Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 705 - A Misunderstanding

Chapter 705: A Misunderstanding

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The reporters were all recording the news with their heads lowered. This perfect girl’s love for Yu Haiyang must be real; a true love story that even money couldn’t corrode. This would be the ultimate headline tomorrow. No other news could compare to it.

The next day, Su Jin went to school. As soon as she entered the classroom, everyone looked at her. Su Jin was confused. Was there something on her face? Why else would these people look at her like that? She hadn’t offended these people in the past few days.

Su Jin walked to Pang Lili’s desk and asked with confusion, “Lili, why is everyone looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

When Pang Lili heard this, she held the pen in her hand tightly, her face filled with sadness. Su Jin clearly knew she had feelings for Yu Haiyang. She even asked her to buy underwear for Yu Haiyang when they visited him at the detention center last time. How did things turn out like this?

Pang Lili revealed an awkward smile and replied aggrievedly, “No, it’s nothing. It’s just that everyone is very envious of your love for Yu Haiyang.”

Su Jin froze on the spot. What the hell was this? What love between her and Yu Haiyang? There was nothing but love from an aunt to her nephew between the two of them. Who’s the idiot who started this rumor? It’s slander!

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Su Jin looked at Pang Lili with an angry face and said, “What the hell? My love for Yu Haiyang?”

“Who is spouting this nonsense? This is f*cking ridiculous!”

Pang Lili was even more disappointed when she saw Su Jin’s reaction. Su Jin could see that Pang Lili and Yu Haiyang liked each other but she interfered anyway. Since things had come to this, Pang Lili could only give them her blessings. What else could she do?

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Pang Lili tried hard to keep a smile on her face as she said, “Sister Su, don’t be shy.”

“Everyone is envious. They are envious that Yu Haiyang protected you and that you did so much for him. You even found evidence to prove his innocence.”

“The love you have for each other is stuff legends are made of. Everyone’s so envious.”

Su Jin looked at Pang Lili and then at the class. She did not know where these people got such news. If Xi Chenxiao found out when he’s back, not only would Yu Haiyang get it, Su Jin would probably be beaten up as well. This was not good.

Su Jin narrowed her eyes and said to Pang Lili, “Tell me, where did you get such news?”

“My husband is 10,000 times better than Yu Haiyang and I’m not blind. Why would I abandon my husband to be with Yu Haiyang?”

At this moment, Yu Haiyang walked into the classroom. When he heard Su Jin say this, he could not take it. Although his uncle was very handsome, Yu Haiyang thought that he wasn’t so bad that Su Jin would say this. Even though she had just saved him, she shouldn’t humiliate people like that.

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Yu Haiyang walked up to Su Jin with a depressed expression and complained, “Sister Su, aren’t you going a little overboard with your words?”

“If I’m ugly, is there anyone good-looking at this school?”

Su Jin suddenly felt a little awkward. It was indeed a little embarrassing for the person involved to hear this in person. But she wasn’t wrong either. Yu Haiyang could not compare to Xi Chenxiao in any way, not his looks nor his character. Yu Haiyang scored a few notches down on both accounts.

To ease the awkwardness, Su Jin quickly changed the subject, “Yu Haiyang, that’s not the point. It’s our relationship.”

“Our relationship is like clear water. How can people say that?”

Pang Lili sat at her desk, her eyes filled with anticipation, hoping to get an answer from Yu Haiyang. However, Yu Haiyang did not notice anything unusual about Pang Lili, nor did he care about what Su Jin said. Yu Haiyang also didn’t notice that everyone was looking at him strangely.

He just stood there and said arrogantly, “Sister Su, what you said isn’t right.”

“Our relationship is thick.”

“Why is it clear water now?”

As Yu Haiyang said this, he threw his bag on his seat and put his arm over Su Jin’s shoulders. His face was prideful, his head held high, chest puffed, like a general who had just won a battle.

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With a pleading look, he said to Su Jin, “Sister Su, why don’t you just give me a relationship status?”

“It would be better than this, right?”

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