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Chapter 797 - God slaying spear

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Chapter 797: Chapter 796, God slaying spear

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“This is...”

Chen Chen’s pupils constricted.

He wanted to find the central nervous system so that he could stimulate it and see if it could interfere with his muscle memory.

Unexpectedly, he made a big discovery.

“System, where is the fatal wound of this giant?”

“A hundred miles in front of the host.”

That’s right, the small wound less than three meters above the central nervous system was the fatal wound of this giant.

A three-meter wound..

If converted to the same ratio, it was equivalent to a wound that was thinner than a pore on his body.

But it was this wound that ended the life of an immortal emperor-level body cultivator.

... unbelievable.

Chen Chen exclaimed as he stretched out his hand. A powerful suction force jumped out from his hand. The black spear flew into his hand with a whoosh.

The Black Spear was cold to the touch and there was a faint baleful aura on it. However, that was all. Chen Chen couldn’t sense anything strange about the spear.

“System, where is the most precious treasure within a hundred miles?”

“The god slaying spear in the host’s hand.”.

The material of this spear was ordinary but because it had killed countless experts, it was tainted with a heaven-shaking baleful aura. Under the impact of the baleful aura, very few divine souls could withstand it.

After that, it killed an immortal emperor and nurtured him for tens of millions of years, absorbing endless amounts of grievous energy.

Right now, it has already become a treasure whose grade can not be judged.”

Upon hearing the system’s reply, Chen Chen weighed the god slaying spear in his hand.

Tainted with baleful energy and absorbing grievous energy, there was no doubt that this was a terrifying devil weapon.

Although it wasn’t as flashy as the nine heavens profound pagoda, if it was stabbed into someone’s body, the immortal emperor wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Then the question came. Such a treasure was a rare treasure before the giant immortal emperor was killed. Why didn’t the owner of the treasure take it back after the giant immortal emperor died?

Could it be that the owner of the treasure also died? It wasn’t impossible.

Also, where did the treasure that the giant immortal emperor used go?

Many questions flashed through Chen Chen’s mind.

“How is it?”

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King’s question came from afar.

Chen Chen hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll take a Look Again!”

After saying that, he began to search for the reaction nerves in the giant’s body through the system, and then used the god-slaying spear to attack those nerves.

It was unknown whether it was because the attack of the god-slaying spear was special, or because the god-slaying spear had stayed in the body for too long and had become one with the body.

In any case, when he used the god-slaying spear to attack, the corpse did not have any resistance.

Not long after, Chen Chen used the god-slaying spear to break dozens of nerves and veins on the corpse.

The aura of the giant corpse immediately decreased by a lot, and the muscle reaction also disappeared.

The Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King and the other immortal kings were overjoyed when they saw this. They quickly flew to the body of the immortal and began to search for treasures.

Chen Chen didn’t stand on ceremony and directly used the system to track them down.

Not long after, he found a few more destiny-level numinous treasures embedded in the depths of the wound.

Other than that, he also found a large wound on the giant’s body.

This wound had a circumference of a thousand miles and was located at the abdomen.

Very clearly, the giant must have suffered a heavy injury from this strike before he was stabbed to death by the god slaying spear.

Looking at the wound that was still recovering, Chen Chen couldn’t help but to sigh at how strong the life force of the immortal emperor was.

Tens of millions of years had passed, yet this body was still recovering.

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If it wasn’t for a strange energy lingering around the wound, this giant’s corpse would have long recovered.

There was even a possibility of a new consciousness being born within.

“I wonder what treasure caused this giant to suffer such a huge wound.”

Chen Chen observed the wound for a while, and then entered the giant’s body.

The power of blood and Qi inside the giant was like a vast ocean, and the sound of blood flowing in the blood vessels was like a waterfall exploding in his ears.

What a great life!

For the first time, Chen Chen felt insignificant in the depths of his heart.

It was not that he had never seen a huge immortal spirit before, but the human form could not give him much psychological impact.


After a quarter of an hour, the other four immortal kings had already finished searching the giant’s corpse.

Each of them more or less found a few destiny level spirit treasures.

Clearly, the giant didn’t encounter a single person back then, but a group of enemies. The weakest among them was at the immortal king level.

That was why he had so many destiny level spirit treasures in his body.

“What should we do with this corpse?”

After searching, the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King Glanced at everyone and asked.

The other three immortal kings were also in a dilemma.

They naturally knew that the most valuable thing was this corpse.

However, there was only one corpse after all. Let alone the fact that they didn’t have the ability to separate it, even if they did, it would be a pity if such a complete corpse of an immortal emperor was separated.

“Leave it with me first. We shouldn’t stay here for too long. Let’s leave this place first.”

Chen Chen suggested.

The other immortal kings had long noticed Chen Chen’s uniqueness. Not only did he have all his good fortune numinous treasures, he easily solved the problem of the giant’s corpse retaliating automatically.

Such an existence should be extremely famous in the immortal world. However, they didn’t recognize him at all. In fact, they had never even heard of him before.

Thinking of this, a female immortal king turned to the Heavenly Phoenix immortal king and asked, “Fellow Daoist, you are extremely powerful. May I ask which Immortal King You Are?”

The Skyphoenix Immortal King glanced at Chen Chen as she introduced, “Recently, the immortal realm has gained an additional region. He is the ruler of that region. I don’t Know What Immortal King he is.”

The four immortal kings were all filled with envy and jealousy.

They were the same as the skyphoenix immortal king, they were all immortal kings who didn’t have control over a region. If not for this, they wouldn’t have come here to take the risk.

Now that they heard that Chen Chen already controlled a region, their attitude instantly became much lower.

“Since you are a friend of the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King and also an immortal king who controls a region, we naturally believe in you. Let’s leave this corpse with you first. After we leave, we will talk about how to divide it up.”

The other immortal kings echoed in agreement.

It wasn’t that they trusted Chen Chen so much, but it wasn’t appropriate for them to stay here for too long.

If they were delayed for too long because of the treasure distribution and were intercepted by the other immortal kings, they would probably become a joke in the immortal world.

Seeing this, Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony and summoned the mung bean again.

Such a huge object was not something that spatial equipment such as storage rings could fit. Only the internal space of the mung bean could fit it.

After storing the giant’s corpse, the group immediately left this place.


An hour later.

A group of Immortal Kings appeared here. A few of them saw that the giant’s corpse had disappeared, and their expressions became extremely unsightly.

“Didn’t you say that the immortal emperor’s corpse would automatically counterattack? Why did it disappear? Or are you all just spouting nonsense?”

Some of the immortal kings questioned with dissatisfaction.

“No... They aren’t spouting nonsense. I can smell it. There is still a very thick layer of grievous energy here. It does indeed look like the place where the immortal emperor died.”

The Voice of a young man rang out from the crowd.

Everyone turned their gazes over, their eyes filled with wariness.

They all knew that this person was the foster son of the Northern Star Immortal King. It was said that he relied on his own strength to wreak havoc in the spirit might immortal realms.

They were all extremely wary of such a person.

Tian Ming didn’t care about the gazes of the crowd. His eyes were only focused on the few immortal kings who provided him with the information.

“What Immortal Kings did you guys say were the ones fighting for the Immortal Emperor’s corpse?”

Those people pondered for a moment, one of them spoke first, “All of them are female immortal kings... one of them is the Heavenly Phoenix Immortal King from the Flying Phoenix Immortal Realms and the Green Lotus Immortal King from the Azure Nether Immortal realms. As for the others, I don’t know them either. They are all people who rarely come out.”

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