God Of Soul System

Chapter 29 - Fighting just to practice

Chapter 29: Fighting just to practice

Roja stood in the arena and no one issued a challenge and the square stayed in silence. In the assessment there is no rule that state that they had to face Roja so the recruit could avoid going against him.

Some recruits thought about challenging other people but others still wanted to see how the situation will develop.

Under normal circumstances This kind of battle will start with the weak going against each other then the strong ones, The middle may appear some times but they won’t change that much.

However, This competition started with a strange direction from the start Because of Roja.

At this time the top ten recruits finally could not continue to watch as Roja swept everyone in the assessment

So you want to start the top ten battle now? why not?

At last after the long silence the battles began again.

With one of the sides still being Roja the other side is … The third Group strongest the one ranked ninth a Monster level recruit.

Can be ranked in the top ten even if below Drake a monster is a monster and also was known in the camp and had a very high popularity.

When the recruits saw him they all become excited.

“It’s him!!”

“The third group strongest. Ninth in the ranking … If Roja want to win then it will be very hard.”

“Yes, although Roja is strong his opponent this time is one of the top ten”

All of the recruits looked exited and were looking forward to this battle.

And compared to the recruits The marine instructors with Z understood Roja more deeply, Those recruit didn’t know about Roja’s power.They didn’t know about the flame sword.

And that power wasn’t exposed yet.

“Roja’s swordmanship is deep porbably other then Drake there is no one who could be his opponent. I wonder if he could win against Drake.”

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“Probably not, Even if Roja still got his flame sword Drake didn’t use his full strength either.”

“With their strength they would be in the top of the elite camp already.”

Several instructors looked at the arena and began their talk.

And now Roja looked at his opponent sword and noticed that it’s not one of the Marine standard sword but probably one of the ryu wazamono or like his one of the o wazamono sword series.

Roja and that recruit crossed sword and the collision issued a crisp metalic sound and bursts of spark produced by the collision of the two.

This is the first time Roja faced someone using a sword and didn’t cut or damage his sword in the first. This weapon wasn’t made by ordinary materials Roja could tell this after the first glimpse.

“Finally a decent opponent.”

Facing this Roja didn’t feel fear instead he smile and become excited.

sword sweep.

At this time Roja found it different to attack a movin opponent with Tobu zangeki as it’s harder then the practice.

And that’s because in the practice he attack a fixed unmovable target but in a real battle the enemy will not stand there to be living target.

So his strength isn’t as strong as when precticed.

In fact Roja wasn’t surprised because of that. A fight is different then practice. A fight would let him truly master his power.


Afer a sword swing a halfmoon shaped energy shot out horizontally.

In the face of this the recruit looked calm and he also swinged his sword which also produced a weak invisible energy.

The two energies collided in the air and ma friction sound with the air then exploded and some energy hit the surrounding area. The recruits new clothes had some peices cut by the energy.

While Roja was standing there without a scratch.

“Come again.”

Roja used simple swordplay and didn’t create any move. So his swordplay ddin’t have any special move just straight forward swordsmanship.


Two sword energy collided again and this time waves of strong wind hit the crowd in all directions.

Under Roja’s sword strike although he could receive them still his hands are numb. He didn’t expect Roja’s strength to have reached this extent.

In this type of swordsmanship strength is the key for winning.

Like how Zoro trained his arms strength from an early age from the beginning of the plot. He could lift a house full of people using his arm strength. So even when he didn’t use the focused state his strength was much more powerfull.

Now Roja’s strength maybe didn’t reach that level yet but he did comprehend the focused state.

Ding Ding Ding!

Roja’s swordplay was extremely simple there wasn’t any fansy moves, All he got are simple sword swings. And even so his opponent couldn’t continue to receive his strike and wanted to avoid them now.

But contrary to his expectation Roja’s sword speed was also very fast. There was no chance for him to avoid and was forced into direct confrontation.

with continuous fighting Roja gradually adepted to real combat and his swings become more and more powerful and neared the power he exerted when precticing.

Ding Ding Ding!

Roja used more and more energy strike. that recruit was unable to stand still and with every sword he was forced to retreat while Roja stepped Forward.


Finally after this last strike the man Could no longer hold his sword as his hands became completely numband Roja directly made his sword fly directly to the side.

“I lost.”

This recruit didn’t think much and directly admitted his defeat and turned down and got out of the arena.

This scene made all recruit feel numb. Roja’s continuous victory made them feel numb.

After a moment someone reacted.

Even the one ranked ninth is defeated?

Morever he was thoroughly defeated, in the whole fight he failed to counter attack even once and lastly was defeated.

Although he didn’t win with just a swing, But anyone can see how obvious the gap between them was.

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