Immortal Martial God

Chapter 24 Treasure Gathering Pavilion

Chapter 24 Treasure Gathering Pavilion

He felt his blood boil! All the bones in his body were howling in pain, and his muscles were spasming.

No! We must persevere, we must persevere! Xiang Nan clenched his teeth.

However, the situation did not improve as he had imagined. Instead, it became even worse. He even felt his skin begin to crack and even break apart!

"Shit!" Aware of the seriousness of the problem, Xiang Nan was unable to endure the indescribable pain anymore, so he quickly disbanded the Nine Transformations of Thunder's incantation and circulated it.

In an instant, the white lightning shattered and dissipated in the sky.

As for Xiang Nan, he fell to the ground from midair. During the entire time he spent drinking a cup of tea, he was convulsed by pain. Only after drinking a cup of tea did he recover.

"How could it be like this? How could it be like this!" Xiang Nan frowned and gently rubbed his joints.


He suddenly understood that the reason why he had absorbed the lightning bolts of the White Flame Lightning for the first time was because he did not possess the attributes of the lightning bolt in his body! That was why the power of the lightning bolt had increased his cultivation by leaps and bounds.

However, the second time the arc was absorbed, the increase was not in "quantity" but in "quality"!

If the first bolt of lightning he absorbed was only one thousandth of the power of the White Flame Lightning, then the second bolt of lightning he absorbed could reach two or three thousandths of the power of the White Flame Lightning.

In other words, every time he absorbed a bolt of lightning from the white flames in the future, the attribute power of the lightning in his body would rise to a higher level!

"Just now, I was almost fatal because I was unable to withstand the stronger power of the lightning. There are only two ways to solve this problem," Xiang Nan said as he rubbed his hands.

"First, raise my cultivation level. Second, increase my resistance to electricity."

"What's troublesome is that there is no formula to improve one's resistance to electricity in the Nine Transformations of Thunder."

Xiang Nan sighed. The Thunder Martial King had created the Nine Transformations of Thunder in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. Naturally, he didn't need to improve his resistance to electricity, and he didn't write a solution to this matter into his cultivation method.

His Divine Grade Lightning Meridian talent also had a very abnormal resistance to electricity. If it wasn't for this talent, he would have been shattered when he absorbed the first bolt of lightning.

"There's no other way. I can only think of a way to solve it myself."

To improve one's resistance to electricity, one couldn't use Qi Condensation to solve it. That required body refinement.

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Xiang Nan nodded, took out a paper and brush from his storage ring, and wrote down a paragraph of text.

"Second Grade Snow Cicada Grass, Second Grade Thunder Vine, Second Grade Rejuvenation Pill, Second Grade Blood Condensation Grass, Second Grade Stone Skin Pill, Spirit Grade Pill Furnace."

Xiang Nan looked at the words and was satisfied.

In his previous life, he knew many strange and capable people, some of whom his master called strange and disdainful to associate with. However, at that time, Bai Muchen's nature was carefree, but he didn't care about these things.

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Among the people he knew was a peculiar alchemist. That person had once mentioned a method of body refinement.

That is, using the method of refining pills to allow martial artists to refine their bodies! Put a martial artist into a pill furnace like a pill.

This idea could not be said to be unbold, but Xiang Nan felt that it was very feasible.

Although this wasn't a body refining technique, it could increase his resistance to electricity and achieve his goal.

"I already have a Tier 2 Rejuvenation Pill, a Tier 2 Blood Coagulation Grass, and a Tier 2 Stone Skin Pill. Although I don't have any, the main ingredients for the Stone Skin Pill can be found in my storage ring."

Xiang Nan pondered, "Right now, we can only find Tier 2 Snow Cicada Grass, Thunderbolt Vine, and Spirit Grade pill furnaces."

"Looks like we need to go to the Azure Stone City's auction house."

Apart from the pill furnace, although the other two were not pills, they were only spirit herbs, but because they were too rare, they should not be found in ordinary spirit herb shops.

Thinking of this, Xiang Nan was unwilling to rest and immediately set off.

In this troubled autumn, Xiang Nan knew that his identity was sensitive, so he made a simple disguise. He wore a loose black robe and covered his nose and mouth with a black cloth.

Fortunately, Blue Stone City was close to the Black Sharp Mountain Range. Normally, there were many hunters, herb gatherers, and various caravans in the city. In this kind of place, there were many people who covered their faces to avoid unnecessary battles.

Xiang Nan's outfit, which covered his figure and appearance, did not attract much attention.

Sure enough, as soon as he entered Blue Stone City, he heard people discussing about the blue phenomenon in the sky. Some people said that it must be a martial arts expert cultivating nearby! I heard that many experts from the clans have gone to the back mountain to look for that expert.

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This caused Xiang Nan to lower his hood a little.

Experts, those people definitely can't be found. How could they know that such a terrifying phenomenon was created by this young boy Xiang Nan?

However, Xiang Nan searched the city until dusk. He could be said to have visited all the famous spirit herb shops, but he couldn't find the Snow Cicada Grass and Thunder Thunderclap Vine.

However, the spirit pill furnace was already available, so it wasn't difficult to find this item.

As for the two spiritual herbs, it seemed that he could only try his luck at the auction house.

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However, buying things at the auction house was likely to cost a large sum of money. At this time, Xiang Nan didn't have much cash on him, so he gave it all to his grandfather.

The Xiang Clan was now at a critical juncture in their comeback. He did not want to ask for money from his grandfather. Fortunately, he still had quite a few spirit herb pills and precious calligraphy and paintings on him. He could use them to exchange for money.

The only auction house in Bluestone City was just about to start a large-scale auction.

This place was called the "Treasure Gathering Pavilion". Behind these three golden characters, there was a small pattern.

When others saw the pattern, they didn't feel anything, but when Xiang Nan saw it, he was shocked!

It was a clover logo. This logo represented an ancient mysterious clan in this world, the Huangpu Aristocrat Clan!

The scope of this clan's business covered almost all fields. Just how enormous it was and how much energy it hid were still a mystery.

Xiang Nan only knew that this clan definitely could not be easily offended. Even the people from the eight great sects had to be respectful when they saw the upper echelons of the Huangpu Aristocrat Clan.

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"Their hands have actually reached such a remote corner." Xiang Nan hesitated for a moment before walking in.

In any case, he was here to openly buy things. How strong this Huangpu Aristocrat Clan was had nothing to do with him.

There were two exhibition halls in the Jucai Pavilion Auction House, and there were six auction halls of all sizes. Today, the largest auction hall was opened.

The exhibition hall was responsible for displaying the items that were about to be auctioned off. It had already ended three days ago, and Xiang Nan had not caught up. Therefore, this time, it was just a blind cat trying to kill a mouse. It was all due to luck.

The auction hall was already filled with people, and the buyers who came were all silent, their expressions extremely solemn.

Although no one knew the Huangpu Aristocrat Clan in this small place, everyone knew that the Treasure Gathering Pavilion was built by a large foreign clan. Therefore, even the local wealthy didn't dare to make a mistake here.

Very quickly, the oppressive scene slowly became lively. An auctioneer walked up to the exhibition platform and greeted the buyers politely. Then, he began to auction the first treasure.

Xiang Nan glanced at the treasure and landed on a woman beside the auctioneer.

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Normally, there would be two assistants next to the auctioneer, but that woman was obviously not an assistant. She was just standing there for no apparent reason.

Xiang Nan frowned and quietly sensed that the woman's identity was extraordinary!

This woman wore a black veil and could not see her appearance clearly. The key was that there was not a single trace of spiritual energy fluctuation in her body! But Xiang Nan knew that she was definitely a martial artist.

"Her spiritual energy fluctuations are suppressed very ingeniously." Xiang Nan nodded silently, knowing that this woman was a master that could not be provoked.

But at this moment, the woman caught Xiang Nan's gaze amidst the countless gazes of the audience.

The two's gazes collided in the air. Xiang Nan pretended to look away as if nothing had happened, but the woman nodded slightly, appearing extremely cultured.

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