Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1562 Heartbeat

Chapter 1562 Heartbeat

That night, the event did not cause any negative effects.

There was no scandal between He Xuyan and Xu Zhiqin. After all, the entire event process was obvious to all. He Xuyan was just following what he was told to do to complete his work.

However, the scene of He Xuyan putting the necklace on Xu Zhiqin was too beautiful. The photos taken dazzled many people.

After the event ended, Yue Ze got everyone to leave. Xu Zhiqin did not want to stand out, so she could only get into the car with Yue Ze.

[Director He, I’m going back first.] Xu Zhiqin sent him a WeChat message.

[Too many things happened today. Have a good rest. I’ll call you tomorrow.]

Xu Zhiqin nodded and sent an emoji.

She held the phone to her heart and suppressed her racing heart.

Ji Rufeng, Lin Tong, and the others were laughing and joking. She looked through the window at the streams of light outside the car and felt that the night sky in the capital was really pretty.


Pan Hongsen went to the hospital and met Pan Ju.

“Why didn’t you ask me before you went to look for the reporters?” Of course, Pan Hongsen was angry. His career had plummeted, and he was full of anger.

“I wanted to look for you too,” Pan Ju cried out. “I couldn’t watch Yali destroy you, so this was the only way.”

“What did Yali do?” Pan Hongsen asked.

Pan Ju showed him the video she had received.

Pan Hongsen’s blood rushed to his head. There were all kinds of videos of Yali sleeping with multiple people, and among them was Brother Mark.

It was obvious that this was not the first time Yali had played such a game!

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However, he was completely kept in the dark!

He used to know that Yali liked to play around and had a boyfriend, but as long as she wasn’t promiscuous, it didn’t matter.

At that time, he thought that she was better than Xu Zhiqin, who sold her body for resources.

However, he did not expect her to be so out of line with Brother Mark and the others!

Now that he thought about it, even Xu Zhiqin had never done such a thing!

Besides, even if Xu Zhiqin had done anything for resources, it was all for him—not for herself!

To put it another way, he was just guessing about Xu Zhiqin’s matter. He did not have solid evidence at all. He just felt that she had received too many resources, so he thought that she must have paid the price with her body.

However, the ability that Xu Zhiqin displayed later, the proposal she wrote for Mu Kai, the acting skills she displayed, and everything about her were proof of her talent and ability.

He had wronged Xu Zhiqin and trusted Yali too easily. That was why he ended up like this!

Pan Ju said from the side, “Son, I definitely won’t allow you to be with a woman like Yali! This kind of woman is simply a disgrace to our ancestors! I’d rather you not stay in the entertainment industry than agree to such a thing! Zhiqin is such a good woman. You should think about getting Zhiqin back!”

Should he get her back?

Pan Hongsen suddenly felt as if there was a bright light in front of him. Yes, why couldn’t he get her back?

Just because he missed her once did not mean that he would continue missing out on her forever!

After seeing those videos of Yali, he looked for Brother Mark again. “I want money, and Yali has to apologize to me and Zhiqin.”

Looking at the vidoes, Brother Mark’s face darkened.

But he couldn’t deny it. He and Yali had indeed done those things.

Back then, he asked Yali to look for Pan Hongsen and create a ship with him to cover up the fact that he and Yali had gone overboard.

These things were all very secretive, but Pan Hongsen had gotten hold of the evidence. Whether he took it to the public or called the police, Brother Mark’s and Yali’s reputations would be ruined.

“If I give you money, how can I be sure that you won’t come looking for me again?” Brother Mark felt a little regretful. He should not have fallen out with Pan Hongsen.

“You’re left with no option anyway.” Pan Hongsen was fearless.

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Brother Mark had no choice but to give him a check. “I’ll ask Yali to apologize, but you have to restrain yourself. If you really anger her, you know as well that I’m not someone to be trifled with.”

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Pan Hongsen only wanted money, so he wouldn’t push Brother Mark too hard.

After taking the money, he just wanted to get Xu Zhiqin back and live a good life with her.


Xu Zhiqin woke up in a particularly good mood.

Her phone rang. When she saw He Xuyan’s name, she was even more excited.

“I’m downstairs. Let’s have breakfast together.” He Xuyan’s voice was filled with electricity.

“Okay. Wait for me,” Xu Zhiqin said.

She searched the wardrobe for a long time before deciding which outfit to wear. Then, she put on light makeup and made sure that she was fine before going downstairs.


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A familiar voice stopped her.

Xu Zhiqin’s face darkened when she saw Pan Hongsen standing not far away. He had dressed up and looked completely different from yesterday. He was holding a bouquet of bright red roses and looking at her affectionately.

If he had appeared like this a few years ago, Xu Zhiqin would have wanted to marry him. But now, she had already recognized her feelings. Seeing Pan Hongsen like this, she only felt disgusted.

The smile on her face suddenly disappeared, making Pan Hongsen’s heart ache. He quickly walked over and said, “Zhiqin, I know I was in the wrong before and I’ve hurt you. But in the future, I won’t give anyone a chance to hurt you again. I’ve broken up with Yali, and she’ll apologize to you soon. I’ve accumulated enough money to take you anywhere you like. I’ll make our relationship known to all. Zhiqin, I’m back.”

“Do I have to accept you just because you’re back? Pan Hongsen, I haven’t been waiting for you, and nothing will change,” Xu Zhiqin said mockingly. “Get lost. Don’t stand in front of me and be a sore sight.”

Pan Hongsen’s expression changed a few times, but he believed that Xu Zhiqin was merely angry now. As long as he was sincere, she would definitely change her mind.

“Zhiqin, I’ll let you see the change in me. This time, I’m sincere.” Pan Hongsen handed her the roses.

Xu Zhiqin frowned, not wanting to be implicated by him at all.

Seeing him walk over, she said sternly, “Pan Hongsen, I already have someone I like. I can’t be with you! Please don’t pester me!”

Pan Hongsen didn’t believe her. He shook his head. “Zhiqin, I know you still have me in your heart. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten Ji Rufeng to snatch my role in the show Yali and I were supposed to be filming together. I understand what you’ve done, and I can appreciate your kindness now.”

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Xu Zhiqin was so angry that she laughed. She raised her eyebrows slightly and crossed her arms. “Ji Rufeng got that role because he’s better than you.”

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