Immortal Martial God

Chapter 20 Share a cup of soup

Chapter 20 Share a cup of soup

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No one was blind. Everyone knew that Xiang Nan would definitely make a big splash in the future. Taking advantage of Xiang Nan's young age, it was important to get on well with him.

"Alright, alright." City Lord Hong Zhen clapped his hands and said, "Since that's the case, the celebration banquet has come to an end. Everyone, let's disperse."

"Xiang Nan, it's been a long time since I talked to your grandfather. Let's go. Today, I'll go back with you to catch up with Xiang Zhanxiong and drink wine."

Hearing this, everyone was moved.

Hong Zhen's words were too profound! He was obviously not going to see Xiang Zhanxiong, but was afraid that the Wang Clan would kill Xiang Nan halfway and wanted to personally escort Xiang Nan home.

Xiang Nan was also very touched. He whispered to Hong Zhen, "There is no need for the City Lord to do this. If you do this, you will be at odds with Wang Xiaoyun openly. You are afraid of offending Chihuo Sect."

Hong Zhen laughed heartily three times and said heroically, "I, Hong Zhen, have been a smooth person for half my life. I was ignited by your hot blood tonight, so what if I accompany you to fight?"

Xiang Nan nodded solemnly and said, "Xiang Nan will not forget the kindness of the City Lord."

Hong Zhen grabbed Xiang Nan's hand and shouted, "Someone, accompany me to the Xiang Clan in Bluestone Town!"

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The night was getting darker and darker, but the little Bluestone Town was still brightly lit. It was all because many clans had gone to visit the Xiang Clan tonight and had not been willing to leave. They were just waiting for Xiang Nan to come back and talk to Xiang Nan.

Xiang Nan and City Lord Hong Zhen easily arrived outside the Xiang manor under the protection of the two hundred city guards.

The city lord smiled when he saw the large number of carriages at the entrance of the the Xiang manor . "It seems that the the Xiang manor is very lively today. little Nan , you can go in first. I'll wait for you to have a cup of tea before entering."

Xiang Nan looked at the city lord and was grateful. He cupped his fists at Hong Zhen and strode into the house.

Hong Zhen was very meticulous. He knew that Xiang Nan was the main character tonight. If he and Xiang Nan entered the house together, he would steal Xiang Nan's limelight.

At this moment, it was a crucial period for the Xiang Clan, so Hong Zhen took the initiative to give a cup of tea to Xiang Nan.

Xiang Nan had just entered the courtyard when he saw that the courtyard was full of shadows and guests were everywhere to congratulate him. However, the atmosphere seemed to be a little strange at this moment.

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"Ah, Xiang Nan is back." When the surrounding crowd saw Xiang Nan, they all smiled and greeted him.

Xiang Nan nodded to the crowd one by one. From the path everyone had opened, he saw hundreds of strangers in the middle, "confronting" his grandfather.

When Xiang Nan saw this, memories immediately surged out of his mind. These hundreds of people who had suddenly appeared were actually the Xiang Clan's fleeing clansmen.

"Huh? Why are they back?" Xiang Nan frowned and continued forward.

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"Haha, this must be little Nan . I haven't seen him in years. He really looks like an adult." Among the hundreds of newly returning clansmen, three old men stopped Xiang Nan's footsteps.

Xiang Nan frowned. These three people he knew were his own uncle, his third uncle, and his fourth uncle.

Xiang Zhanxiong had a total of four brothers. Among them, the eldest brother, the third elder, and the fourth elder were the three great elders of the Xiang Clan, while Xiang Zhanxiong was the second elder and inherited the position of Xiang Clan's Clan Master.

However, when Xiang Nan saw the expressions of the three elders and his grandfather Xiang Zhanxiong's ugly face, he realized that things weren't that simple.

Looking at his cousins, cousins, and cousins that he hadn't seen for a long time, all of them had arrogant expressions on their faces.

As for his parents, he was unable to find them all of a sudden. After searching carefully, he discovered that they had actually been pushed to the periphery by the crowd.

This scene caused Xiang Nan's eyes to narrow.

"Boss, Third Brother, Fourth Brother." Xiang Zhanxiong took a deep breath and his face sank like a waterway, "Could it be that what you said just now is true?"

"That's right. Naturally, it's serious." The Great Elder stepped forward and said with a smile that was not a smile, "We are also members of the Xiang Clan. It is only natural for us to take back half of the Xiang Clan's property."

"That's right." A young man stood beside the Great Elder and helped. This person was the Great Elder's grandson, Xiang Zhonghua.

Xiang Zhonghua said to Xiang Zhanxiong, "Old Grandpa, in the past, you controlled half of the Xiang Clan's property, while my grandfather, third father, and fourth father held the other half together."

"Now that we've returned to the Xiang Clan, it's still the same as before, and it's still the same now."

Hearing these people's words, Xiang Nan almost burst into laughter.

With these people, they came back to split the money! Seeing that the Xiang Clan was about to rise again, they ran back to get a piece of the pie.

Previously, the Xiang Clan was destitute. Later, Xiang Nan brought back five to six million gold coins. After winning the bet, he brought back another three million gold coins. In addition, there were countless guests giving gifts today. That was a huge fortune.

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This group of people had previously abandoned the Xiang Clan and escaped, but now they wanted to come back and split the money? The abacus was a little too good.

Xiang Zhanxiong was furious. He angrily said, "The reason our Xiang Clan was able to come back from the dead was because of little Nan 's efforts to turn the tide! If it weren't for his brilliance in the town elections, how could our Xiang Clan have the current status?"

"You people are really shameless."

Third Elder chuckled and said, "We naturally know that it was little Nan 's contribution, so we won't compete with little Nan for anything. He can continue to be the future successor of the Xiang Clan's Patriarch."

"That's right." Third Elder's grandson said, "We brothers have given up the position of successor to little Nan . We just want our own share of the property back."

Xiang Zhanxiong was left speechless by everyone's words.

As a matter of fact, everyone was a member of the Xiang Clan, and they all had close relatives. Their request made it impossible for Xiang Zhanxiong to refuse.

Fourth Elder added another fire and said, "Why, Second Brother, aren't you planning on letting us return to the Xiang Clan? You want to dominate the Xiang Clan?"

"Grandfather, look what you said." A graceful girl covered her mouth and chuckled, "Second Grandpa is the most reasonable. How could he do such a thing? Otherwise, how would he face the ancestors?"

At this moment, Xiang Nan suddenly laughed.

Everyone was arguing fiercely when Xiang Nan's laughter sounded a little abrupt. Everyone looked at Xiang Nan with strange expressions.

As for the guests who came to congratulate him, they were secretly observing. They wanted to take this opportunity to see if this young man, Xiang Nan, would panic when dealing with such a scene!

If Xiang Nan's performance was good enough, then it meant that everyone had come to deliver the congratulatory gift today. It was the right gift!

If Xiang Nan was captured by the returning tribesmen, it meant that Xiang Nan was not a big shot.

"Little brother Nan, do you have something to say?" Grand Elder's eldest grandson, Xiang Zhonghua, asked with a smile.

Xiang Nan did not answer directly. Instead, he smiled as he walked towards the crowd and pulled his parents over.

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"Father, mother, you guys stand here." Xiang Nan placed his parents beside Xiang Zhanxiong and said, "This is the position of your two elders. No one else can snatch it away."

Good! Everyone secretly raised their thumbs.

The first step was to straighten out his parents' positions. This was done beautifully.

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