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Chapter 1150 - Sneak In (2)

Chapter 1150: Sneak In (2)

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Seeing this, Yun Buyao slowly closed her eyes. She needed to pay attention to Zhi Tong’s movements at all times and know if he was safe.

The temperature in the wild was even colder, but Zhi Tong didn’t seem to feel it. Other than thin clothes, he only had an even thinner cloak. In the dark night, his pale face was exceptionally clear. Coupled with his black clothes that blended into the night, one would think that someone’s head was floating. It was terrifying and strange.

However, at this moment, an abnormality gradually appeared in Zhi Tong. His body became lighter, and his visibility gradually decreased. The power of the evil spirit was activated, and he slowly etherealized his body.

When he rushed out of the forest and returned to the road, Zhi Tong’s feet were already gone. Only his loose black robe floated in the air, revealing a translucent state. At this moment, because of the street lamp’s light, a trace of a shadow could be vaguely seen. Under such low visibility, Zhi Tong’s spiritual state would almost not be discovered.

Although he could not be completely transparent, the visibility was almost the same as a transparent person.

The surroundings were silent. There was only the sound of the wind whistling past from time to time, and there were no passing cars. Zhi Tong didn’t want to waste time. He floated across the road and quickly entered the forest opposite.

The location of the mercenary group’s headquarters had a geographical advantage. Be it going up or coming down, there was only one road. Zhi Tong was sure that the other party would guard this road at night, so he used his advantage of spiritualizing to take a detour through the forest to see if he could avoid the guards at the entrance of the mountain.

In the forest, a spirit quickly drifted through the woods. If anyone saw this strange scene with their own eyes, they would think that they had seen a ghost.

About fifteen minutes later, by the road leading up to the mountain where the mercenary group’s headquarters was, there was a thick hundred-year-old tree. Zhi Tong’s head slowly poked out from behind the tree trunk. In his spiritual state, his eyes were almost transparent. He looked around with his dark eyes. After confirming that there was no one around, he floated out from behind the tree and continued to float up the road.


At this moment, a loud sneeze suddenly sounded in the night. Zhi Tong’s floating body stopped, and he looked forward. He saw a faint light shining at the corner of the mountain road in front of him.

Then, someone spoke.

“This damn weather. I wonder where the strong wind comes from!” One of them complained in Italian. People in Zhi Tong’s hometown also spoke Italian, so he could understand it.

Another guard’s voice sounded. “It’s cold early this year. It’s going to snow in a few days.”

“It’s tough for us to patrol at night.” The first voice sounded again. It was still complaining. “We were bitten by mosquitoes in summer and blown by the icy wind in winter. Before they could promote me to a mercenary, I feel like I’m about to be tortured to death!”

“Endure it a little longer. We’ll handover soon at midnight. No matter how tough it is for us, it won’t be as tough as the guards here for the rest of the night, right?” The second person sounded much more optimistic.

𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕦𝕡𝕝𝕠𝕒𝕕 𝕗𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝕒𝕥 𝕟𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕝-𝕓𝕚𝕟.𝕔𝕠𝕞

The two of them were holding guns and wearing camouflage uniforms with steel helmets. There was a searchlight hanging on their chests. They chatted as they walked down the road.

The two of them were guards in charge of patrolling the headquarters at night. However, their working attitude did not seem to be strict. Perhaps this was related to the fact that no incident had happened in the headquarters for a long time, making them slack off.

Zhi Tong didn’t dodge and just floated by the road. Because it was too dark and his body was spiritualized, the two of them didn’t notice him when they passed by.

After the two of them walked away, Zhi Tong expressionlessly retracted his gaze and continued to float upwards.

Yun Buyao, who was in the car, slowly exhaled. Just now, she was so nervous that her heart was in her throat. Through Zhi Tong’s eyes, she could see two guards walking past him. She thought Zhi Tong would be discovered.

Fortunately, nothing happened. The other party did not notice a ghost floating beside them.

The road up the mountain was very long. Although it had been renovated to be spacious and flat, it was a winding mountain road. Under the state of spiritualization, Zhi Tong could not completely ignore obstacles, so he could only float up the road like ordinary people.

On the way, he also met other patrolling teams, searchlights projected from the surrounding lighthouses, and cameras installed on the branches by the road. For safety reasons, Zhi Tong still carefully avoided them, so it more or less delayed him.

When Zhi Tong arrived at the entrance of the mercenary headquarters, it was almost midnight.

The door was made of fully automatic bulletproof steel. Two observation towers were on opposite sides of the door. There were guards on duty twenty-four hours a day. There were also guards outside the door. It could be said to be quite strict.

With such a level of security, even a fly would find it difficult to fly in.

Zhi Tong floated in the darkness not far away. He was not anxious and was waiting for an opportunity to enter safely.

Not long after, a patrol team of over ten people returned. The thick automatic steel door slowly opened with a bang. Seeing this, Zhi Tong quickly floated forward and hung his light body on the last burly man.

When it was almost midnight, Zhi Tong’s ability became stronger. In his spiritual state, he was almost like nothingness, and his visibility had almost reached its lowest.

The guard felt an icy wind blow behind him, and goosebumps covered his entire body. He turned around in surprise. Zhi Tong buried his head in his other shoulder, cleverly avoiding his gaze.

Otherwise, at such a close distance, Zhi Tong could not guarantee that the other party would not see him.

The guard saw nothing and could only look away and follow his companion.

Bang! The door closed, and Zhi Tong sneaked into the headquarters. He quietly got off the guard and floated into the darkness, quickly disappearing.

“He went in!”

Yun Buyao’s expression relaxed as she closed her eyes.

Jian Ai and Yu Wuyuan looked at each other and relaxed.

“Find Leader Hans first!” Jian Ai said.

Yun Buyao nodded and communicated with Zhi Tong in the mercenary headquarters in her mind.

Zhi Tong was hiding behind a flower bed in the corner when Yun Buyao’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind. “Zhi Tong, find the leader first.”

Caught off guard, Zhi Tong was shocked by Yun Buyao’s sudden voice and almost broke his spiritual form!

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