God Of Soul System

Chapter 27 - Power

Chapter 27: Power

For Roja Recruits like Moss and Dars now don’t even have the qualification to be practice partner with him. Those two didn’t make Roja excited but more like itchy for more action.So Roja didn’t retreat from the arena but stayed there holding his sword and waited for the next challenger.

At this time, all the recruits that heard Roja say who’s next are getting dizzy.

What does this mean?

Waiting for his next opponent?

Although Roja defeated Moss and Dars those two were in the two hundreds and hundreds ranks. And in the whole camp they weren’t strong people at all.

“Hey, This is intresting.”

“He learned how to cut steel. Isn’t there a challenger?”

Recruits on the strongest side watched Roja but weren’t angered instead they were a bit interested.

“What, No one want to compet? Or is it … you want to attack together?”

Roja stood on the arena while glancing at all recruits. This time he decided to test his one month’s training result.

Roja never set his goal in this small Marine headquarters. especially since he have that soul system and still can get more powerful as time pass and as long he can make to the heigh stage of the sword of the soul.

The shichibukai, The yonko and the admirals …

The strongest in the sea is the road Roja’s looking to go.

From where he is now there is still a long distance to go but even if the road is long step by step he would reach his goal and this camp in the Marineford is his first step toward that goal.

Since he decided on this. He won’t sit around and wait to be challenged but he will make it his way.

The recruit’s at the square heard Roja who’s next and some were tempted and after his scond word they were angry.

This is completely not putting them in his eyes.

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Roja is not Drake, The people recognized that his strong and although they didn’t know how he got into the first rank But even so with just the power to cut steel he doesn’t need to be that arrogant.

“I challenge you.”

Immediattly There are recruits unable to control their anger and challenged him.

This was rare. As the rules state that although people could challenge the same person that person has the right to rest for ten minutes But this Roja didn’t need that rest and this reminded most of the Marine here of the time of Garp. It was similar to that time.

The instructors had their eyes shining.

“Third battle …”

Responsible for hosting the names, The Reer Admiral with great interest announced the beginning of the match.

The Third challenger’s name is lohan, He wasn’t like the before him as he didn’t use the marine sword but a great axe.

Since Roja could cut the steel sword, He chose the axe so he can counter Roja and thought he will certainly obtain the advantage.

“Here i come!”

This recruit didn’t say much nonsense after saying this he directly raised his axe and waved fiercely.

Facing this attack Roja still didn’t retreat or avoid it but gently swept his sword horizaontally.

“This guy … ”

The recruits that saw Roja swing his sword to counter the great axe couldn’t help but reveal a touch of shock.

Is he crazy? …

One handed sword against a great axe. will he be able to counter?

However instantly all the recruits face reveal horror and fear on their faces as Roja really did counter the great axe with one handed sword.


After the sword and the axe crossed and sound of iron htiing iron resounded through the square. Roja didn’t cut the axe but the axe flew out of lohan’s hand and was embedded into the floor.

And the most improtant thing is that Roja didn’t use any other thing then his hand an put that much pressure that the recruit couldn’t continue to hold the axe.

“This … ”

“Does he have that much power?”

This scene made almost all recruits stare at the same time.

And even the other strong recruitlike Drake are shocked especially those who were in the same group as Roja. They expression was somewhat funny.

Is this the worse one who couldn’t keep up with any recruit?

Using one handed sword to counter and even make a great axe flew out of it’s weilder’s hands.

“Are you surprised?”

Roja still holding his sword looked at lohan who revealed the same expression as the others and couldn’t help but smile at him.

At this time that smile made most of the recruits shudder as if they were seeing the devils smile.


Roja sword suddenly move and made the recrutis started and lohan retreated a few steps.

This is the strength of Roja!!

Following the month of prectice with Garp of constantly breaking the limit of his body Roja’s strength changed greatly.

If that still couldn’t match the recruits then in the second month Roja’s arm strength were enhanced by many times and with the strengthening from the sword of the soul. His strength couldn’t be small.

All those factors made Roja even in terms of strength in the leading position. The people who had more strength then him weren’t much.

After the recruit retreated Roja took a step fowrd and swept his sword.

The recruit wasn’t awakened from the horror so when he subconciously waved his axe to meet Roja’s sword.


Sword and axe clashed, The sound wasn’t that of metal hitting metal but a very Heavy roar, Almost at the same time the recruit holding the axe couldn’t hold on anymore and was sent flying.

Until now many recruit’s could understand why Roja cut the sword of Moss and Dars.

His arms strength is so powerful and coupled with Honoo no Tsuki cutting steel is completely normal.

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