Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 844: Mei Ling’s Decision

Chapter 844: Mei Ling’s Decision

Mei Ling looked up at Kana with an expression that said she did not understand. She did not understand how she could become someone's daughter just like that. Kana could see the confusion in Mei Ling's eyes and smiled. "Mei Ling. What I am asking is for you to become my daughter and grow strong along with my family. And when we leave this place, you will get to leave with us."

"Big Sister, you plan to leave!?" Mei Ling asked. Her eyes began to well up with tears. If her Big Sister left, she would be lonely. She would miss the head pats and hugs that she got from her Big Sister. No one else would do this for her.

"Mmm... It will still be a while yet, but we will leave this plane of existence and even this world altogether. Mei Ling, you do not need to decide right now. You can think about it. When you decide on what you want to do, you can let me…."

"I will go! I want to go with Big Sister." Mie Ling lifted her head, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Without Big Sister, I will be truly alone. Even if Big Sister Na is around, I will still… be alone…. I do not wish to be alone."

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As Mei Ling cried, Kana's heart melted as she hugged the girl in her arms and patted her head. "Then, from now on, it is no longer Big Sister but Mama, okay?"

"Mama?" Mei Ling's lower lip quivered as she raised her head to look at Kana. Her tears began to grow larger as she hugged Kana tightly. "Mama!"

Yana smiled at this scene in front of her as she elbowed her Handsome Papa in the side. "Handsome Papa, are you sure you are even needed anymore? Mama seems to be able to make our family bigger on her own."

Creige's face turned black as he reached over and flicked Yana on the forehead. Yana's head bent all the way back as she let out a cry. "Ouch! Handsome Papa, why did you flick me!"

Yana rubbed her forehead, that was now bright red in a single spot, and looked at Creige with an aggrieved expression. Raina and Angelica both giggle at her expense. Creige only snorted as he reached out with his big hand and placed it on her head. "In the future, when you have many more brothers and sisters running around, you better help clean up after them."

"Of course!" Yana answered instantly. "As an elder sister, I should always help my younger siblings." Creige smiled and rubbed Yana's head, causing her to giggle. Creige was happy that all his girls took after his wife and were very kind.

"Ahh! Handsome Papa, you can't just pet Yana's head!" Angelica yelled out as she ran over and lifted Creige's other hand and placed it on her head. Rain walked over as well but stood at the side, patiently waiting her turn.

Kana listened to her family behind her and smiled as she continued to comfort Mei Ling. She decided then and there that she would do something she never thought she would do. "Creige."

"You wish to do that? Are you sure?" Creige could already read Kana's mind. He knew what she was about to ask.

"Yes…. I want Little Ling to have all the same benefits as us. I plan to do it with Bell as well. But I want them to have both our blood running through them. The same goes for Yana." Now that she had the power. She could do the same things as her Big Sister and that old man who created the system. She wanted all her babies to have both her's and Creige's blood running through them. Their actual blood. Even if it is only blended in.

"Mama? Handsome Papa? What are you talking about?" Yana looked confused.

"Yana, I plan to give all my babies my genetics, and you're Handsome Papa's genetics. Basically, you will truly become blood related to your Handsome Papa and me. While blood doesn't matter, I just figured since I am now able to do such a thing, that…. If you do not wish to go through with it, it's fine. Sorry, I am not saying you are not my daughter because no matter what, you are. I just thought…." Kana started to feel that she was saying that Yana was not her daughter, nor was Bell, but that was not true. She loved them both just as much as she loved Rain and Angelica.

"Mama, I know what you mean. And I want to go through with it." Yana never cared about blood relations. To her, her Mama would always be her Mama, and her Handsome Papa would always be her Handsome Papa. This was just an added bonus for her, and she was actually excited about it.

Kana smiled as she stood up and grabbed Mei Ling's hand. "Ling, This is your older sister Yana, Rain, and Angelica. And the handsome man to the side is your Handsome Papa. I know you have already met them, but now they are your family. You can look for them if you ever need help with anything, myself included. Even if you are just feeling lonely you can come to use okay? From this day forward you will be living with us. But before that I have to change your bloodline and constitution so you can form a beast core, a demon core, a god core, and a chaos core."

Kana sent her vision towards where Bell was. Seeing how they were all resting inside a cave Kana waved her hand making three more people appear. "What!?" Bell was confused and quickly went on guard and stood in front of her two children, but when she saw the familiar figure in front of her, her eyes went wide as she cried out: "Mama!"

Kana smiled and caught the girl who came flying at her and hugged her tightly. "You have done well, Bell. you and your children have grown much stronger."

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