God Of Soul System

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 : Taking a leave

After His first try , Roja continued testing his strength . He only stoped after gasping this new power . But the whole courtyard was a mess right now .It was like a sea of flame swept everything.

While testing Roja found that he could choose to release the flame or just use a normal sword strike . So the addition of the fire damage is controlled by him.

Secondly Roja could release the flame then with a thought it will be extinguished . So The existance of the flame is also controlled by Him.

In addition This force can be classified with the flame devil fruit but althought Roja is immune to fire right now but it isn’t as natural as the devil fruit users who could directly turn to flames.

and while Roja continued playing with the sword and test his stength Garp finally woke up .

“Waht is this smell?” .

The nose of The half asleep Garp twitched a few time . then he walked to the courtyad and saw Roja practicing the sword.

Well Roja that brat woke up .

This thought suddenly flashed in Garp’s mind. then in the next moment all of Garp’s sleep disappeared without a trace . His eyes stared and is mouth wide open while looking at the burnt courtyard.

This is …

What is going on ?

Garp stared for a few seconds.


The sound revabrated through the Marineford almost making chicken fly and dog jump . Even the fleet admiral of the Marines Heard it . althought he couldn’t make out waht Garp was saying .

When he thought of Garp , Black line appeared over his head . Then he shook his head he was to lazy to care .

Karp’s voice was earth-shattering .

Fortunatly there was nothing outside other then some debris . and while knowing Garp Roja didn’t talk and didn’t explain Because Garp didn’t care much about the courtyard so he soon calmed down.

Roja and Garp begin restoring the courtyard and after they fineshed there was still some burned smell appeareing from time to time.

Standing in the courtyard , Garp fiercely stared at Roja and Roja made a hehe smile .

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“Well you brat for the next month i will personally take care of your training . But my teaching is very strict and if you dare to be lazy Be ready to be loved by this old man’s iron fist . I will never show mercy”.

Garp lookied strictly at Roja . This rise of momentum will scare the bravest man directly .

But Roja wasn’t scared even a bit . Garp may seem strict and all but that won’t make Roja retreat rather it helped stimulate him more.

“Let’s start”

Roja answered simply but he was showing a strong will , a will to get strong.

Garp could clearly feel This will . He was surprised But Mostly he was pleased . he was afraid that Roja didn’t have any fighting spirit . But now it seem that his worrys where for nothing.

at the same time in the Marineford camp .

Roja didn’t show up to the training where all the recruits where practicing now.

in a short break those who heard about his leave were talking together .

“Just a month of training and his taking a leave already.”

“His is on the bottom compared to anyone in this camp and his willing to leave . this guy probably lost hope .”

“How could someone like this the nephew of vice-admiral Garp ?”

Several recruits said one by one while showing a face full of contemp .

and at this time sonemone shouted

“Shut up.”

From the direction of that sound you could see a tall beauty from the new recruits coming over and directly said “So you people could now talk about vice-admiral Garp behind his back ?”

“Were … ”

All the people present gave each other a glance and looked afraid then soneone looked at that female recruit and said “Please Tina Its our fault so do not tell the instuctor ok ?”

Apparently this beautiful lady is very strong and has the power of a graduate but still didn’t graduate and also she teamed with Roja before .

Tina then snorted and said “Even if the performance of Roja is not very good his still the nephew of our vice-admiral Garp . so If you dare say that agian will see .”

“Yes yes …”

Althought many people present didn’t agree they still admire Garp and they didn’t want to disagree with Tina words.

Morever Tina is very strong . her results is at the top of the recruits and in this world the strength is stronger than status.

Tina saw that they agreed . She grunted and continud with her training so the others also resumed their training .

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