The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 395 - Luring the Snake Out of the Cave (3)

Chapter 395: Luring the Snake Out of the Cave (3)

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This was exactly what Yu Wan wanted.

The Ninth Princess had long gotten off Fu Ling’s back. She held Yu Wan’s hand and whispered, “Mother said that we have to fast for a day first. Tonight, we’ll listen to the abbot preach the scriptures and only worship the everlasting light for Grandmother tomorrow.”

“That’s right.” Yu Wan pinched her little face. “You can’t eat and drink like you did in the palace. Is the Ninth Princess used to it?”

The Ninth Princess nodded obediently. “Yes!”

“The Ninth Princess likes to leave the palace?”

“Yes!” She liked it very much, so it was fine if she didn’t eat or drink much. After all, she was a child who had suffered before and was not spoiled like other princesses.

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The Ninth Princess’s clothes were wet. A palace maid fetched water to bathe her. After washing her, she did not let the palace maid put on her clothes. She carried the clothes to Yu Wan and asked her to put them on.

Yu Wan put it on for her. She wanted a daughter when she saw the smug Ninth Princess carrying her dress in the room.

“Princely Heir Consort.” Fu Ling carried a bucket of water into the room.

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Yu Wan understood and smiled at the Ninth Princess. “Go to the Empress’s room to eat something first. I’ll come and look for you after I take a shower.”

“You have to come!” The Ninth Princess left happily, and the palace maid followed.

Only the master and servant were left in the room. Yu Wan asked Fu Ling to close the door. “Did you see it?”

Fu Ling said, “I saw it. Lady Wan of Bright Deportment is in the easternmost meditation room, next to Worthy Consort Xu’s meditation room.”

The east end was the easiest to find, but it was probably not good to pass by Worthy Consort Xu’s room. Worthy Consort Xu did not get along with her to begin with. If she saw her appear sneakily in Lady Wan of Bright Deportment’s room, she would probably have some thoughts. Since she could not play dirty, she could only do it openly. Fortunately, she was prepared.

“Wash the plums we brought and keep them in the well water.”


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The plums in the Young Master Manor were big and sweet. They were thin and had a lot of juice. Coupled with the cold well water, they were unbelievably delicious.

The Emperor went to the abbot’s meditation room, so Yu Wan first sent a plate to the Empress and the Ninth Princess. Then, it was Consort Yu and Consort Zhen. She also sent a plate to Worthy Consort Xu. Worthy Consort Xu was bathing and it was the nanny in charge who picked up the plums. Then, Yu Wan carried the last plate of plums and openly entered Lady Wan of Bright Deportment’s meditation room.

Lady Wan of Bright Deportment had already finished bathing and changed into plain clothes. There would be a vegetarian meal later. After that, they should go to the scripture hall to listen to the abbot’s lecture and discussion.

Knock knock knock. There was a knock on the door. Lady Wan of Bright Deportment nodded at her personal female envoy.

The female envoy went forward and opened the door. It was Yu Wan. The female envoy bowed. “Princely Heir Consort.”

Yu Wan revealed a just right smile. “I’m here to deliver plums to Her Highness. Did I disturb Her Highness’s rest?”

The female envoy turned around and looked at Lady Wan of Bright Deportment. Seeing Lady Wan of Bright Deportment nod at her, she said politely, “No, Princely Heir Consort, please come in.”

The female envoy turned her body to the side and gestured for Yu Wan to enter. Fu Ling, who was carrying a fruit basket, also entered the room.

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Lady Wan of Bright Deportment was sitting on the bed in the meditation room. She was dressed in plain clothes and could not hide her beautiful appearance. There were many beauties in the harem, but after so many years, the Emperor had not forgotten Lady Wan of Bright Deportment. She was not like Worthy Consort Xu who knew how to manage the harem. She did not even have her own children.

A beauty would not be outdone by the times if she was a talented person. Lady Wan of Bright Deportment happened to be a talented woman.

Yu Wan bowed with Fu Ling. “Your Highness.”

Lady Wan of Bright Deportment had already met Yu Wan once in the imperial study, so she was not surprised by her appearance. Instead, it was the burly Fu Ling beside her that made her eyelids twitch.

Yu Wan also looked at Fu Ling. “Fu Ling.”

Fu Ling understood and handed the fruit basket to Yu Wan.

Yu Wan walked forward with the fruit basket. “Your Highness, these fruits were planted by the Young Master Manor. I used the well water to keep them after washing them. They’re cold now. Try them.”

Lady Wan of Bright Deportment reached out her slender fingers, picked up a red plum, and gently took a bite.

The plum was ripe, and juice burst out as soon as the skin broke. Lady Wan of Bright Deportment was caught off guard and sprinkled two drops, catching them elegantly with a handkerchief.

The sweet taste melted between her teeth, and the coldness of the well water instantly dissipated a lot of the heat.

Lady Wan of Bright Deportment said warmly, “It’s sweeter than the ones in the palace.”

Yu Wan smiled brightly and said, “If Your Highness likes it, I’ll pick more and send them over later.”

“How can I trouble you?” Lady Wan of Bright Deportment was polite.

Yu Wan said, “It’s no trouble. It’s my honor to give you fruits. Besides, I have a relationship with Master Xiao Wu.”

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