Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3078 Dao Discussion Reward

Chapter 3078 Dao Discussion Reward

Long Chen said, “Are you trying to send me points? Or is your head really so worthless? The Heavenly Daos are endless, so where does the other shore come from? Cultivators cultivate themselves and not the so-called Dao. The Heavenly Daos already exist in and of themselves. Why would they need you to cultivate them? A frog at the bottom of the well jumps out, thinking that they have seen the heavens, when in reality, they are only in a larger well. When you see a mountain, you climb to the peak and only then do you see even higher mountains. The struggle is endless, so there is no other shore. If a cultivator can understand, then with every step, they reach the other shore. If they can’t understand, then the sea of bitterness is endless, and they will never extricate themselves from it. To cultivate is to cultivate your mountain-climbing techniques, your sea-crossing abilities. To cultivate is to control the law, to swim through the Dao, like a Kun soaring out of the sea and transforming into a Peng spreading its wings. In the sea, you can swim. In the sky, you can control the wind. Even as you are subjected to the Dao, you control the Dao for yourself. The Dao has you, and you have the Dao. If you are the Dao and the Dao is you, how can the other shore exist?”

Long Chen’s pillar rose once more as he obtained the Dao discussion stage’s approval.

Again, there was no thunderous applause, only profound shock and reflection. Long Chen’s words shook everyone.

His arguments were very novel. No one had expressed such an opinion before. Hence, his words were opening up new skies for them, letting them see a new world.

Most shocking of all, considering his age, how could he have such a deep comprehension of the Heavenly Daos? As everyone was shocked, the people who had challenged Long Chen began to panic. If Long Chen answered ten times with the Dao discussion stage’s approval, he would win. No one else would have any chance.

However, all of them had already challenged Long Chen, and it had been recorded by the Dao discussion stage. They had to follow according to the sequence.

They wanted to directly eliminate this hateful fellow, but since things had taken a turn, they tensed up.

It was the next person’s turn to ask a question. Perhaps it was because he was too nervous or he felt that Long Chen was too difficult to deal with, the question he posed appeared complicated on the surface but was actually very simple. Long Chen then answered without hesitation, sending himself even higher.

For a moment, the crowd’s cheers drowned out everything else. Just one more question answered correctly and Long Chen would win the Dao discussion competition.

In the past, this competition would last around three days and nights. But this time, Long Chen had risen straight to the top in a flash. Such a scene had never occurred before.

Luo Bing and the others practically prostrated themselves toward Long Chen. This fellow that normally wasn’t the slightest bit serious actually had such an understanding of the Dao.

Even the icy Bai Shishi was clenching her fists. Everyone from the academy was nervous for Long Chen.

Overlooking all his competitors from high above, Long Chen’s arrogant expression showed that he truly was a youngster.

His opponents were all gloomy. There was only one last question. If he answered correctly, they would be doomed.

However, if he answered wrongly, he would instantly drop down amongst their ranks.

This was one of the curious rules of the Dao discussion stage. Those near the top would drop far more. If you were one step from winning, then one misstep would cause you to lose everything. This was a mental pressure test.

There were always several times where people reached this level and fell back down. That made the competition look incredibly nerve-wracking and marvelous.

However, past conventions were also mutual questions posed to each other. There had never been a situation like someone rising to the top just as it started. This was practically cheating.

The next divine pillar lit up. The elder on it was sweating as his question was crucial. One mistake, and he would send Long Chen to the top. Hence, his head was a mess. He was doing his best to think of what kind of question could make things difficult for Long Chen, but it also had to do with discussing the Dao.

The others were also anxious, but they couldn’t do anything. It was forbidden to communicate spiritually, and anyone who was noticed would be eliminated. Hence, such a thing couldn’t be controlled by others.

Since it was such a critical moment, the Dao discussion stage’s rules allowed for a person to take some time to consider their question and answer.

Time slowly passed. The elder was soaked in sweat, but even after an incense stick’s worth of time, the elder still hadn’t asked.

After waiting all this time, Long Chen yawned and indifferently said, “Is there a problem? Asking a question doesn’t require much effort, right? Let me put it to you this way: you petty-hearted, sanctimonious fellows that only care about profits can spend an entire day thinking, but your intelligence is still at the bottom level. So whatever question you ask, they are nothing. The result is already set in stone. Struggling is useless.”

The elder suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell from the pillar. Before he reached the ground, he was transported out.

An uproar exploded. That elder’s forehead was split open and blood was dripping out. He seemed to have instantly aged a great deal.

“What’s going on?”

“His anxiousness caused his soul to go into chaos, and a heart-devil instantly erupted. If it weren’t for the Dao discussion stage suppressing it, he would already be dead,” explained an elder.

This shocked everyone. Such a thing could actually occur?

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s divine pillar rose once more, and he reached the top.

After that, some light sent everyone else out, and the Dao discussion stage’s light gathered on Long Chen.

“Boss won!” Bai Xiaole shouted in delight, and Luo Bing and the others also cheered. Even Bai Shishi’s mother was moved. Who would have thought that Long Chen would take the championship spot for the Dao discussion convention?

Looking at the elder that was on his last breaths, Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. “Why bother? Your wicked thoughts couldn’t even be suppressed. You were unable to think of a question that I couldn’t answer, but why did you have to nourish those thoughts until they consumed you? While trying to harm others, the only one you really harm is yourself.”

Just at this moment, all the other divine pillars other than Long Chen’s returned to the ground. Following that, light condensed into three balls in front of Long Chen.

“Is this… the legendary divine reward?!” Seeing those three balls of light, countless people’s eyes reddened.

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