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Chapter 47 - Please Try It

Chapter 47: Please Try It

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After writing the prescription, Miao Ruiming handed it to You Lingling. Although the chances were slim, he could not give up. There were many miracles in medicine, and many people who had been thought to be impossible to recover were inexplicably cured. After thinking for a while, Miao Ruiming took the prescription back and wrote a phone number on it.

He said somberly, “This is my senior’s number. He’s more well-versed in this area. After you’ve taken this medicine, if I’m not here, you can call my senior directly. I’ll talk to him and discuss the next course of treatment and plan together.”

You Lingling was very excited. She had only wanted Miao Ruiming to take a look, but she did not expect Doctor Miao to be so responsible. Not only did he give her the prescription, but he also thought about making sure she could continue her fiancé’s treatment with someone else while he himself was out of town. Such a good doctor was rare these days.

You Lingling held the prescription in her hand and spoke excitedly, “Thank you! Thank you, Doctor Miao! No matter what the result is, I’m really grateful to you.”

Ming Liuyi was also excited. After coming into contact with Miao Ruiming, she knew what kind of person he was. He was very straightforward. As long as Miao Ruiming did not say no, then this person could still be saved. This also gave You Lingling hope. Miao Ruiming looked at the two ecstatic women and smiled.

Then, he continued to speak very seriously, “Under safe circumstances, you can bring the patient outside to breathe in some fresh air.”

You Lingling immediately nodded. Before, she did not dare to take Ju Feng out, afraid that something bad would happen. But if Miao Ruiming said it was fine, then she would definitely take Ju Feng out more often. Ming Liuyi was also very grateful to Miao Ruiming. After all, he initially only came to see Yao Zizhou but was, at this moment, helping her friend as well.

Ming Liuyi said with a smile, “Doctor Miao, the weather is nice today. If you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you have lunch with us before you leave? The food today is quite ideal for us to bring out for a picnic in the courtyard.”

Miao Ruiming hesitated for a moment, and shook his head. After explaining that he had some things to take care of, he took the biscuits Ming Liuyi prepared and got ready to leave. He looked at the color of the fruit purée and found that it was red. It was probably made from red dragon fruit. Before Miao Ruiming could leave, Ming Liuyi called out to him and asked him to wait a moment.

Ming Liuyi turned around and ran into the kitchen. There were some freshly baked pizzas in the lunchbox. These were all made by Ming Liuyi herself. She did not dare to say that they were delicious, but they were not too bad. Ming Liuyi came out with the lunchbox and handed it to Miao Ruiming. She was a little embarrassed. After all, she did not know if Miao Ruiming would eat such things.

“Um, Doctor Miao, would you like to have this food? I made this today. If you don’t mind, please try it.”

Miao Ruiming originally wanted to refuse, but when he heard that it was Ming Liuyi’s cooking, he suddenly became a little interested. Miao Ruiming had medical ethics. As long as he received the consultation fee, he would never take any additional monetary gifts. However, Miao Ruiming still liked the food made by Ming Liuyi, so he did not refuse.

He took the lunchbox, smiled, and said, “Thank you.”

Ming Liuyi smiled and saw Miao Ruiming to his car. Perhaps it was because he often dealt with Chinese herbs, Miao Ruiming could always feel the spiritual aura of all things in the world. Miao Ruiming once thought that the hundred-year-old ginseng that he had worked so hard to get would have the most spiritual power, but the food Ming Liuyi gave him, even if it was just fruit purée and biscuits, was more spiritual than the ginseng.

Even the fast food pizza looked fresh and pleasant. He did not know if it was an illusion, but every time he ate the fruit purée, Miao Ruiming would feel refreshed all day. After Ming Liuyi sent him off, she and You Lingling prepared for a picnic. They were worried about whether it would be too hot, but when the two walked under the big tree, they learned what it was like to enjoy the tree’s shade.

Ming Liuyi’s place was in the suburbs, and the temperature was lower than in the city. Now, with the support of the large trees, the occasional breeze was actually quite comfortable, and there was no feeling of sweltering heat at all. You Lingling had forgotten when was the last time she had brought Ju Feng out, and was so excited that she did not know what to do.

Ming Liuyi arranged for the servants to set up the place and said, “Lingling, you can push Ju Feng around first. I’ll bring my husband down. Doctor Miao said earlier that he needs to breathe in fresh air regularly, too. We can’t waste such good weather.”

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