God Of Soul System

Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 : Swept them all

Before , Moss and Dars had their sword cut off directly so they didn’t feel his power But this recruit Was sent flying and finally realise Roja’s power.After that he felt his whole arm turn numb.

“I … Admit defeat!”

Understanding the huge gap between their strength he could no longer continue to fight with Roja and directly threw the towel.

Third challenge , Roja once again won with that the square caught in a strange silence.

That recruit ranking was below one hundred But still Roja still made him roll without any resistance.

His was strong …

Hundreds of recruit who had thought of fighting Roja had their heart turn ice cold and a bucket of cold water was poured over their heads.

After a few breaths.

“I challenge Roja.”

Finally someone challenged him again.

The fourth challenge for Roja , this one’s ranking is also below the hundreds but against Roja he still experienced a crushing defeat.

Fifth , sixth , seventh.

Gradually those challenging Roja were in the 50th rank. The recruits used many stratigies and weapon.

Sword, chain , axe , bat …

And even with this variety of weapon appearing No matter what kind of weapon in the face of Roja’s sword didn’t have the slightest advantage.

Even if they withstood one or two strikes from him they will still be defeated by Roja and no one could make Roja use two hands.

The reason he is using one hand to wield the sword is simply because he could , Why would he use two hand when he can easily win with only one.

At this time no one was paying attention to other challenges all their attention was on Roja.

Roja didn’t need to use his right for a rest and his challengers were rolling one after the other.

One sword Ko.

At this time the recruits including those from the same group had an idea flash into their mind

When did he get so strong ?

Unti a while ago they thought that when someone from the 50th rank challenge him he would be easily defeated.

But now most people in the camp had their hair rising with when thinking about challenging Roja. About thrity recruits lost with just a few moves from Roja.

Even if there is a reer admirale as a refree but recruits could have been cut in hald many times under Roja’s sword.

But there wasn’t a single drop of blood after those many fights.

Using a single hand to control the sword to such degree.

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After a swing a silver white energy like thing shot out from the tip of his sword and suddenly a crack opened on the floor. All the recruits turned silent.

Eyes are wide open and about to pop out.

Tobu zangeki !!!

Although they are only recruits, but after all there are the headquarters recruit so knowing something like Tobu zangeki is normal. And to show such strength they thought that Roja was a monster.

Is he a monster ?

In the odinary camp of the headquarters The so colled monster is more powerful then other recruits , so strong that he could just defeat them one with or two strike and such people are certainly going to enter the elite camp!

And how Roja got this powerful no one even Hina knew how he did it in a two months time.

“Even those at the top thirty couldn’t do a thing to him and were defeated with a sword strike … probably only those in the top ten could face such a monster.”

“Unfortunately if not for Drake being here he would probably be the first in the entire camp.”

Many people muttered while being shoked.

At the same time The Marine instructors also exposed a look of shock.

“How could this be ? This much of progress …”

“We underestimated him , Just a month and he progressed so much and achieved such a level ?!”

And even Z couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression.

Before he already felt that Roja’s swordplay has already progressed but he underestimated him to some extent.

Roja’s swordplay from a month ago was too rough but with the fire and the natural terrain he crushed the assessment and came first but Roja now with a simple swing made one in the top thirty admit defeat.

“This Roja … He changed so much in two months.”

In the other side Drake looked at Roja shoked.

Before Drake wasn’t concerned about Roja , Be it in this competition or in the previous assessment.

And when Roja cut steel  although paid a little attention to him but not that much.


When Roja defeated all the chalengers easily with his sword And even the top thirty were defeated by a simple swing from him Drake could no longer underestimate Roja.

What Drake felt shoked about is Roja’s growth rate.

Just in two months time he turned upside down. this growth rate made even Drake feel horrified.

“Fortunately his swordmanship and strength are only this much it won’t be much to fear.”

Drake measured Roja’s strength and said in his heart.

When Roja defeated the top thrity with a single swing all the suare fell into a long silence.

The top Thirty recruits had such a huge gap between them and Roja so the top twenty also felt that they couldn’t do a thing to Roja.

For sometime no one actually come forward to challenge Roja.

What Roja said before seemed really arrogant at first but they all thought that it’s confidence, absolute confidence in his strength.

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