My Enchanting System

Chapter 661 Fall Of The Succubus Goddess

Glasya stared toward Morena with a stern face, lifting her hand, "How could a dracolich be so strong?"

Morena's draconic body melted into a puddle of acid, releasing a blast of acidic mist into the sky.

CRACK! Phlegethos's red sky turned black as the clouds gathered and lightning crackled. With two yellow eyes glowing in the mist, it started to rain heavily. Each drop spawned an undead and raised the dead cubus into Morena's undead army.

"You know you're lucky?" Morena said, taking a step forward, flesh covering her bones. "If you did this to sister, she would have burned you and this layer to oblivion."

"Big words from a mere dracolich," Glasya growled, her horns growing thick and her face twisted.

"Finally showing your ugly face, succubus," Morena looked at her, "You might have weakened Cain, but to his luck, I'm here watching his back,"

BAM! Cain appeared behind Glasya, grabbing her by the hair. Twisting his body, he pulled her head and kicked her back, sending her to the sky.

"You're still moving?" Glasya looked down, growling. Her magic rumbled like a hundred devils crying.

"I'm slowly breaking your charm," Cain said, leaping toward her, "You're quickly losing the advantage!" He swings his staff [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star] [Dark star]

As he started firing rapidly, Glasya deflected a few of the spells and flew toward him with a scream. "Then I will finish you quickly!"

Morena flew up with the undead cubus behind her, blocking Glasya's path, "I will fight you!" Morena swung her fist at her BAM!

Glasya flew back at an incredible speed, seeing Morena point at her with a finger [MILF's Acid Arrows]

A storm of arrows rushed at her, "Is this all you can do?" Glasya blasted them with a magic burst, not even needing to cast a spell.

At that moment, she saw Morena smiling, clapping her palms together. [MILF's Necrotic Acid Fall] Morena's magic spiked to the point she started consuming Cain's mana like there was no tomorrow. Phlegethos started shaking, and all the surviving devils ran away in terror.

The rain in the sky condensed from a massive ballista arrow, and so did the acid on the ground.

Ballistic great arrows covered the sky and the ground for several miles, aiming at Glasya. "It's time for you to die!" Morena growled with a smile. She created the arrows with acid and necrotic magic.

Cain flew toward Glasya with a grin, [Mammon's treasury] Hundreds of magical swords and weapons emerged behind him, all controlled with telekinesis. "I'm not done yet. Let's see how much damage you can take before giving up on life." Cain started laughing like Lilia, his staff floating around him like a clock.

[Metero Fall] [Metero Fall] [Metero Fall] [Metero Fall] [Metero Fall] [Metero Fall] [Metero Fall] [Metero Fall]

Eight massive meteors emerged from the dark sky, all orbiting Cain at an incredible speed, "I might not have reached master's mastery over magic, but I will keep studying." Cain finally started trying to mimic Lilia's magic, directly commanding magic without relying on the system.

Glasya stared at Cain, terrified, opening her wings and trying to create a portal to escape. "Those two are monsters."

CRACK! The portal shattered. Cain wasn't letting her escape easily.

Morena released all of her magic, and so did Cain, "Let's tear her apart!" Cain shouted, sending the meteors toward Glasya.

Glasya flew left and right, dodging the arrow and the weapons while staying away from the meteors. One wrong move and she would lose a limb in the best case.

VOM! Morena appeared beside her, swinging a fist. Thud! Glasya deflected the attack and then countered with a kick.

"You damned dragon!" Glasya growled with a face red with rage, "With your strength, you could have ruled a layer in hell! Why serve this man?"

BAM! Morena grabbed Glasya's kick, staring at her with glowing yellow eyes, "He's strong, and so are his other wives. Only ruin and destruction await those who face him." She smiled, grabbing her by the neck.

"They are coming as we speak." Morena giggled, "They will be here any moment if you don't hurry and kill us,"

CLING! Glasya kicked Morena away and deflected a few of Cain's weapons, "As if they could change anything," She growled.

Ting! As she moved away, she felt two powerful auras beside her. "Were technically here," A silver blade rested beside Glasya's neck as Eilistraee stared at her.

"The goddess of swordwork?" Glasya turned around with a terrified face and got stuck in spider webbing.

"I'm here too. Even though I don't want to," Lolth sighed, sitting on the web and poking Glasya in the face with her toes. CRACK! Those toes turned into a sharp, long spider leg that pierced her face.

Glasya cried in pain, leaping away to regenerate while screaming, "Lolth as well? How many goddesses have you taken?" She glared at Cain, who sent a meteor toward her.

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[Devil control] She swung her arms, controlling the meteor and sending it back at Cain.

ROAR! The sky cracked, and a five-headed dragon flew it with enough aura to make the devil puke.

Sofia bit the meteor with her redhead, breaking it apart as she swung her fist toward Glasya. A max power punches in her Tiamat form, and she even accelerated it with fire and lightning.

CRACK! Thwack! The first hit Glasya directly, exploding with more magic than Cain packed in his meteors.

Sofia flew with Glasya, smacking her to the ground in a massive explosion.

Glasya's body cracked, and one of her horns shattered into small pieces, "Tiamat as well? Just what did silver get me into?" She growled, her eyes flashing pink.

From the crack in the sky, a black best fell in a lightning bolt, flashing right through Sofia's flames unharmed, "GAW!" Selena punched Glasya as Hard as she could, sending her toward the sky again.

From the crack in the sky, Kayden fell with a more horrid aura than any devil has, but he didn't have any divinity.

Glasya smiled, "Kill them!" She extended her control toward him, wishing he would obey her command quickly.

For a moment, she felt something strange.

[Kayden-chan is mine,] She saw a little, six-armed girl stepping on her face with a grin. [DON'T YOU DARE PUT YOUR HANDS ON HIM] Kali growled in a deep, harsh voice that didn't match her image, the true essence of a demon.

When Glasya returned to reality, a fraction of a second had passed, and Kayden was the one stepping on her face in the sky, "A succubus?" He said with a passive face. "You're ugly." BAM! He kicked her to the ground. Her charm couldn't even faze him.

Before she could hit the ground, Kayden kicked her face again, shattering her second horn.

She growled, smacking the ground at an incredible speed.

When she halted and lay on a shattered stone with blood dripping from her mouth, she heard a small, high-pitched voice.

"Alice called us, and said she needed our help." Flapping her butterfly-like wings. Mei looked toward Ishtar as they flew around Glasya.

"Yeah. Things were done without our help, but I will do extra for more magic." Ishtar smiled, her eyes flashing with an arcane flare that even Mei found disturbing.

[Ancient Forest of a thousand years] Ishtar lifted her hand, "I hope this will work here,"

As per the command of the Fairy Queen, Titania, thousands of threes sprouted in hell, making an impossible scene a reality.

A green forest full of life sprouted in the ashen wastes of Phlegethos, and the trees tied Glasya and started sapping her life force.

"I like Nymphs, but I hate succubus. Die!" Ishtar smiled as Cain landed beside her, "Master, look, I captured her for you!" she smiled, flying around his head in circles.

Cain patted her head with one finger, "Nice job, but everyone participated." He looked toward the other girls.

"You bastard, how did you get all of those people here?" Glasya growled, glaring at Cain.

He smiled, closing his eyes and sensing his mana, "You're charm is almost all worn off. I can feel my power returning." He smiled. Pointing at her face with staff, "Who sent you? Why did you try conquering Phlegethos?"

Glasya spat on his face, "Kill me and be done with it. It's all lost after all."

For a moment, all the girls were about to tear her apart, but Cain stopped them, "It's a waste to kill her," He said, smiling.

"Who sent you? This is your last chance." Cain grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up.

She spat on his face again.

"Fine, you wanted it." Cain opened a massive chimera mouth, swallowing her whole.

After a few seconds, he sighed, "I see, it was silver after all." He smiled, "Me in exchange for freeing your father."


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