Miss Yu Decides To Change Her Fate After Being Reborn!

Chapter 145 - Hot Potato

Chapter 145: Hot Potato

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Previously, only some people knew about this. Now that Wu Jin had said it in public, everyone finally realized Yu Bing’s strength! None of them dared to say anything else.

They also realized that if they angered Yu Bing and she quit, they wouldn’t be able to do these projects. Most importantly, this was a debt-ridden project!

Before paying off the debt, this project was like a hot potato. Ordinary people couldn’t accept it and didn’t want to accept it!

In the end, the matter was resolved peacefully, so Li Ping could only leave with the crowd indignantly.

Ever since Sun Wang became disgraced, the Sun family kept a low profile. Only Li Ping would occasionally try to stir up trouble. However, without her backer and her son, all she usually did was say some mean things out of envy. She couldn’t cause much trouble in the village.

Yu Bing couldn’t be bothered to waste time on this clown. After all, she was very busy now!

During this round of recruitment, the intellectuals were especially proactive in showing off their skills and family connections in hopes that Yu Bing would take a fancy to any of them.

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This was their chance!

A girl called Shu Ya caught Yu Bing’s eye because she was good at drawing!

When Shu Ya was working in the field, she was called to the field by Tian Jing. “Captain Yu is looking for you. Please go to the factory.”

Shu Ya’s heart thumped. She had a feeling that this might have something to do with the information form she went to sign up for.

The factory would only start work in April after the cherries were picked. Yu Bing was the only one in the factory now.

There was a large desk and a few chairs against the wall in the warehouse as a temporary office.

Yu Bing looked at Shu Ya and asked with a smile, “I saw that your application information said that you know how to draw. Then do you know how to design trademarks?”

Shu Ya lowered her eyes and hesitated for a moment. Then, she looked at Yu Bing and said firmly, “Captain Yu, to be honest, I’ve never designed trademarks before, but I hope you can give me a chance! If you have any requests, feel free to ask. I’ll definitely design it to your satisfaction!”

Yu Bing knew that these intellectuals had been doing farm work for so many years and yearned for the knowledge they had learned to be put to use in an important position, so she comforted her. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you an opportunity. Our factory doesn’t have a trademark yet. Help me design a simple, classy, and discernible trademark. It’s best if it’s novel.”

When Shu Ya heard this, she immediately smiled and said, “Alright, Captain Yu, I’ll give you the design plan tomorrow!”

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It was only the middle of March, so there was still time. Yu Bing smiled and said, “There’s no hurry. Give it to me after you’ve designed it. You just have to submit the draft in three days.”

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Shu Ya nodded vigorously. When she went back to do farm work, she felt more energetic!

After work, Shu Ya locked herself in the dormitory and began to draw. She didn’t even want to eat. When she was truly starving, she took out biscuits and ate two pieces.

This was the fifth year since Shu Ya left the countryside. She no longer had any hopes of returning to the city.

She was 23 years old this year and was old enough to get married in the city.

From the end of last year, she had the idea of marrying a villager and taking root in the countryside. However, she was still a little indignant.

Shu Ya’s family was a scholarly family. Most of her ancestors were teachers. If not for this vigorous campaign to support the construction of the countryside, she would have become a teacher like her parents. This had been her goal and dream since she was young, but now, she could only do farm work.

In the first year, she was still looking forward to returning to the city. In the second year, she began to have a mental breakdown. In the third year, she was completely devastated. In the fourth year, she accepted it. Now, it was the fifth year. She felt numb to the tedious lifestyle she had lived for so many years.

When Yu Bing first became the captain of the team of intellectuals, Shu Ya didn’t care at all because this had nothing to do with her life. She still had to go to the field every day.

It wasn’t until the start of the industrial chain that Shu Ya had a feeling that there might be a big change in the He Mountain Brigade.

Feng Cai didn’t hide the fact that he could enter the factory as long as he helped the factory settle things.

Shu Ya became filled with anger at that moment!

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