Serve as Contrast Team in a ‘Dad with Baby’ Show

Chapter 31.3: — Dad... - The Performance Style Is Different

Chapter 31.3: — Dad... - The Performance Style Is Different

Chen Yu had no idea what his own artist thought of him. Seeing Lin Cheng sign the contract, Chen Yu happily stepped forward? and collected the document.

At this time, from the corner of his eye, Chen Yu caught a glimpse of the content displayed on the computer screen in front of Lin Cheng.

::What are the conditions for adopting a child?::

Chen Yu was stunned when he saw what Lin Cheng appeared to be searching for.

But he quickly thought of something, looked at Lin Cheng with wide eyes, and voiced his suspicions, “Brother Cheng, you… you are not planning to adopt the child Lin Momo, are you?”

Chen Yu had originally been very excited when he heard that there was a spot available on the show [Living with Dad] and Sun Yanzhou1 suggested that Lin Cheng take it and use the opportunity to become famous, if only they could find a child to use for the program.

Later, without thinking too much about it, he followed Sun Yanzhou’s instructions and signed a contract with the program group on Lin Cheng’s behalf, and then found Lin Momo to pretend to be Lin Cheng’s daughter. In hindsight, this was indeed a bit impulsive.

As for how to explain Lin Momo’s identity after the filming of the reality show, Chen Yu has since thought of many ways.

For example: On the grounds of ‘protecting the child’s privacy’, Lin Momo would completely fade out of the public eye after the filming of the show.

Another example: announcing to the outside world that the child has been sent to study abroad, and just let the public gradually forget about Lin Cheng’s child.

However, none of these methods were foolproof.

Now that he thought about it…

Lin Cheng adopting Lin Momo seemed like a good idea!

As long as the exact time when Lin Cheng adopted Lin Momo was not disclosed, then from a legal perspective, the two were indeed ‘father and daughter’.

In this way, not only could any suspicion about the truth of the ‘father-daughter’ relationship be eliminated, but if there were some appearances and activities in the future, Lin Cheng could still bring Lin Momo to attend and continue to maintain the popularity he gained from the show. It solved matters once and for all!

Chen Yu nodded, his mind thinking things through, “Brother Cheng, this method works! How did you think of it?!”

Lin Cheng glanced at Chen Yu then ignored him.

He didn’t consider what Chen Yu said at all. The reason why he suddenly searched for ‘adoption conditions’ was that—at a certain moment—he suddenly thought of Lin Momo and thought that the child’s current family situation was not suitable for the child’s growth, so he did a temporary search.

However, the child was a girl after all, and it would be inconvenient for her to be with him.2 So better to just let Lin Momo continue to live with her original family and he will provide some financial support, or find another suitable adoptive family for Lin Momo, or some other solution….

Lin Cheng didn’t think much about this.

But thinking of Lin Momo, Lin Cheng glanced at the silent mobile phone on the table.

In the past day and a half, this phone did not receive a single call from Lin Momo.

“Did Zhou Qi bring Lin Momo to the nursing home?” Lin Cheng asked, looking at Chen Yu.

Chen Yu had arranged for Liu Cuifang to temporarily live in a rehabilitation nursing home. Lin Momo had no adult living at their home, so when Zhou Qi brought Lin Momo back the previous week, he brought her directly to the nursing home to be with Liu Cuifang.

“No, Lin Momo’s grandma is no longer at the nursing home,” Chen Yu said. He paused and then explained further, “Originally, I paid for her grandma to stay in the nursing home until next week, but on Wednesday last week, the nursing home called and said that there seemed to be something urgent at Liu Cuifang’s home so she hurriedly packed her things and went back.”

So, when Lin Momo was dropped off on Friday, Zhou Qi brought her directly to the place where she and Liu Cuifang lived.

Chen Yu didn’t take this matter to heart.

Lin Cheng, on the other hand, unconsciously frowned upon hearing Chen Yu’s words. He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Lin Cheng took the phone beside him and dialed the number of the mobile phone he gave to Lin Momo.

As a result, the message from the phone was ‘temporarily unavailable’.

Lin Cheng’s frown deepened.

Chen Yu didn’t notice the change in Lin Cheng’s expression and took out some more information from the document bag.

“Brother Cheng, there are a few other things I want to discuss with you.”

As he spoke, Chen Yu handed the documents to Lin Cheng, and explained, “These were sent over by several brands. The invitation letters are all asking Brother Cheng if you have the intention to endorse their products.”

Although Lin Cheng was not a big hit now, he has gained a certain degree of popularity because of the show, so several established businesses has come knocking at his door.

“There are four companies in total. One of them is health-care drugs endorsement. I checked the health-care drugs made by that e-commerce company on the Internet. The reputation is not very good, so I already declined for you.

“There are three companies left here. The first one is an endorsement of a children’s intellectual development training institution; the second is an endorsement of a lactic acid bacteria drink under the ‘Weiduoduo’ brand; and the last one is a household products e-commerce company.

“The ‘Weiduoduo’ endorsement also has several newcomers competing for it, and we may not be able to sign it in the end, but I think the first and last ones are good too…”

Chen Yu went on, analyzing the endorsement proposals.

At this moment, Lin Cheng’s cell phone rang—the number on the caller ID was the number of the cell phone he gave Lin Momo.

Lin Cheng signaled Chen Yu to stop with his eyes, lowered his head, and answered the phone.

The line connected, and the girl’s voice came from the other side.


The moment he heard Lin Momo’s fearful, sobbing voice, Lin Cheng felt his heartbeat suddenly stop.

T/N: ermm the next chapter will require trigger warning.


Sun Yanzhou is Lin Cheng’s former agent who has since been promoted as an executive of their entertainment company and has been instrumental in helping Lin Cheng get on this show.Lin Cheng isn’t being traditional here and favoring boys over girls. He’s mostly thinking about the difficulties of living with a child of the opposite gender—washing and bathing and buying frilly clothes, and him an unmarried, blood-unrelated man. Throughout the recordings, he’s been very careful about touching Lin Momo in ways that could be interpreted as inappropriate.

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