God Of Soul System

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 : Training’s Result

In the courtyard Roja was still swinging his sword. The sword moved very fast,It was almost not possible to see it with naked eyes and every time he swing there seemed to be two swords.

Althought he only completed The first phase of the training But the Tobu zangeki began to take shape already.

The range and strength are already incomparable with before.

Like Mihawk’s who could compress air to release a Tobu zangeki strike that could split an island. That compressed air become like real swords.

Althought Roja could uses the Tobu zangeki now but the compressed air isn’t dense enought to be as sharp as mihawk strikes and it would dissipate in the air.

Wouch ! Wouch !

As he swang his sword two strike condensed from the tip of the sword and began to fly. Two deep cracks apeared in the wall infront od him.

“Did i do it ?”

Roja’s eyes flashed and tried another time.

If the sword and the air integrated then the strength and speed of the Strike would also increase.

At the begginning it will be hard.

Roja didn’t think of it as a one try success After all this prectice is about the fondamentals for a swordsman And understandig of it would require to take it step by step.

Wouch! Wouch!

And now another two strikes cut through the air and make it into the wall and made a slightly more than a mater deep crack .

“They integrated for a bit.”

Wouch! Wouch!

“Still not enough , again.”

Roja’s courtyard was filled with sword marks.

The whole courtyard turned to peices as if a plowed field .

Garp knew about this but still let Roja practice as he like.He saw Roja was serious about his practice so he didn’t mind.

In this way more then half a month passed and only a few days were left for the competition.


In the courtyard Roja was still precticing the same way as before.

But Roja’s sword strike seemed different somehow. Even if they looked the same way as before The pressure released every strike was somehow stronger.

Roja suddenly heard a sound as the sword in his hand hit something.

In the air a sliver like energy was projected from the tip of the sword.

Suddenly the floor five meters away exploded .

“So i can compress the air three time easily but the forth time seem to be flowed.”

Roja looked at the deep crack that apearedd on the floor five meters away and nodded slightly.

In fact this practice was just an apearance .

The real goal is to strengthen the sword of the soul as he already reached the third stage.

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Yes !

Roja sould sword already reached the third stage and crossed the second stage without any difficulties.

When Roja strengthened the sword to +10 And then strengthened again after reaching the full value of the energy he didn’t enciounter any obstacles. But directly stregthened to the third stage.

And The property bar looked like this.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +0

Attribute: Attack power +135, power +40, agility +40

Special attributes : All things in the world , turn to ashes – sword attack have addtonal fire damage (the condition of the ecolution is not met).

Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack.

Energy : 34/120

Evolving to the thirdt stage brought immense Improvement for Roja Not only did the basic attribute got stronger there is even a new green one , The agility , And also there is the new blue special attribute ,Tensa zengetsu.

As he strengthened like before he got the chance to extract a special attribute.

When he saw that he got a blue attribute he got a little bit disappointed but he didn’t think this blue ability would be Getsuga tensho. As Ichigo only got this skill from the start to the finish of the serie.

Seeing this attaribute color was blue he couldn’t undersatnd and thought that maybe because this ability wasn’t as complex as the other one. He didn’t have a to use a Shikai or a bankai to use getsuga tensho not like Yamamoto’s power.

After all this power is strong without a doubt.

Roja duietly tested this ability. when using it his Tobu zangetsu would be three to four time more powerful.

But the only problem that it uses much energy for every use so if he excuted it several time repeatedly then he would feel physical ad mental fatigue .

And other then that there wasn’t a limit.

In addition to that Roja’s fire damage range increased by ten meter.

Now Roja’s strength is more then double the time when he participated in the assessment.

This was a huge change.

Roja glanced at the property bar And an idea come to his mind.

“I have to continue to compress the air four time and master it then five time and so on only then could i have a little bit of strength compared to the strongest of the world.”

While Roja was ready to continue his practice he heard the sound of the door being opened.

Roja truned around and saw Garp entering the courtyartd.

“Roja After practicing for about a month how do you feel?”

Garp had a finger digging into his nose while his eyes glanced at the ground and saw the deep cracks in the floor. He nodded slighly without letting Roja notice him.

After training Roja for a month Garp didn’t stay with him every day. he just returned from a trip.

“I feel … That with this i can plow The arable land with very height efficiency.” Roja said this while holding his chin.

Caugh! Caugh!

Even If Garp was accustomed to Roja’s way of talking he almost choked after hearing this. Using Tobu zangeki To plow the land… what the hell is this !!!

“Give me a break, Roja!”

“This months practice yeilded good results for you, but don’t be proud, In the assessment you might encounter a few devil fruit users, So you have to be careful when fighting.”

Thsi month Garp didn’t wtach Roja practice but looking at The scars in the ground he could calculate Roja’s power And even with his fire added there would be some strong people in the elite camp that could contend against him even in the ordinary camp there shoud be some who could defeat him.

Even so

Seeing his power now Roja’ place in the elite camp is already booked.

The purpose of the competition isn’t to see the the strongest of the camp but it’s for Z to be more clear about the power of the recruits and see who is really eligible to enter the elite camp. And after that he would personally guide them.

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