Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School

Chapter 1149 - Sneak In (1)

Chapter 1149: Sneak In (1)

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Dark clouds covered the moon, and the cold wind shivered.

Because of its geographical location, the temperature difference in Rome was huge.

It was already very cold during the day, but at night, the temperature fell to -20°C. It was not even December yet.

Jian Ai contacted a local car rental company through the hotel and rented a black Jeep with good performance. Because the operation was too last-minute, no one made any preparations.

Without high-tech equipment, she could only rely on Yun Buyao’s advanced Spiritual Art through Zhi Tong’s eyes to observe the situation and communicate with him.

There were no weapons or emergency facilities, only the powerful Yu Wuyuan. If an irreversible crisis happened, even if Yu Wuyuan flattened the mercenary group’s headquarters in a moment of desperation, he had to ensure Zhi Tong’s safety.

They had dinner in the hotel and even drank some red wine calmly. Then, they changed into thick clothes and moved in the night.

Jian Ai and the rest were unfamiliar with Rome. Fortunately, Zhi Tong was very familiar with this city. According to the information Yun Buyao had received from Gale, the mercenary group’s headquarters was built on a hidden mountain in the distant suburbs of Rome.

The car passed through the bustling streets of Rome at night. More than an hour later, the vision gradually became monotonous, leaving only the dim street lights and the lifeless night.

In the car, Jian Ai contacted Bai Zhou and told him they were going to take action tonight.

On the other end of the phone, Bai Zhou couldn’t help but say in shock, “You’re taking action tonight? Didn’t you… only arrive today?”

“We’re already on the way!” Jian Ai didn’t have time to explain too much to Bai Zhou. She only informed him of this news, but she didn’t forget to comfort him. “Don’t worry, we’ll be careful.”

“Do you have a foolproof plan?” Bai Zhou couldn’t help but ask worriedly.

Jian Ai paused for a moment. A foolproof plan? There was no foolproof plan. The only thing they could do was to be careful and retreat unscathed under the premise that they did not cause a huge commotion.

This was also the reason Jian Ai did not agree to Yu Wuyuan attacking directly. With Yu Wuyuan’s ability, no matter how tough the other party’s defense was, they could not stop him.

However, if Yu Wuyuan made a move, it would be an earth-shattering accident. At that time, the Italian government would probably pursue them. At that time, leaving Italy would be a problem.

“Zhi Tong will sneak in using the power of the evil spirit and explore the situation to see if we can find any useful clues,” Jian Ai said.

They did not have a detailed and comprehensive plan because they did not know what was going on in the headquarters, so they could not plan at all.

To put it bluntly, they would take things one step at a time and try their best to gather useful information. If they could find the rich man who supported the mercenary group, all the problems would be resolved.

“Sect Master, we’re almost there!” At this moment, Zhi Tong driving the car suddenly said.

They also realized that Zhi Tong’s voice had become even older and hoarser. His voice was almost as weak as a spiritual body, and he was talking with his aura.

Jian Ai looked out through the glass window in the night. On both sides of the road were dark and oppressive mountains. Under the night sky, she could see nothing. At a vantage point about a kilometer away, she could clearly see the light from the flashlights.

Nearly ten lights crisscrossed in the night. Every move in the night could not escape the lights.

Without thinking, that must be the headquarters of the International Mercenary Group.

“Let’s not talk anymore. We’re almost there. Wait for my news!” Jian Ai said calmly.

Bai Zhou was nervous, but he could only say, “Be careful!”

After hanging up, Chi Lian and the rest sat around. Seeing Bai Zhou’s solemn expression, Chi Lian couldn’t help but ask, “What did the Sect Master say? Did they see Zhi Tong?”

Bai Zhou nodded. “Yes, and they’ve already taken action. They’re already at the other party’s headquarters!”

“Taking action tonight?” Chi Yang had the same reaction as Bai Zhou just now. He said in surprise, “So soon?”

Bai Zhou had a solemn expression on his face as he said in a low tone, “The Sect Master asked us to wait for news. We can only wait now.”

The others couldn’t help but look at each other with worry in their eyes.

Zhi Tong drove the car and suddenly turned right about three hundred meters from the road leading up the mountain. The black off-road vehicle plunged into the dark forest on the right side of the road.

Zhi Tong’s voice followed. “We can’t be too close. There’s only one way up to the other party’s headquarters. There might be people guarding the intersection at night. If they see us, it will arouse suspicion.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the car had already stopped. At this moment, the car was hidden in the forest. It was dark all around, and they could see nothing.

Jian Ai looked at her watch. “It’s only ten.”

Yun Buyao looked at Zhi Tong and asked, “Shall we wait a while longer?”

Because Zhi Tong’s power of the evil spirit was the strongest at midnight, it was still early now.

Zhi Tong nodded. “We’ll move out at eleven.”

At this moment, Jian Ai took out two thumb-sized glass bottles from her backpack and handed them to Zhi Tong. “Zhi Tong, this is the medicine Xiao Zhen developed. It can make people unconscious. If you encounter an emergency, it can help you escape.”

Zhi Tong reached out to take it and casually put them in his pocket.

An hour later, the hour hand pointed to eleven in the evening. Zhi Tong put his black hairpiece on his head and said to them, “It’s almost time!”

Yun Buyao nodded. “Look into my eyes.”

When Zhi Tong heard this, he did as Yun Buyao said and looked into Yun Buyao’s eyes.

A moment later, Yun Buyao’s eyes gradually turned brown before turning dark brown. Looking at Zhi Tong again, he did not gradually become dull like the people Yun Buyao’s Spiritual Art controlled in the past.

After a while, Yun Buyao’s eyes gradually returned to normal, but Zhi Tong felt nothing strange. He could not help but blink. “It’s over?”

Yun Buyao smiled. “That’s enough. I can see what you see through your eyes now. If you have anything to tell us, you just have to think in your mind and I’ll hear you!”

The power of the Spiritual Art was not as simple as hypnosis, especially for a powerful Spiritual Art Master like Yun Buyao. She could do much more than everyone imagined!

Zhi Tong nodded. “I understand. I’ll go now!”

“Be careful!” Jian Ai and the rest said.

Without saying anything, Zhi Tong opened the car door and got out. A bone-chilling wind suddenly entered. After closing the car door, he walked into the darkness without looking back. Three seconds later, he completely disappeared into the night.

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