My Identities Were All Exposed After I Was Pampered by Everyone at My Grandfather's House!

Chapter 10

The First Family Meal

As expected, Qiao Yue heard a knock on her bedroom door as she stepped out of the bathroom.

“Fifth young master, Madam would like to invite you down for dinner.”

“I’ll be there.”

Qiao Yue moved the hair dryer quickly over her head a few times and lifted her slightly wet fringe, revealing her smooth forehead. She put a new bandage around her neck, put on a black T-shirt, and went downstairs.

The dining table that could accommodate more than a dozen people was currently occupied by six people. They were the Madams of the first and third families, Qiao Jing, Qiao Ze, Qiao Xin, and Qiao Ying. There was an empty seat between Qiao Jing and Qiao Ze, probably reserved for her.

However, this seat...

Everyone looked at Qiao Yue when they heard her coming downstairs.

Qiao Ze waved his hands happily as soon as he saw her. Qiao Yue instantly figured out the seating arrangement. It seemed that Qiao Ze had deliberately kept the seat next to him unoccupied.

Other than the few people she had met before, the rest of the Qiao family did not appear, probably to give her a show of authority.

As Qiao Yue took her seat between Qiao Jing and Qiao Ze, the first Madam put down the financial magazine she was reading, looked at Qiao Yue and said, “Let’s eat!”

The servants who were waiting by the side got busy when they heard the first Madam’s order.

“He hasn’t even rejoined the Qiao family and he’s already acting like a young master. That’s quite a sense of entitlement!” Qiao Xin spoke first.

Qiao Yue glanced at her indifferently and ignored her.

“I’m going to send Qiao Yue to Harvey Academy. ”

“What?” Qiao Xin and the first Madam said in unison.

Qiao Jing’s words shocked everyone.

As the controller of the Qiao household, the first Madam only lost her composure for a minute before retracting her expression. She knew that her son had his reasons for doing things, so she did not enquire further.

However, Qiao Xin couldn’t accept it. She looked at Qiao Yue with disdain and said, “Second brother, I don’t want to say this but Harvey is one of the top aristocratic schools in Z-Country. Not only are the school fees exorbitant, but the students also need to be outstanding. My sister and I both have special skills. What skills does he have?”

Qiao Yue was in no mood to pay attention to Qiao Xin, but everyone at the table, including Qiao Jing, was looking at her with probing eyes. She was not about to have a pleasant dinner.


Qiao Yue smiled politely as she put down her cutlery and said, “My family is poor. I’m the only one left. I didn’t learn any special skills.”

Qiao Xin raised her chin proudly when she heard this.

“How would you get into Harvey without any special skills? Even if you got it, you’ll embarrass the Qiao family by coming in last in class. Second brother, don’t think about this anymore.”

Qiao Xin flapped her wings and flaunted her victory like a cock that had just won a cockfight.

Qiao Yue stared at her but did not refute.

In order to complete her Godfather’s order, Qiao Yue had skipped several grades in junior high school, high school, and college. She had studied day and night just to finish her studies as soon as possible. Later, she had been so eager in her studies that she obtained multiple degrees in different majors.

After studying for such a long time, Qiao Yue had no interest in re-learning the things that she had learned.

The third Madam spoke up at this time, “Xiao Jing, Xin’er is right. Even if Qiao Yue goes to Harvey, he’ll be at the bottom of the class. Why don’t we spare ourselves the pain?”

Although this matter was related to Qiao Yue, she couldn’t make any decision here, so she just stood back and watched the Qiao family drama unfold.

“Third aunt, this is my decision.”

Qiao Jing’s words made Qiao Xin and her mother feel as if someone had strangled them.

Everyone in the Qiao family knew that no one could change Qiao Jing’s decision.

“I’m done, you guys continue.” With that, Qiao Jing got up and left unhurriedly.

Qiao Xin’s eyes seemed to shooting poison darts at Qiao Yue. She didn’t understand what kind of magic Qiao Yue had to make a cold-hearted person like second brother protect him and third brother revolve around him. What made him so special?

“Qiao Xin, you’re a girl. How can you look at people like that?”

Qiao Ze couldn’t be blamed for reprimanding her. Her gaze was so venomous that she looked like a lunatic.

“Third brother, even you are criticizing me for an outsider!” Qiao Xin roared before she threw her cutlery and ran upstairs crying.

The third Madam sighed and followed her daughter upstairs. When Qiao Ying saw her mother and sister leaving, she also excused herself and left.

The already uncrowded table was even emptier now. Only the first Madam, Qiao Yue and Qiao Ze sat there looking at each other.

The first Madam wiped the corners of her mouth with a tissue and went upstairs without a word.

The only ones who had a good meal were Qiao Yue and Qiao Ze.

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