Immortal Martial God

Chapter 13 Celebration banquet

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Chapter 13 Celebration banquet

Xiang Zhanxiong stroked his beard and nodded with a smile. The more he looked at his grandson, the happier he felt as if he had eaten honey.

Xiang Nan opened the red cloth covering the tray and saw two things lying inside.

One was a red invitation card, and the other was a shiny golden card.

The referee said, "This invitation is from the City Lord who invited Xiang Nan to participate in the town election celebration banquet tonight."

"And this storage card contains more than three million gold coins. It is the winning bet you won today. I personally delivered it to you according to the agreement."

"Three million?" The onlookers immediately cried out in alarm.

Even Xiang Zhanxiong and Xiang Shaohua were shocked. They hadn't heard that Xiang Nan had won the bet!

Because the news of Xiang Nan's victory in the battle was too shocking, so much so that everyone rushed to tell each other how powerful Xiang Nan was and how outstanding he was.

However, they did not publicize that Xiang Nan had won the bet. It was probably because those spectators felt embarrassed that they deliberately avoided this matter.

Xiang Zhanxiong laughed until now, his face stiffened, but he still felt pleasantly surprised one after another.

Previously, Xiang Nan had sent back five million gold coins and a large amount of herbs, but now he had won another three million gold coins! This time, the Xiang Clan's turnover was certain!

As for the guests, they all looked at Xiang Nan with envy. They all envied Xiang Zhanxiong for having such a good grandson.

Look at him! The City Lord's Mansion personally sent 200 City Guards to send invitations! What kind of identity was this?

Xiang Nan smiled as he accepted the invitation and handed the storage card to his grandfather, Xiang Zhanxiong.

Then, he cupped his fists and cupped his hands to the guests, saying, "Thank you, uncles and uncles, for coming to congratulate me. However, please make amends. I have to hurry back to Bluestone City to attend the City Lord's celebration banquet."

Everyone hurriedly cupped their fists and cupped their hands, expressing their understanding.

"Naturally, little Nan doesn't need to be so polite."

"That's right. The City Lord personally invited him. That's a matter of great importance. Of course, it's the most important."

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The referee smiled and said to Xiang Zhanxiong, "Brother Zhanxiong, let's go to the City Lord's Mansion together. It's been a long time since you and our City Lord have gathered."

These words made Xiang Zhanxiong feel incomparably comfortable. He only felt that he had lost face for many years, and today, he had recovered all of them.

However, Xiang Zhanxiong still clasped his fists and apologized, saying, "I, Sun Xiaonan, will go alone. Someone Xiang's avatar is useless, so he has to stay behind to entertain the guests."

"Mm, understandable." The referee nodded reasonably, "Then please find time to meet with the City Lord another day. Our City Lord misses you very much."

"Alright, Xiaonan, let's go."

"Grandfather, father, mother, little Nan has gone." Xiang Nan waved goodbye to his family and went to Bluestone City with the city guards.

By the time they arrived at the City Lord's Mansion, the carriages and horses had already gathered outside the City Lord's Mansion.

The town selection wasn't just Blue Stone Town, there were also six other towns, big and small. In each town's town selection, the top forty winners were invited.

The other clans were thriving. Naturally, the elders brought their juniors to the celebration banquet. Only Xiang Nan came alone from the Xiang Clan. He looked a little lonely.

At the entrance of the City Lord's Mansion, the people of the various towns and clans were greeting each other and humbly giving way to each other. They were all squeezed at the entrance.

Xiang Nan felt strange in his heart. Why didn't those people enter the manor? Why were they all squeezed here?

It was only when they got closer that they realized that City Lord Hong Zhen was actually standing at the door! Naturally, the people from all the clans didn't dare to cross Hong Zhen and lead them into the manor.

" Little Nan , you're here!" Inside the crowd, City Lord Hong Zhen laughed loudly.

Xiang Nan was stunned and asked in surprise, "City Lord, are you welcoming me?"

"Naturally, I will welcome you." Hong Zhen laughed and pushed the crowd away, heading straight for Xiang Nan.

Everyone didn't dare to enter the manor without permission. Instead, they stayed at the entrance and waited for the City Lord to enter the manor. Yet, the City Lord's actions were only to welcome a Xiang Nan? This treatment is a little too bad.

The young disciples of the victorious clans had originally thought that it was a good thing to be able to attend the celebration banquet. However, when compared to Xiang Nan, they felt both envious and jealous.

Especially the Wang Clan, Li Clan, and Mo Clan of Bluestone Town.

They were secretly staring at Xiang Nan, who had received special treatment, with ugly expressions on their faces.

"This" Xiang Nan sensed everyone's gazes and said humbly, "Thank you for your invitation, City Lord. Xiang Nan has felt honored to be prepared. How dare you trouble City Lord to personally go out to welcome him?"

The city lord patted Xiang Nan on the shoulder and said, "You came to the city lord's mansion personally before the town election to try to get a spot in the competition. How courageous!"

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"In order to participate in the town election, you did not hesitate to sign a life and death contract. What courage!"

"In the town election, you fought alone against all the heroes and won the first place. What a hero!"

The city lord seemed to intentionally say these words to others, and his voice was raised several times.

He grabbed Xiang Nan's right hand and said, "Such a courageous and courageous young hero deserves to be welcomed by me, Hong Zhen!"

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"Come, Xiang Nan, come with Uncle Hong! Our celebration banquet officially begins!"

Under everyone's gazes, Hong Zhen actually pulled Xiang Nan into the manor together!

Everyone knew what was going on when they saw this scene. If they couldn't even tell what the City Lord meant, then they would really be an idiot.

Xiang Nan had truly become the number one celebrity that City Lord Hong Zhen had taken a fancy to!

Within the City Lord's Mansion.

Six towns, each with 40 winners, a total of 240 people.

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Amongst them, only the top five experts of each town, a total of 30 people, and their family elders, could sit in the Ying Living Room of the City Lord's Mansion.

The other winners and their families sat down in the main courtyard outside the living room to participate in the celebration banquet.

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Because the Bluestone Town's town selection competition was Xiang Nan's victory from the first to the last, he was unable to rank 2345.

Therefore, Xiang Nan, Wang Jinghai, Li Lingfeng, and Mo Qi entered the living room.

There were many seats in the living room, but they were also filled with people from various clans.

The main seat was naturally the seat of City Lord Hong Zhen, and there were six seats beside him. The champions of the six towns were seated on each side of City Lord Hong Zhen.

After Xiang Nan sat down, he immediately discovered the members of the Wang Clan, the Li Clan, and the Mo Clan.

It was worth noting to Xiang Nan that the young man from the Wang Clan who had used peanuts to ambush him in the last round of the town election was actually one of the Wang Clan's disciples!

While Xiang Nan was looking at the man, the man was also looking at Xiang Nan.

The gazes of the two of them met in the air, but the young man's eyes carried a very interesting expression.

This kind of gaze made Xiang Nan feel a little strange. Normally speaking, the Wang Clan had lost so much face now, so they should try to stay as far away from him as possible. However, the young man from the Wang Clan seemed to have a confident look on his face.

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