Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1656 Immense Gains! l

Chapter 1656 Immense Gains! l

A sense of calmness and prosperity spread out over the Infinite Reality as this seemingly settled down.

Seas of different types of Essence were still constantly being forged throughout the stellar bodies of this expanding Reality, but the effects of the first Infinite Dream had ended as everything calmed.

A perilous battle that would have been lost if sufficient preparations weren't made was also won as the gains from this battle propelled Noah into a level of strength that only very unique existences at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy could display!

The gains from this battle had to be properly digested as there were truly too many things.

From the first five Resplendent Treasure Caches, Noah still had two Dimensional Essence Shards to utilize and allow for the Reality Altering nullification of resources for two abilities.

Many possibilities rose in Noah's mind as among them was , an ability that required 10,000 Units of the Essence of Reality in addition to trillions of Units of Mana to cast! If he nullified the resources for this ability, he could effectively refine his Origin and soul to achieve the Limit Breaking Extreme Mana Physique that boasted a strong foundation to allow for even more Reality Passages to form during the time when he broke his shackles!

Yet he was also currently at the stage of having reserves of 100,000 Units of the Essence of Reality, and he had thousands of Ascendant Flasks of Life and Death that recovered all Resources entirely as if he consumed a single one. To completely refine the Limit Breaking Extreme Mana Physique, a bit less than 1 Million Units of the Essence of Reality were required in total as this amounted to the usage of 10 Ascendant Flasks of Life.

A measly number compared to what he had as due to his rapid pace of progression, even something like 1 million Units of the Essence of Reality was an achievable resource in a short period of time! Due to this, even though this ability required ten times the amount of essence compared to Sever- it wasn't chosen to utilize a Dimensional Essence Shard over.

But there was an ability similar to it in terms of how many units of the Essence of Reality it ate up- Noah's destiny strongly pointing towards it at this moment as it was RUINATION's feature, !

It required 10,000 Units of the Essence of Reality as it also wasn't a limited use ability like , with Noah needing to corrupt all of the new Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edicts he held as if one did the math, the required Units were in the millions.

Noah could even go further if he nullified the resource requirement for this ability as he could corrupt the thousands of INSUPERABLE Nomological Edicts he had gained from the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Firmament Enders, along with the few hundred from the followers of the Will of the Past Emperor!

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Even though they placed Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edicts in their Halos, they had lived for too long as they also held many Insuperable and even Quasi-Insuperable Nomological Edicts. If Noah freely Corrupted even Insuperable Nomological concepts and then placed them in the Soul Library for his people…the amount of power he could raise with them was ridiculous as the ability of was at the very forefront for the utilization of Dimensional Essence Shard.

The mention of the followers of the Will of the Past Emperor caused Noah's expression to turn slightly somber as even at this moment, he continued to sift through the billions of years of memories of three existences who had their own stories- his soul relishing on arguably one of the most important loot out of all this!


The memories of the Dimensional Archaic Devil Bird, Nine Reality Horned Unicorn, and the Eclipsing Celestial Void Eye….they were something that caused Noah to want to tread even more carefully in the future as they told off too many disastrous secrets and built a brutal and fantastical world that Noah was being given a glimpse of at this moment.

From the memories of these three beings, Noah learned of the Primordial Will Bearers- existences who were under the Authority of a Legend as they moved with their orders.

The three Will Bearers Noah had faced were under the Olden Emperor of the Golden Eye, with Noah finding something dreadful whenever memories of this being rose in the long history of the Dimensional Archaic Devil Bird and others!

The visage of this Legend…was clouded by a misty light whenever they appeared in the memories as Noah couldn't even discern who they were or what they looked like.

And this applied to all Legends that these three Primordial Will Bearers had been lucky enough to come across- everything about them was clouded even in the memories of others!

This…showed a mere glimpse of the power of Legends as Noah planned ahead for many contingencies and possibilities.


Amidst his thoughts though, he was awoken to the appearance of the last Reality that was fusing into the Infinite Reality for the next few days until he initiated Infinite Dream once more.

Noah's will had spread over the Forsaken Treasure Dimension as what should have been an impossible task became easy whenever Noah grasped the golden scroll of the Azure Treasure Emperor's Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi, this loot acting akin to a master key that made all connections flow as at this moment, Noah saw the unique sight of a dazzling river of Reality over ten times larger than even Prime Realities begin stacking up over his Infinite Reality and beginning to fuse with it!


Arcs of golden light began to bloom as the Azure Forsaken Treasure Reality was pulled in to be assimilated into the Infinite Reality, its restrictions being broken apart as its Treasure Islands and Domains disappeared into fantastical light that all surged towards the core of this Reality.

Along with this, the brilliant luster of 20 True Stars of Conquest began to form as they caused Noah's eyes to smile dangerously! Others didn't see this as his people were stumped to see an even greater disruption at this moment when everything should have already been done.

A clone of Little Henry, Amelia Osmont, Adelaide, Barbatos, Halcyon, Athena, Emperor Penguin, Sword Emperor, Steel Mikhail…nearly all of Noah's closest women and most powerful generals could be seen within the Novus Universe as they watched this shockingly unfolding sensation once more with their vast consciousnesses, but they were on for a surprise at this point in time as Noah took the inhabitants of this new reality and teleported them into the Novus Universe after he felt the breaking apart of the spatial restrictions!


The dazzling figures of Destiny Goblins bloomed before everyone along with the return of Noah's Clone, the eyes of his people lighting up at his presence as many even shot towards him!

But they all came to a stop in the next instant as apart from the Destiny Goblins, they saw Noah's figure floating beside a curvaceous and utterly exquisite crimson golden haired Natalya Rostova who was clutching her Heartsplitter Bow tightly.


Silence reigned as Noah's people looked at this being with slight surprise, the reactions of others being more prominent as one could see Barbatos's figure shaking her head while voicing out prominently the moment they appeared.

"Ah…don't tell me it's another woman. Little Fish, don't you think you have enough?!"


Barbatos showed a playful teasing expression as she acted dismayed, the gaze of Amelia Osmont becoming stern while the Little Henry she held in her arms looked at the scene of his father floating down with even more respect!

Barbatos's words nearly halted the introduction as Noah shook his head with a smile while floating forward.

"No such thing. I merely bring another general in our ranks….she will more than likely be the first in this Reality to break past her shackles and reach the Eighth Firmament of Ascendancy, so watch closely and gain something when this happens!"


The past Overseer of the lands of the Primal Titans in the Isles of the Gilded Forge arrived into a new land filled with mystery, a fantastical Reality also being assimilated into the Infinite Reality at the same time as its results were bound to be astonishing!

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