I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 675 - 675 Uncle Blackie, This Way! (1)

675 Uncle Blackie, This Way! (1)

Today was the day it came out with the green-haired hemp pole to clear out the people who ran the underground casino.

It was also the first time Blackie came out alone.

Therefore, after coming out of the dojo, it began to play crazily in various places in Jiangzhou City like a wild horse.

If Su Hongcheng had not used Lin Ye’s name, he might not have been able to call this rebellious “bear brat” to the dojo to meet with the mercenary named Li Mao.

However, after meeting up, Su Hongcheng had to leave temporarily because of the academy’s matters. He could only leave Blackie in the tavern and work with the green-haired mercenary Li Mao.

Therefore, it led to the scene of Blackie sitting alone in the tavern.

Because today was the off-day of the Beast Tamer Competition, there were not many mercenaries in the tavern in the morning.

After all, other than those hunting for missions, very few people chose to wake up early in the morning to look for quests in the tavern.

What’s more, the profits from many mercenary missions could not even compare to the benefits of hunting some beasts to dig for crystal cores. The mercenaries were even more unwilling to accept any missions.

Unless it was the kind that was settled with crystal cores~

However, after those mercenaries who woke up early today came to the Beast Tavern, they were all shocked by the “stalwart” body in the tavern.

When they walked into the tavern and saw a black and white “bear” sitting at the entrance, they immediately thought of the Dojo Master’s beast—Blackie.

Although this name sounded strange and did not seem very powerful.

However, any mercenary who had a little bit of information last night would see a video of a giant panda covered in golden armor flattening the casino manor with a golden breath.

At this moment, the protagonist of the video was sitting in front of them.

All the mercenaries subconsciously took a few steps back when they saw Blackie.

As a result, the entrance of the Beast Tavern was almost blocked.

It was only when Marvin commanded the people to hurry in that the tavern’s door was unblocked.

As for Marvin himself, he was about to faint from joy.

This was the number one beast under the Dojo Master!

There was also a monkey, a fox, and the ferocious beast, Qiong Qi, who had caused a huge commotion in the beast world.

However, these beasts were not as popular as the giant panda in front of him at all.

Especially after the battle last night, no one dared to underestimate the power of Dojo Master Lin and his beasts.

But now, this beast was sitting in his tavern openly, and it seemed to be alone. Didn’t that mean that this was already a very safe place in Dojo Master Lin’s eyes?

This was simply a living signboard!

Thus, after leading the mercenaries in, Marvin immediately walked in front of Blackie with a smile and said,

“Uncle Blackie, do you… want something to drink?”

Mm, Marvin was very humble.

He even called him Uncle Blackie.

But none of the mercenaries present felt that there was anything wrong with Marvin calling him that.

If it was before the battle last night, they would have looked down on him.

For example, the green-furred turtle.

However, after Blackie displayed its ultimate combat power, the mercenaries could only be green with envy towards Li Mao, the green-furred turtle.

Oh, now there was Marvin.

But Marvin and the others were already used to it.

After all, even Dojo Master Lin had come here personally before and even issued a mission in the beast bar.

It was also because of this that the current Beast Tavern was the best tavern in the entire Jiangzhou City!

Whether it was mercenaries who came to drink and enjoy themselves or mercenaries who wanted to accept missions, they would prioritize the Beast Tavern.

As a result, Boss Marvin Ma wanted to expand the tavern.

Hmm, it seemed that Chen San’er’s tavern next door was not bad.

The area was big enough, and they were right next to each other.

As long as Mark had a good harvest from the neighboring Qingquan City, he would go and talk to Chen Saner.

While Marvin was thinking about this, Blackie sized up the chubby middle-aged man in front of him. He stretched out his claws and touched the table, picking up the list of drinks on the table.

“I want… this, this, and this!”

Blackie’s claws tapped wildly on the list.

Marvin’s eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch as he looked at the wine the other party ordered.

This… If beasts became drunk, would they go crazy?

Although he was more or less worried, Marvin still immediately handed the list to the bar counter.

After ordering the drinks, Blackie suddenly thought of a problem.

‘I don’t seem to have any money on me…’

And buying things, it remembered, cost money.

Blackie still remembered that when he was first summoned to this world by Lin Ye, he had to be taught by him every day that he couldn’t eat too much. If he ate more, he wouldn’t have the money to buy bamboo for it.

At that time, the young Blackie already understood the importance of money.

But… Lin Ye didn’t give him pocket money!

Blackie suddenly felt a little awkward.

The act of not paying for food seemed to be called dine and dash, right?

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