God's Eyes

Chapter 977 - Reunion?

Chapter 977 - Reunion?

Looking at the mature woman in front of him, Jason couldn't help but be flabbergasted.

The charm of a young, yet mature woman could be seen in the emerald eyes of the woman staring at him.

Wind currents enveloped her, playing with her hair and clothes that fluttered softly, highlighting the bright smile on her face.


How could he ever forget the mana fluctuations of the young girl his late masters had accepted into their group?

It had been more than a decade since he and Emily had seen each other, and both had changed a lot.

Yet, the two of them couldn't help but smile at each other, recalling the happy memories of the past.

The only time Jason had been truly happy was with his late masters, and by looking at Emily, he felt as if he had traveled back in time when he had lived with them happily.

However, the bitter and painful memories of their deaths resurfaced once again.

Thus, his bright and overjoyed smile quickly subsided, replaced with a rueful smile.

Emily noticed this, and halted in her tracks. She had already begun to charge toward him and opened her arms to give him a hug.

But upon seeing Jason's expression, followed by the glare of the woman next to him, Emily halted in her tracks.

"Of course, I'm Emily. Who else may I be? How are you? Why are you here…wait!? Are you the Celestia the others have been talking about?"

His identity as Celestia halfling was something Emily had already known about.

As such, he was not really surprised when she concluded his reasoning to be here.

Nodding his head, he connected the dots as he asked her a doubt just to confirm his suspicion.

"And I guess you belong to one of the younger generations that are supposed to cultivate on Lyina? It should be quite beneficial for you!"

Emily also nodded her head vigorously, and she felt like asking much more, but it was at this moment that the few Sacred Elvyr powerhouses approached them.

All of them just gave her a cursory glance but otherwise completely ignored her and turned their attention to the man next to him and greeted him with a deep bow.

"Sir Stella, the flame you had requested earlier has been procured. If you want to, we can send it over to Lyina, or you can come back with us to Myriad..Sir!"

From the looks of it, the Sacred Elvyr powerhouses had finally understood the true importance of Jason, whether it was his flame or Divine energy.

He could easily cleanse the surrounding of the dark and impure energies.

Thus, their attitude towards him changed drastically.

Perceiving this caused Jason to smile subtly before he turned back to Emily.

"It is nice to see you again, and I hope you are doing fine as well. Take care of the soulbond of yours!"

Saying so, he turned around while trying to hide the glint of sadness in his eyes before he followed the Sacred Elvyr.

Jennifer looked at this situation in dumbfounding, only to hear a deep sight from Emily's direction.

Her eyes were glued to Jason, but there was no love in her eyes. All she could see in them was a trace of frustration and sadness.

Knowing that Jason had lost the majority of people he had once loved when he was still living on Argos, Jennifer seemed to understand something.

She bowed lightly towards Emily before following Jason with fast strides.

'Even old scars hurt…' Jennifer just thought, clearly sensing that Jason was hurting, reliving the painful moments of his past life, whether they were good or bad.

However, even though she could roughly gauge what was going on, it was not like Jennifer was able to do anything.

She could only lend her shoulder for him to lean on, and listen to Jason if he were to share what was on his mind.

But that was not going to happen right here, or right now as he had to show his strong side.

The Sacred Elvyr shouldn't perceive him as a pushover, or a weakling, which forced him to act strong, even though his mind and heart were aching.

Jason was only able to calm down a little when Jennifer grasped his hand and intertwined her fingers through his.

Holding his hand tightly, she looked at him lovingly as her earlier thoughts of jealously dispersed into thin air.

Emily was good-looking, and she was an Agran, but that was something only Jennifer was worried about.

In fact, Jason's behavior clearly showed that they had never been that close, to begin with.

Otherwise, reuniting after more than a decade would have definitely ended up with both sides feeling like hugging each other.

And that would have been the case if their shared memories were not that great.

This was apparently the case, but Jason was not all that excited upon reuniting with Emily.

Meanwhile, the contrary seemed to be the case for Emily as she had wanted to see Jason once again.

Thus, Emily had been extremely happy upon seeing him.

Even Jason couldn't tell why he was acting like this. He felt a little bit weird to meet Emily once again.

It was not as if he didn't want to talk to her about the past, but Jason was also sure that it wouldn't help either of them to dig out old memories.

Never having been close to her, he didn't feel any special connection to her apart from the fact that he had only helped her once, changing her life.

What happened afterward was solely based on her own efforts, luck, and potential.

'And here…I thought I was done being reminded about the past…!'

Feeling lost about too many things that occurred, Jason even recalled the Myödra, Burance, and Ifrytor race after a long time.

It made him angry, about what they had dared to do to his family, the ones he loved, and his people.

His barely contained anger caused his Celestia aura to erupt, and expand up to several kilometers, only for the flames of Solaris to do the same.

It didn't burn the Sacred Elvyr around him.

Instead, it simply cleansed everything in its range, purifying the impure energies until Jason had calmed down, retracting both Solaris' flame and his aura.

'After I'm done here…I will take care of them…I promise!!'

His plan had been to take revenge against the three races for a very long time.

However, his strength was still far from enough to defeat the strongest beings of the stronger and higher races.

They were likely to have several beings at the Mecynar stage.

This had been more than enough to intimidate Jason in the past.

But that was not the case anymore!

Right now, Jason was not considered strong enough to achieve what he wanted.

But the moment he finished his task of cleansing Lyina, he would cultivate for a short period of time before leaving with a newfound strength.

At that time, he would be more than strong enough to achieve everything he had promised his past self a long time ago.

What would happen afterward was something only time could tell.

His tasks at hand were numerous and tricky, and there were more than enough things he wanted to achieve.

However, what fueled him with determination the most was to take revenge, meet his father, and grandparents, and to be strong enough to live a life where nobody could intervene in whatever he was doing.

This was nearly impossible for the weak; doing whatever they wanted without stronger beings interfering in their peaceful lives.

'Would it be possible for me to turn my Soul world into a place where nobody has to fear being taken advantage of… a fair and just place…'

What Jason didn't know was that this small thought of turning his Soul world into a place where the strong wouldn't be free to do whatever they pleased would turn into something far bigger, into something that would shake the entire Universe…or one of it!

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