Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 388 - Scram Back to the Lin Family

Chapter 388: Scram Back to the Lin Family

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When Lin Yun was chatting with Old Master Wang in the ward, she heard the argument outside and prepared to run out to see the situation.

In the end, the commotion outside became more and more intense. It sounded like a fight was about to break out.

Old Master Wang was also worried that something would happen to Wang Qi, so he got off the bed to see what had happened.

Lin Yun was worried that Old Master Wang would not be able to move easily. However, she knew that she could not persuade the old man, so she could only help him get off the bed.

When the two of them arrived at the door of the ward, they happened to see Wang Qi being pushed toward the shelf by Wang Lan and her daughter.

The two of them shouted, but they still could not do anything in time. They could only watch as she bumped into the shelf.

Wang Qi was hit quite hard and fell to the ground, unable to get up.

Lin Yun was about to go forward to check on the situation when she saw a figure running over from afar.

Lin Han squatted beside Wang Qi and asked anxiously, “Are you alright?”

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Wang Qi frowned and covered her ribs. She took a deep breath. “It hurts!”

Lin Han briefly checked Wang Qi’s condition. After confirming that other than a few abrasions, her muscles and bones were not injured, he turned to look at Wang Lan and Lin Yu.

Wang Lan and her daughter were obviously shocked by Lin Han’s actions.

Wang Lan did not expect her actions to have such serious consequences and was a little stunned.

Lin Yu’s eyes flashed with schadenfreude, but it did not escape Lin Han’s eyes.

He and Lin Yu had grown up together, so he knew the character of his “sister” very well.

Perhaps Wang Lan did not push Wang Qi on purpose, but Lin Yu definitely did it on purpose!

Moreover, Lin Yu did not hold back. Not only did she push Wang Qi to the ground and cause her to hit the shelf, but because she used too much strength, Wang Qi’s body fell a meter forward. It was this distance that caused Wang Qi’s face and hands to be bruised.

Lin Han stared at Lin Yu coldly.

Being stared at by Lin Han, Lin Yu’s fear of her big brother from a young age suddenly swept through Lin Yu’s senses.

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This unforgettable fear had been there since she was young. It was the kind of fear that Lin Han could see through her no matter what bad things Lin Yu did!

Lin Yu subconsciously hid behind Wang Lan.

Seeing this, Wang Lan’s protective emotions instantly burned.

She puffed out her chest and glared at Lin Han. “Why are you looking at us like that?! We didn’t do it on purpose!”

“Didn’t you do it on purpose?” Lin Han repeated Wang Lan’s words, but his gaze was on Lin Yu, who was behind Wang Lan.

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Lin Yu did not dare to look at Lin Han and could only grab the back of Wang Lan’s clothes to hide.

Wang Lan could feel Lin Yu’s fear.

She looked at Lin Han carefully and snorted. “I remember you. You’re the son of that family!”

“Don’t think that just because you bullied my daughter since she was young, she still has to be afraid of you now!”

“Let me tell you, my daughter is under my protection now. You can’t question her casually!”

Lin Han ignored Wang Lan and lowered his head to help Wang Qi up.

Old Master Wang also came to Wang Qi’s side with Lin Yun’s help.

“Is Xiao Qi alright?” Grandfather Wang asked.

When Wang Lan saw that Old Master Wang had arrived, she immediately whispered, “Dad, why are you out? Your condition…”

Grandfather Wang didn’t even look at Wang Lan and shouted coldly, “Shut up!”

Then, he thought of Lin Han and asked, “Lin, is Xiao Qi alright? Send her for a checkup!”

Wang Qi forced a smile at Old Master Wang. “Grandpa, don’t worry. I’m fine! Go back and rest!”

Old Master Wang’s face was filled with heartache. Then, he glared fiercely at Wang Lan and her daughter. “Get lost and go back to your Lin family! Don’t appear in our Wang family’s territory again!”

Wang Lan opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

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