled in less than three days.”

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