Immortal Martial God

Chapter 30 Black Saber

Chapter 30 Black Saber

The conflict between the two sides was originally caused by Wang Jinghai bullying Xiang Zhonghua. Wang Jingyun was also very clear about this sword incident.

However, Wang Jingyun only watched the battle with a complicated expression and did not say anything to stop Li Qingchuan, an older man, from attacking Xiang Nan, a younger teenager.

This made Xiang Nan couldn't help but sigh in his heart. He thought to himself, I thought that Wang Jingyun would be different from others. In the end, she was just a nest of snakes and rats.

Li Qingchuan laughed loudly, "Brat, let's see how arrogant you are this time!"

With that, Li Qingchuan wielded his sword and slashed towards Xiang Nan. This sword qi was sharp and harsh, accompanied by the ear-piercing sound of the wind.

"It's even more powerful than the sword qi just now!" Xiang Nan's pupils constricted, injecting the first weather into his feet. The first weather erupted, pushing his body to the side quickly.

The sword thrilled Xiang Nan's right arm and cut off a small piece of Xiang Nan's sleeve.

Li Qingchuan followed closely behind and jumped up. The longsword in his hand fell from top to bottom, and he shouted, "Flying Cloud Slash!"

This Flying Cloud Slash was extremely powerful! Li Qingchuan instantly struck out with two swords. The two strands of sword qi suddenly fused in midair, turning into an even more violent and gigantic sword qi!

Two five-meter-tall sword Qi merged together to form an eight-meter-tall sword Qi. Its power was simply unparalleled!

Xiang Nan had just dodged a sword strike when this even greater sword qi shot towards him!

"He can't dodge." Mo Hai hugged his shoulders and said confidently.

Wang Jingyun's expression suddenly changed. She said in shock, "Qing Chuan can't kill! He, Xiang Nan, is going to participate in the city selection."

However, it was already too late for her to say those words.

Everyone thought that Xiang Nan was going to be hit by the sword qi, and even if he didn't die, he would still have to cut off an arm.

As Xiang Nan was in a hurry, he instantly converted the Xiantian Qi in his body into thunder and lightning. Furthermore, the thunder and lightning were white!

He used the power of the White Flame Lightning to condense the power of the White Flame Lightning under his feet and kicked it on the bluestone road.

He saw that the bluestone pavement was stepped on with a muffled boom, and it sunk into a crater that was nearly a meter in diameter. As for Xiang Nan, due to the terrifying backlash, he directly turned into an afterimage and disappeared on the spot with a whoosh!

"He's dodging!" The faces of everyone present changed drastically.

Mo Hai and Li Qingchuan exchanged a glance, and none of them dared to believe what they saw.

"There he is!" Mo Hai's eyes were sharp, and his gaze suddenly looked up high.

Everyone hurriedly chased after him, only to see Xiang Nan standing on the roof of a two-story restaurant.

"So fast!" Wang Jingyun covered her mouth in disbelief. Just now, Xiang Nan's speed was actually unable to catch even a Xiantian eighth layer expert like her!

On the roof, Xiang Nan's expression wasn't good, because he had no choice but to use the power of the White Flame Lightning Flame. The power of the Lightning Flame couldn't be regenerated! He had absorbed a bolt of lightning, but he had only absorbed twenty to thirty percent of it. It could be said that he had used a little less.

At this moment, there was only eighty percent of the precious lightning power left in Xiang Nan's body.

"Sigh" Xiang Nan sighed in his heart. If he could absorb the lightning source of the lightning, then the power of the lightning would be endless.

"This kid is very evil." Li Qingchuan gritted his teeth, killing intent flashing in his eyes.

Previously, Li Qingchuan only wanted to teach Xiang Nan a lesson, but now that he saw Xiang Nan's strength, he knew that Xiang Nan was not allowed to stay!

"I told you to run!" Li Qingchuan pulled out his sword and chopped down, "Flying Cloud Slash!"

The veins on Xiang Nan's forehead bulged, could it be that he was still wasting the power of lightning to dodge? If he didn't use the power of lightning, he would have been hacked to death!

"Young Master Xiang, take the knife!"

At this critical moment, just as Li Qingchuan was about to draw his sword, a resplendent voice like a river of stars rang out on the spot.

It was the mysterious woman from the auction house!

The woman had already stood behind the crowd and watched the battle. At this moment, it was also her who tossed the strange black blade of the auction house towards Xiang Nan.

Xiang Nan originally did not intend to interact with this mysterious woman too much, but at this moment, he could not choose.

He could only take the mysterious black saber and merge the power of thunder and lightning into the saber without any hesitation, hacking down on Li Qingchuan's sword qi.

With the weapon, Xiang Nan was unwilling to waste the power of lightning. He only used the power of ordinary lightning to counterattack. At the same time, he wanted to see how powerful this black blade was.

What happened next was something that Xiang Nan hadn't expected.

When the black saber came into contact with the power of thunder and lightning, its grade had actually risen by leaps and bounds!

It was originally a low-grade Mortal grade trash weapon, but with the infusion of thunder and lightning, its grade had soared to the middle-grade Mortal grade.

No, it's still improving!

High-grade Mortal Realm! Lower Spirit Stage! Intermediate Spirit Stage! High-grade Spirit Stage!

"Good … so fast!" Xiang Nan was greatly shocked. This black saber had actually risen to a high-grade Spirit Grade within a single thought!

As for the saber Qi that he had sliced down, the surface of the saber Qi was covered with tiny electric currents that were hard to see with the naked eye!

In midair, Xiang Nan's saber qi collided with Li Qingchuan's sword qi.

With a loud explosion, waves of energy spread out in all directions, causing everyone watching the battle below to be blown into beard dancing wildly.

As for the saber qi and sword qi, they actually cancelled each other out!

"This" Li Qingchuan was dumbfounded. The Flying Cloud Slash he used was a martial skill! That Xiang Nan only used his pure Yuan Qi to slash out, yet he was actually able to cancel out his own Sword Qi?

Everyone was shocked beyond words, but their gazes fell on Xiang Nan's black saber. Obviously, everyone thought that it was the black saber that played an inconceivable role, not Xiang Nan's own strength.

Even the majority of the people present revealed unreserved greed towards the black saber.

Xiang Nan was the only one who didn't immediately appreciate the black saber. Instead, he looked at the mysterious woman in shock.

Something's wrong! Something's wrong! This saber could actually be upgraded with the power of thunder and lightning? In other words, this saber … could test out the Lightning Meridian talent!

At that moment, Xiang Nan felt his heart sink!

Not good, exposed!

Sure enough, the mysterious woman's face was also filled with shock, but her beautiful eyes bloomed with excitement that Xiang Nan could not understand!

Li Qingchuan gritted his teeth and said, "Good boy, have you obtained a precious weapon? My Flying Cloud Slash can't deal with you anymore?"

"Alright, then let me use a stronger martial skill to experience the power of your weapon."

After saying that, Li Qingchuan raised his sword, and then his arm suddenly trembled! He saw the Xiantian Qi rolling towards his wrist in waves on his right arm.

Buzz buzz

The sword in Li Qingchuan's hand started to roar under the pulsation of the wave-shaped Yuan Qi, and the brightness of the sword became more and more intense.

"Wind meridian talent?" Xiang Nan frowned. It turned out that Li Qingchuan possessed the talent of a Mortal Grade Wind Meridian. No wonder his sword qi was so fierce.

However, it also reflected how domineering Xiang Nan's Divine Grade Lightning Veins were!

It was precisely because of this heaven-defying innate level of divine grade that Xiang Nan was able to cross five small realms and use pure Yuan Qi attacks to counteract Li Qingchuan's Flying Cloud Slash Martial Technique.

"Stop!" At this moment, a loud explosive shout sounded.

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