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Chapter 1094 - Getting His Hands on ‘Silence’

Chapter 1094: Getting His Hands on ‘Silence’

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“Can we take a look at it?”

Yu Tu hesitated for a moment before speaking to Lin Xiu.


After hearing what Yu Tu wanted, Lin Xiu nodded his head.

As Lin Xiu gathered his thoughts, the odd crystal as well as the horns of the frost dragon appeared in Lin Xiu’s palms.


This is the odd crystal of the frost dragon…”

Seeing how there was a huge odd crystal that was purple in colour, all of their eyes widened in shock.

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The moment the crystal appeared, they could clearly feel the energy from inside was extremely powerful.

Then, there was the horn of the frost dragon.

The horn looked like an ice sculpture and it was beautiful.

“Are you done?”

Then, Lin Xiu kept it away and both the odd crystal and the horns disappeared in his hands.

“Done. You’re good.”

Yu Tu exclaimed.

He didn’t think that such a young man would be able to kill the frost dragon.

“Alright. Let’s head back then!”

Yu Tu got back into the cockpit and started the engine.

The rest of the sage warriors on the plane didn’t look quite happy about the result.

They have wasted so much effort but they failed in killing the frost dragon. Lin Xiu was the only one that succeeded.

Thinking about how Lin Xiu would be getting ‘Silence’, all of them were envy of him.

Lin Xiu took the opportunity to rest.

There was only half an hour left before they returned to Bai Di City.

“Congratulations, junior. You are now a respected warrior.”

At the same time, in the warrior god realm, there was a young girl who spoke to Luo Yue who had a head full of white hair.

After training for such a long time, it looks like Luo Yue was getting much stronger than before.

She was also getting more mature.

“I’m still far from it.”

Lin Xiu held onto a long sword. As she drew it across the air, there was a small opening in the space in front of her.

Soon, the space that had been sliced got closed together again.

“It’s already pretty good. It shouldn’t take long for you to be a sage warrior.”

The woman sat on a stool as she rested her chin on her palm while staring at Lin Xiu.

She had an envious look in her eyes.

Lin Xiu’s improvement was incredibly quick.

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This was really the girl who had the body of a warrior god.

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“Senior Ning.”

As the woman was staring at Lin Xiu who was cultivating, there were footsteps from behind here. She quickly turned around and greeted the person respectfully.


The woman who was addressed as Senior Ning, was the woman who brought Luo Yue to the warrior god realm. Her name was Ning Pei.

“When will I be able to go home?”

Luo Yue saw who it was and stopped before asking the question to the woman.

“Go home? That lowly planet does not suit you.”

Ning Pei gave a clear answer to Luo Yue when she heard the question.

Luo Yue couldn’t help but frown when she got the answer.

“Focus on your training. You are someone who’s gifted to be a warrior god.”

Ning Pei continued speaking to Luo Yue.

“Oh, right, Chen Bing wants to meet you. Do you want to?”

“I refuse.”

Luo Yue immediately rejected it as soon as she heard the question.

“Chen Bing’s father is a warrior god. You should consider it.”

Ning Pei looked at Luo Yue before hinting at Luo Yue.

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After hearing what was said, Luo Yue frowned but she ignored Ning pei and picked up her sword.

She continued with her training.

She believed that he will come for her.

“We’re here.”

At the same time, on the other side, the plane that was flying was slowly descending.

Soon, it landed on an empty ground.

“Hmm? They’re back?”

Elder Yu was on his smart wheelchair as he moved towards the plane.

There were a few strong warriors protecting him from behind.

When the plane finally stopped, Lin Xiu and the rest of them got down the plane.

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Elder Yu narrowed his eyes.

There were about 10 of them that died.

So, did the rest of these men escape or did they kill the frost dragon?

“Elder Yu.”

When all of them got off the plane, they greeted Elder Yu respectfully.

“How was it?”

Elder Yu waved his hand and asked the rest of them.

The other warriors had different looks on their faces after hearing the question.

“Elder, it was this young man who killed the frost dragon.”

After parking the plane, Yu Tu came over and told Elder Yu what had happened.


Elder Yu was surprised to hear what Yu Tu had told him.

This was because Lin Xiu looked extremely young and he could feel that Lin Xiu’s abilities aren’t that powerful.

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However, the rest of the warriors did not say a word which meant that they acknowledged it as well.

“What is your name?”

Elder Yu turned towards where Lin Xiu was at and asked.

“Lin Xiu.”

He answered with a calm tone.

“Alright. Heros do come within the youth.”

Elder Yue laughed.

“Follow me.”

“The rest of you can leave.”

Elder Yu did not hesitate and left the rest of them.

The rest of the sage warriors were unhappy about it but they did not have the horn and the odd crystal of the frost dragon. They had no other choice but to leave.

As they were leaving, they looked at Lin Xiu and their eyes were filled with jealousy.

Lin Xiu then followed Elder Yu into the house as he was told.

“You were the one who killed the frost dragon?”

After entering one of the rooms, Elder Yu immediately asked Lin Xiu.


Lin Xiu answered him accordingly.

Then, with the control of his mind, there was an odd crystal and horns of the frost dragon that appeared in Lin Xiu’s palms.

“I have already brought back the odd crystals and the horns that you asked for.”

Lin Xiu reached out his hand before telling Elder Yu.

Elder Yu’s eyes were opened wide and his pupil shrunk as well as he looked at the items.

“Give it to me.”

He reached out, wanting to grab it from Lin Xiu.

Suddenly, Lin Xiu withdrew his hands.

“The warrior skills card.”

Lin Xiu said calmly.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAH are you worried that I wouldn’t give it to you?”

Elder Yu was stunned for a moment before he laughed out loud.

Then, he took out a black box from his pocket.

He did not hesitate and passed it over to Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu then grabbed the black box with one hand.

Bakk – –

When Lin Xiu opened it, he could clearly see that there was a bright glow coming from inside the box.

This was indeed the warrior skills card for ‘Silence’.


Lin Xiu then passed over the horns and the odd crystals that he was holding onto with his other hand.

Elder Yu took them in his arms and he was looking incredibly excited.

“I finally got them…..”

Elder Yu muttered to himself.

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