God Of Soul System

Chapter 16 - Extinguished

Chapter 16: Extinguished

Another place in the forest. A few people teamed to attack a level 4 monster.

After struggling for a while they finally beheaded it.

“It’s indeed a level 4 monster … That was really dangerous.”

“Can we still kill more?”

One person with blood and scars tried to smile but in the next moment, the shock was drawn on his face.

When the other saw that they also had strange looks on their faces and turned around to see what was there, only to see. The whole forest in that direction turned red.

“Did This forest … catch fire?”

Several recruits had the same reaction and looked at each other in shock.

“Is this part of the test? It’s a joke right?”

“No, it should be an accident. I estimate that the higherups will put it down in no time or we can’t continue this assessment.”

“Is really strange. How was it lit in the first place?”

Several recruits wanted to find that out but they didn’t dare to go there. They weren’t stupid if they did go they will surely die.

Most of the recruit had the same reaction they all turned to the opposite direction of the fire and left while being scared of the possibility of it catching up to them.

The fire spread more and more to the extent that all recruits on the island could see it. Some even couldn’t help the feeling of fear invading their heart.

If this continued the assessment probably couldn’t continue.

The monsters and animals in the forest all started to flee from that area. and the risk to encounter a strong monster doubled for those recruits.

So if the Marine waited for the fire to envelope the entire forest then the recruit will receive heavy casualties.

In fact in the monitoring room on the warship, The Marines were having a headache.

At first, when they saw Roja’s power to wield flames they were surprised and the more he used it the more that surprise turned into shock.

And then later when they saw him lit the entire forest the shock turned to disbelief.

Roja’s fire can be released unlimitedly.

Is this a joke?

Was this fire really produced with the sword or was he using a devil fruit ability?

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seeing the forest almost turned to ashes they thought that if this continued then the test will have to forcefully stop.

The reason would be because that one of the recruits had more power then this assessment can handle.

This would be ridiculous.

For the meantime. All the people who were in the monitoring room had a headache. They didn’t know how to deal with this according to reason they had to stop Roja. But the assessment had no restrictions and they didn’t say that he couldn’t destroy the forest.

“There is already five monitoring equipment burned out.”

“Is this a combat assessment or a setting fire one? ”

At this time all Marine there were watching as Roja swept his sword and flames continued to spread all over the place which made them have an incomparable headache.

This assessment was held many times before but this situation was a first.

And now they couldn’t even keep up with Roja and didn’t know how many points he got already.

At this time Z smiled a little and said.

“Garp if this continued for a while longer then you have to stop him.”

“This smelly brat really know how to mess things.”

After seeing Roja killing a dozen of monsters Garp was back in his seat eating his rice crackers

Z had black lines on his head. Come to think of it Garp always caused a mess and his son created even a bigger mess as he created the revolutionary army.

As for his nephew, he already made a mess here. I am afraid that if he joined the Marine the future will hold many problems.

And almost when Z was ready to stop Roja so the test could continue Roja stopped his killing spree and the fire stopped expanding.

under the control of Roja, the fire that covered one-tenth of the island began to gradually weaken and extinguish.

With this scene, all Marine in the warship felt relieved.

At the same time, they looked at each other. Roja was in the ordinary camp. Is this a joke?

He almost destroyed a combat battalion in the assessment and made all the higherups here have a headache.

And such a monster was still in the ordinary camp. this is simply a joke.

This kind of talent should’ve already been in the elite camp.

In the sea of flame.

The fire suddenly split apart as if it met the flame’s king.

Roja hand held his Honoo No Tsuki. he held his chin with the other hand and said to himself “I estimate that right now those who are watching couldn’t stand it anymore and were about to interfere.”

Thinking to here Roja mouth formed a smile while the flame wrapping the sword he touched it with his index finger and middle finger gently.


The flames gradually began to dissipate.

And the flames around the sword gradually dissipated too. All The sea of flames behind Roja suddenly lagged a bit then gradually all the flame began to go out.

Finally, all the flames were extinguished as if they burned everything and there wasn’t something that still could be burned.

After that, all you could see is charred earth while there wasn’t even a spec with green color.

“The Flames … extinguished!!”

Behind Roja Hina who was looking at this scene couldn’t help but murmur while she was shocked.

Hina was behind Roja the entire time. because from the beginning Roja made the ring of fire around the two of them so she couldn’t go out even if she wanted to.

Roja didn’t mind Hina following him.

After all, she didn’t just follow behind as she attacked from time to time. She used firearms so her range is wider than Roja’s. Even if Roja can make the flames fly they won’t fly that far.

At this time. Even Roja was shocked when the flames covered everything he wanted to know just how much damage he didn’t expect it to be this bad.

Soon he recovered and ignored the shocked Hina. With a thought, the property bar appeared in front of him.

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +6

Attribute: Attack power +75, power +20

Special attributes: All thing in this world, Turn to ashes - sword attack have additional fire damage (condition for evolution isn’t met)

Energy: 70/70

“I didn’t expect that such an easy battle would increase so much energy”.

Seeing that the energy was full now and he could strengthen again Roja was excited and didn’t hesitate to choose to strengthen now.


Only Roja could see the golden light flashing around him after that once again the property bar appeared before him.

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +7

Attribute: Attack power +80, power +22

Special attributes: All thing in this world, Turn to ashes - sword attack have additional fire damage (condition for evolution isn’t met)

Energy: 0/80

“I reached +7 already, am not that far from the third stage” Roja looked at the property bar and murmured in his heart.

Before when he was still in +6 there was some distance, but now that he hit the +7 he felt that the evolution to the third stage is already in sight.

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