Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1120 - Crazily Testing Her Bottom Line

Chapter 1120: Crazily Testing Her Bottom Line

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The corners of Lu Yan’s mouth curled up into a cold smile. “Since it’s the Lu family’s door, the Lu family has the right to decide who can enter and who can’t. At that time, if they come but are rejected, won’t it be even more embarrassing?”

Lu Xiang was enlightened and got extremely excited. “Yes! Ah Yan, you’re so smart. The Lu family indeed won’t stop him from attending the ancestral worship ceremony, but an outsider like him won’t be able to enter the ancestral hall!

“Gu Zheng kept saying that he didn’t want to return to the Lu family, but Qiao Xi told everyone about Huang Lilan and almost let everyone know your identity. She’s clearly trying to harm you!

“That bastard is coveting the position of heir of the Lu family. He wants to pull you down and snatch everything that belongs to you. Ah Yan, you can’t give it to him. You have to hold on to it tightly!”

Hearing Lu Xiang’s words, the killing intent in Lu Yan’s eyes spread. He would never allow anyone to snatch his things.

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In the eyes of the Lu family, Lu Yan had always been gentle like jade. Now that she saw him with vicious eyes, Lu Xiang could not help but be a little afraid.

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Lu Yan glanced at Lu Xiang coldly. He hated Lu Xiang from the bottom of his heart. She was stupid and rash. She was easily blinded by anger and almost ruined the plan.

This stupid woman. Since she wanted to kill Lu Qingyun back then, she should kill that bastard, Gu Zheng, too. Then, no one would trip him up and snatch the position of heir from him.

Lu Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Since Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi were suspecting that Grandpa was pretending to be sick, then on the day of the ancestral worship ceremony, he wanted everyone to know that Grandpa was really sick and Gu Zheng was spreading rumors.

On the other hand, Gu Zheng had concluded his last meeting and left Huazhong Building with Qiao Xi.

“Are you really going to the Lu family to pay respects to your ancestors?” Qiao Xi asked casually, “Lu Yan doesn’t welcome you!”

Gu Zheng smiled. “He’ll welcome me.”

“Why?” Qiao Xi asked.

“If I go to attend the ancestral worship ceremony, he’ll refuse to let me in. He’ll tell me that outsiders can’t participate in the ancestral worship ceremony and it’s the rule of the Lu family’s ancestors. I’ll end up losing my reputation there, so who’ll end up the happiest?”

Qiao Xi nodded thoughtfully. If that were the case, Lu Yan would definitely be the happiest. If Gu Zheng returned to the Lu family, it would definitely threaten Lu Yan’s interests. After all, Gu Zheng was Miss Lu Qingyun’s biological son, and Lu Yan’s identity was still suspicious. He could not produce strong evidence to prove his identity and say that he was Miss Lu Qingyun’s other son. Only the Lu family would believe such a thing.

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“Lu Yan pretended to agree to let you go, but he’ll get Old Master Lu to appear and refuse to let you enter the ancestral hall by bringing up the rules of the Lu family’s ancestors. In that case, the high and mighty president of Gu Corporation would’ve returned to the Lu family to pay respects to his ancestors but got rejected. It’ll be big news.

“Even if the Lu family is wrong in this matter, your reputation and dignity will be ruined in the Lu family’s hands if news of it gets out.”

Only then did Qiao Xi realize why Lu Yan agreed to let participate so readily. It turned out that he had such intentions!

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“Why does Lu Yan like to test my limits?” Qiao Xi clenched her fists. She suddenly felt that the kick she gave Lu Yan today was too light. She should have used a little more force.

Gu Zheng smiled dotingly. “Mrs. Gu, you’re a lady. In the future, you’re not allowed to hit anyone in front of outsiders. I’ll handle everything.”

Qiao Xi immediately restrained her expression and looked at Gu Zheng shyly. “Oh, you’re so annoying! I was just casually saying it. What can a weak woman like me do to Lu Yan?”

Gu Zheng stroked her hair gently, his eyes shrouded in coldness. “If Lu Yan wants to deal with me, he’ll definitely start with Old Master Lu. What do you think, Mrs. Gu?”

Qiao Xi cried out in surprise, then covered her mouth with a shocked expression. “Ah! Lu Yan is really vicious! Even if Old Master Lu is fine, he won’t be anymore with Lu Yan’s methods. No matter what, he’s the grandfather who raised him since he was young! He won’t make the old master unconscious for a few more days, right? He’s too heartless!”

After she finished speaking, she suddenly revealed a sly smile. “If he wants the old master to be unconscious for a few more days, I can fulfill his request.”

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Lu Yan had already fallen into the traps she and Gu Zheng laid out so many times. Why was he still so naive? He actually wanted to use Old Master Lu’s illness to his advantage. Wasn’t he afraid that Old Master Lu would really fall unconscious?

When the two of them arrived at Longwan Residential, Qiao Xi hurriedly went upstairs to call the people from the Medical Association. Unexpectedly, she had just walked halfway when Gu Zheng’s cold voice came from behind. “Mrs. Gu.”

Qiao Xi stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at him. She heard Gu Zheng say casually, “I have something to ask you.”

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