Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 342 - Each Hugging One of Her Legs

Chapter 342: Each Hugging One of Her Legs

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He had always stood tall and proud in front of Qian Jiyun. He had never been looked down on like this.

Meanwhile, Qian Yiyun wanted to secretly share one of the two eggs with Yan Nuo. However, how could a grown man like Yan Nuo take a young lady’s food?

In the end, Qian Yiyun ate the two eggs, and they continued on their way.

“Big Brother, you’re bringing Sister-in-law back to the capital. But is everything there… ready?”

Qian Yiyun got out of her carriage when she noticed An Jiuyue had fallen asleep. She got a horse and rode alongside her brother.

That old woman in the Prince Zhan Yun Residence had always dreamed of dominating the residence. She had done many things, and even Qian Yiyun was not spared from her schemes.

Xue Ling, whom she valued, had died, but An Jiuyue had returned. That old woman would probably vent all her anger on An Jiuyue, right?

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They could thwart most of her schemes, but they should not underestimate her methods.

“She’s not capable of going against your sister-in-law,” Qian Jiyun said with a chuckle.

He turned around and looked at the carriage.

As long as Qian Yizheng and Qian Yirong were fine, no one would be able to hurt her. He was sure of that.

“Your sister-in-law will be in charge of dispatching the shadow guards in the residence.”

Qian Yiyun raised her eyebrows.

Does this mean that my brother will send all the shadow guards to ensure my sister-in-law’s safety?

That’s a good idea. I’m just worried that if that old woman keeps failing to harm her, she’ll become desperate and do something even more vicious.

That’s what happened back then. I’m sure she has something to do with the war at the southern border in order to prevent my brother and sister-in-law from consummating their marriage. Or rather, it must have something to do with the woman who has her back.

An Jiuyue did not fall asleep in the carriage. She only pretended to sleep for a while.

After Qian Yiyun left, she quickly entered her space and arrived at the residence.

The two children were memorizing words from a book intently, nodding their heads as they read. She wondered who had taught them that.

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She went to the Points Mall and exchanged her points for two dictionaries to help them learn to read on their own. The dictionaries were based on the orthography of this era.

However, she did not expect the two boys to learn the words so quickly. They had memorized half the dictionary in a short time.

She also used her points to purchase some books with phonetic writing. Her children were no longer interested in playing with toys. They would rather read every day.

“Zheng’er, Rong’er!”

When she arrived in the courtyard, she called out to the two children who were studying diligently.



The two boys looked up at An Jiuyue in surprise when they heard the familiar voice.

They tossed the books aside in unison and ran towards An Jiuyue, each hugging one of her legs.

“Mother, aren’t you hurrying on your way? Why did you come here now?”

“I miss you.” An Jiuyue squatted down and pinched the child’s smooth face. “You’re reading again. You have to rest every hour or you’ll damage your eyes.”

“Okay! We’re very obedient.” Qian Yizheng nodded quickly.

They had some rest. Besides reading, Warrior-Servant One and Warrior-Servant Two also taught them how to cook.

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