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Chapter 1168: 'Disappointed With The Godfather'

Chapter 1168: "Disappointed With The Godfather"

When the Godfather anxiously asked for help, the staff immediately woke up from their daze and hurriedly ran to get medicines and other medicinal technologies.

"Hurry, hurry! One of the challengers is seriously injured!"

"The challenger's family and friends, you can go and see your supported challenger."

"Wait. What about the result of this challenger's spirit hunting?"

"Just heal her first and then ask her about the result."

The people at the scene were instantly busy, but they had just fetched some medicine for Ainsley when the shamans among the staff saw something incredible.

They accidentally saw an army of spirit rushing out of the cave. Each of them had a stern face as they ran to surround the injured little bull.

[Little girl, you have to hold on!]

[C'mon, you can be healed!]

[Leave your challenge's result to us. You will definitely win with so many of us here.]

[Yes, yes!]

There were more than thirty spirits, and fifteen of them wanted to follow Ainsley even after the challenge ended.

Such a lot of spirits, each of them a high-level spirit with some color on their transparent bodies...

The shamans among the battle arena staff almost kneeled on the spot.

What the heck?! How could there be so many spirits?

Don't tell them these spirits result from the first challenger's spirit hunting?

Not to mention the quality and level of these spirits...even their number alone is enough to crush all challengers who have done this challenge!

The shamans trembled as they tried to ask one of the spirits in the crowd.

They chose the least frightening spirit, who was coincidentally one of Ainsley's five spirit stocks.

[Excuse me...are you guys following this baby bull? Or are there any collective events for this many spirits to come out?]

The young spirit heard the shaman's question and couldn't help but frown.

[What kind of activity do we have? Of course, we are here to follow Ain-sama! Ah, that baby bull over there is Ain-sama.]

The first spirit was not chatty, but another spirit next to him noticed the shamans and immediately blabbered a lot.

[Ain-sama is awesome. She subdued so many spirits and half of them even want to follow her without the so-called challenge.]

[She has such a strong spirit like the Godfather, but she's also a strong shaman. Her unique physique is really suitable for leading a lot of spirits!]

[Hey, hey, hey. Ain-sama will win the challenge. There's no way the other guy can win with so many quality spirits here.]

The shamans got a lot of information from the chatterbox spirit and they couldn't digest the information for a moment.

This is too much, okay? They have never seen a shaman leading a spirit army like this!

After all, spirits naturally disliked shamans in Gasha Country because there was such a huge conflict between the two races.

Or maybe they weren't so hostile to Ainsley because they knew that she's not from Gasha Country?

They heard that Godlif Country respected spirits a lot and there, spirits chose the shamans and not the other way around.

This forced the shamans to be strong even without their spirits so that they could attract spirits to make a contract with them.

At first, the Gasha Country's shamans were also like this, but things changed, and they suppressed the spirits, treating them as undead weapons.

Maybe because in a country that worshiped celestials, spirits, who were categorized into ghosts and evil beings, weren't so respected.

On the other hand, the Godlif Country admired elves and fairies more than celestials.

Elves and fairies loved nature, and they didn't hate spirits or disliked spirits as much as celestials.

Really. These celestials just hated anything categorized as evil, and they only respected fairies among all the other big races.

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The shamans couldn't help but shake their heads.

They silently thought that no wonder the Godlif Country's shamans and the shaman guild there were ranked among the top 3 Shaman Guilds in the world.

The Godlif Country might be small but the people there were really powerful!

If that country focused on developing guilds instead of fighting against the mafia all the time, the guild development there would be much better than in Gasha Country.

The shamans calmed down their chaotic thoughts and slowly counted the number of spirits that Ainsley managed to fish out.

As for the quality, looking at these spirits...they should be spirits at the Monarch Area.

Each of them was better than the other, truly a high-level spirit that is hard to convince.

Compared to the spirits in the Minister Area or other areas...the spirits in the Monarch Area were worthy of being called monarchs.

While the staff treated Ainsley's wounds, the shamans were busy organizing so many spirits who followed Ainsley out of the cave.

At the same time, the three sacred beasts, Elliana, Axelle and Ainsley's other supporters in this country, carefully surrounded the injured cub.

Code-L was the first one to transform into her human form and ran to the Godfather, who had already returned to his spirit form.

[What happened? How did the little brat get seriously injured like this? You are there with her...how can she be so miserable under your nose?]

Code-L already felt bad for Ainsley and couldn't help but be a little harsh on the Godfather.

As the stronger party, it was inevitable that Code-L pushed the responsibility to the Godfather.

The Godfather should have protected Ainsley, but the baby was seriously injured, and she wasn't even in her human form.

Code-L was immediately disappointed with the Godfather.

[You, really— if it was this great me, I would have never allowed the lil brat to be injured so heavily.]

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