My Identities Were All Exposed After I Was Pampered by Everyone at My Grandfather's House!

Chapter 47 - Misunderstanding Explained

Chapter 47: Misunderstanding Explained

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Qiao Yue raised her eyebrow looking at the assistant standing outside her door. Why did Quai Jing’s assistant look for her at this time?

Seeing that Qiao Jing’s assistant seemed to have something to say, Qiao Yue spoke first. “Do you want to talk outside or inside?”

“If it’s convenient, can Master Yue talk outside, please?” The assistant said in a gentle voice.

Qiao Yue nodded, closed the door, and went downstairs with Qiao Jing’s assistant.

“You wanted to talk to me about second brother.”

Other than Qiao Jing, Qiao Yue couldn’t think of anything else that the assistant would want to talk to her about.

At seven o ‘clock in the evening, the sun had already set, and the night sky was full of stars. The breeze that wasn’t scorched by the sun felt much cooler.

Walking on the pebble path beside the lawn, Qiao Yue recalled her life in the mountain village. Those were the precious days when she could completely relax.

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After a day of hard work, the villagers would chat after dinner under the banyan tree at the entrance of the village. Occasionally, when she returned late, she could hear the chatter and laughter from afar.

Her neighbors at that time knew that she lived alone and would send her home-cooked food from time to time. They took great care of her.

“Master Yue?” The assistant’s voice interrupted Qiao Yue’s reminiscence.

Qiao Yue replied, “Since you’ve already guessed the reason for the argument I had with second brother, why are you still asking me?”

She had guessed that the assistant came to her to ask her to give in, apologize to Qiao Jing, and repair her relationship with Qiao Jing. But she didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong, and she didn’t want to be too close to the Qiao family. Why would she care if Qiao Jing was angry?

The assistant didn’t expect Qiao Yue to be so direct. He was stumped and didn’t know what to say.

After a moment of silence, the assistant said carefully, “Master Yue, Master Jing actually cares very much about you.”

Qiao Yue almost laughed out loud when she heard this. Cared about her? Qiao Jing only cared about the reputation of the Qiao family; he had specifically warned her not to cause any trouble.

“Did Qiao Jing tell you that he cares about me very much?” Qiao Yue sneered.

Although she asked, she knew that Qiao Jing would never say anything like that. As expected, the assistant shook his head.

Qiao Yue chuckled. “I think you shouldn’t second guess my second brother’s feelings. It’s good if you guessed correctly, but if you are wrong, aren’t you just asking for trouble?”

The young man’s nonchalant words entered the assistant’s ears, making him curious about the speaker’s expression.

From the first time they met, this young man had always been smiling. It was not until today when he quarreled with Master Jing that he saw the young man’s thorny face.

Perhaps even Master Yue himself did not realize that he was different.

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“I went to Yayi this morning to find Master Jing and saw him calling you on the phone. He called you three times in a row, but you didn’t pick up.”

Upon the assistant’s reminder, Qiao Yue remembered that she had accidentally dropped her phone when she was changing cars last night and the phone had been crushed by car wheels. Her current phone was a new one that Zhou Yun had prepared for her, with her SIM card replaced.

Seeing that Qiao Yue was silent, the assistant added, “Master Jing then called the school and found out that you weren’t there.”

The assistant paused for a moment before he finished what he wanted to say.

“Master Yue, you are the first person other than the old master who make Master Jing worry.”

Qiao Yue was shocked by the assistant’s words. She had never imagined that she would be so special in Qiao Jing’s eyes.

Suddenly, the anger in her heart dissipated like smoke, but Qiao Yue remained stubborn and retorted, “I’m afraid you’re overthinking. Second brother told me himself that I should not involve the Qiao family if I get into trouble. Why would he care about me?”

Qiao Yue’s obvious soft tone made the assistant speechless. These two brothers had barks worse than their bites.

“Master Yue, you can speak directly with Master Jing about this. I still have some things to deal with and I shall take my leave.”

The assistant then looked up at Qiao Jing’s study. Qiao Yue followed his gaze inadvertently and saw the cold-faced man standing by the window.

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Qiao Jing lowered his head slightly and met Qiao Yue’s eyes.

Qiao Yue was, in fact, a little embarrassed to see Qiao Jing now. She had just thrown a tantrum at him, but in less than two hours, she realized that it was all a misunderstanding. It was really agonizing.

Seeing this, the assistant tactfully took his leave, leaving Qiao Yue alone to face the still angry Qiao Jing.

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