Real And Fake Young Lady: I Have Seven Brothers Pampering Me After I Transmigrated

Chapter 118 - The Party Begins

Chapter 118: The Party Begins

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Five minutes before the emcees were to make an appearance, Bai Xiu said something to Ye Ting. The two of them finally walked into the lounge together.

Bai Xiu didn’t dare to look at Chu Ning anymore, not even once.

He continued to speak to Ye Ting. Ye Ting had already recovered her senses, but she didn’t seem to care about Bai Xiu.

Chu Ning was not interested in their conversation. She was about to step onto the stage. She wanted to give everyone who was watching the Dragon Boat Festival Gala a surprise.

The lights in the vast multimedia hall suddenly dimmed, and the noisy hall became quiet.

In front of the audience, a huge LCD screen was counting down the last 60 seconds.

As the countdown ended, the lights in the multimedia hall suddenly lit up. The four emcees stood in the center of the stage and took their positions.

“Dear teachers and students, dear guests, good evening!”

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After the four of them had finished reading the opening speech, melodious music began to play. The annual Dragon Boat Festival Gala at Jingyuan High School had slowly begun.

The moment the lights turned on, everyone’s eyes were actually focused on the four emcees.

The faces of Yan Shen, Bai Xiu, and Ye Ting were easy to recognize, but Chu Ning…

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“Could there be a mistake? The school didn’t inform me of the last-minute change of candidates!”

The most depressed was Lin Hao. When he saw Yan Shen’s partner, he didn’t think that it was Chu Ning.

Just as he was about to curse the entire family of the school leaders, the four presenters declared their names one after another.

“My name is Chu Ning. I’m from Jingyuan High School, year two…”

It was not until Chu Ning reported her name that Lin Hao recovered from the huge shock.

“This girl is actually so good-looking?” Not only Lin Hao had doubts, in the audience, Father and Mother Chu were also puzzled.

Even in the Ye family, Ye Zhen looked at his former daughter with a complicated look.

Once again, a heated discussion broke out in the audience.

The main character of the discussion was naturally Chu Ning, but there was also a female student who scolded Chu Ning in a low voice at an inappropriate time.

“Darned Chu Ning, how dare you lie to me! I’ll teach you a lesson after the performance is over! You’re too pretty!”

Xiaomi was angry with Chu Ning and felt that she had been deceived. At the same time, she was secretly impressed by Chu Ning’s rare beauty.

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The Dragon Boat Festival Gala’s program was very exciting, but Chu Ning had left a very deep impression on the audience. Ye Ting could barely maintain the smile on her face as she hosted the festival. She could clearly feel that at least half of the audience’s gazes were focused on Chu Ning.

Father and Mother Chu looked at the calm and collected Chu Ning on the stage. After the initial shock, they had gradually accepted that their daughter was different from the rest.

They could now vote for Ye Ting with a peace of mind.

Even if the family vote was crucial and important, Father and Mother Chu believed that the public’s eyes were clear and bright.

As long as it was a normal person, they would be able to tell who was stronger and who was weaker.

Ye Ting’s hardcore fans were an exception.

Chu Ning and Yan Shen’s coordination was very perfect. As for Ye Ting and Bai Xiu, they were actually not too bad. If their opponents had not been Chu Ning and Yan Shen, their performance that night could be said to be excellent.

However, there could be no comparison. Once they were compared, Bai Xiu and Ye Ting’s looks and eloquence were not on par with Chu Ning and Yan Shen’s.

This way, the result would be very obvious.

Moreover, Chu Ning still had a finale. When the Dragon Boat Festival Gala was about to end, she would personally play a piano piece!

During the halftime interval, the lounge at the back of the multimedia hall was packed with people.

“Chu Ning, you’re my idol!”

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“Chu Ning, can I take a photo with you?”

“Chu Ning, can I have your autograph? You’ve completely nullified my understanding of you. Not only are your grades good, but you’re actually Jingyuan High’s true school belle!”

“Tsk tsk, I feel sorry for Ye Ting for no reason. Whether it’s her looks or IQ, she’s been crushed by Chu Ning. Is she destined to be the supporting actress? Feel inexplicably miserable…”

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