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Chapter 47 - Kill Poison with Poison

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Chapter 47: Kill Poison with Poison

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The Second and Third Born started to flatter as well, “He’s right. Mummy, everything you cook tastes good.”

“The stir-fry dishes are good. The noodles are good. The braised pork is good. Everything is good.”

The three little ones continued to flatter her and showed no sign of stopping.

Behind them on the bed, Xie Yunjin was silent. He now had the feeling that his sons were starting to become similar to that woman – dumb.

Lu Jiao felt over the moon thanks to the three little ones. She smiled and said, “Tomorrow morning, I have to go to your grandma’s place. Before I leave, I will make your lunch – sweet and sour ribs with vegetables. I promise you that you will be happy with the food.”

After she spoke, however, the originally happy four little ones went silent. They turned sullen and the color disappeared from their faces.

Lu Jiao’s heart ached at the sight. She went to sit by them, “What happened? Why are you not happy?”

The Fourth Born shot Lu Jiao a look and pouted. He looked to be on the edge of crying.

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It was obvious that he was sad but he refused to cry.

Lu Jiao couldn’t help but pull him in for a hug, “What’s happened to you?”

Behind them, the Second Born blurted out, “Mommy, he’s worried that you won’t come back.”

The First Born pinched him.

The Second Born turned his head towards the First Born, “I’m not lying though. He is worried that she won’t come back.”

The Fourth Born started to cry after he was exposed. With his lips pointed down, he admitted his fear.

“Mommy, is it possible that you won’t be coming back? Is it possible that you are going to abandon us?”

Lu Jiao saw just how sad the little guy was and patted his back caringly, “What crazy thoughts you’re having? I’m going to come back as early as tomorrow afternoon. I will bring back tasty treats for you.”

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The Fourth Born then said with red eyes, “As long as mommy comes back, we don’t need food.”

The Second and Third Born nodded, “That’s right.”

This mommy was pretty decent. They were okay without eating as long as she came back.

You might think they didn’t know this, but they knew that children without mothers were pitiful.

Of course, they didn’t want that evil mother from before. They want this nice mother of theirs.

Lu Jiao scanned the children and discovered that all four of them appeared very worried. She couldn’t help but go ahead and soothe them.

“Stop worrying. I will come back. Your grandma’s place is not far from here. If I don’t come back, I’m sure your father will send someone to go look for me. If you don’t believe me, ask your daddy.”

The four little ones looked over to Xie Yunjin, who now had a headache.

He was thinking about his separation from Lu Jiao. If his legs heal and he separates from Lu Jiao, the four children likely would create havoc. So…?

Xie Yunjin was thinking hard silently. However, he still nodded, “Your grandma’s house isn’t that far from ours. Your mother wouldn’t just leave you. Just what’s going on inside your little heads?”

The Fourth Born then asked sadly, “If grandma’s house isn’t far, how come she isn’t bringing me? I want to go too.”

Lu Jiao was contemplating how to explain to him why when the noises of a group of people approaching interrupted their conversion.

Based on the sound of the footsteps, lots of people were here.

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Confused, Lu Jiao peeked through the window, and at the same time, someone walked in through the door.

The person who led the group was Xu Duojin’s wife, Zhang Chunhua. Her eyes were as swollen as peaches.

Once she entered, she started to cry towards Lu Jiao, “Yunjin’s wife, do you have a way to save my Duojin? Please save my Duojin.”

Lu Jiao was not happy with this. But before she could speak, a kind-looking man walked up from behind Zhang Chunhua.

Lu Jiao recognized him right away. This was the man she met at Baohe Tang. She remembered that he was the newly hired doctor there.

What was he doing here?

Qi Lei now stood beside Lu Jiao and spoke emotionally, “I heard from them that you have a way to get rid of ringneck snake poison. They said you can make sure the patient does not lose hair, and teeth, get slumped back or become paralyzed. Is that true?”

Lu Jiao nodded, “That’s right.”

Qi Lei was now excited and subconsciously, he started to rub his hands together, “Can I take a look at the prescription you came up with?”

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Qi Lei was a little worried as he asked because many people were not willing to reveal their prescriptions.

Would this woman be willing to share that knowledge?

Lu Jiao didn’t hesitate, “Of course.”

She then fetched for them the prescription she came up with earlier, “Here it is. I had it written up this morning, thinking that they would come for it. In the end, they didn’t come to me and sent him away to town.”

Zhang Chunhua and the others from the Xu family were embarrassed. They never heard from anyone that Lu Jiao knew medicine so they didn’t dare to waste time and sent Xu Duojin to Baohe Tang.

They heard that Baohe Tang recently got an amazing doctor so they sent Xu Duojin there. Who knew that the doctor there said he could not promise that he could treat the patient fully.

It was Old Man Xiao who kept telling them that Lu Jiao had a way to make sure the illness is fully treated.

In the end, they came here. This doctor from Baohe Tang was more excited about the prospect of no long-term symptoms than the family itself and followed them here.

Inside the room, Qi Lei took over the prescription Lu Jiao had. After he read it closely, he pointed at two of the items in shock, “Ten scorpions and centipedes? Isn’t that a little much?”

“I’ve taken a look at brother Xu. The toxic level in his blood was very high so we must go heavy with the scorpion and centipede. It’s using poison to kill poison. If we don’t do that, we don’t get to clear the poison fully. Ringneck snakes’ venom is very fast spreading so the prescription will not cause harm. Follow the prescription for several days and the patient should be healed.”

Qi Lei nodded continuously after hearing her words, “I see.”

Qi Lei then thought of other snakes and asked, “Then, can the same prescription be used for other kinds of snake venom?”

Lu Jiao thought about it, “Only for similarly fast spreading venom. You cannot use it for venom that causes inflammation. Snake venom can be categorized into different types and you must correctly typecast it first. If you get it wrong, you don’t get to detoxify the venom.”

Qi Lei seemed to have understood, “Got it.”

He then looked over to Lu Jiao hopefully, “Can I take this back with me? Do not worry, Baohe Tang will compensate you for using your prescription. We wouldn’t make you do all the work for free.”

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The most important thing here was that he wanted to be able to use her other prescriptions. With those, he could save a lot of lives.

Those words of his delighted Lu Jiao. Right now, the one thing she lacked was money. The look of thrill was now on her face, “Go ahead then.”


Zhang Chunhua and others from the Xu family all thanked her and left with Qi Lei.

The Xie household quieted down again. In an even better mood now, Lu Jiao came back to the table to eat her cold noodles.

Because of the interruption, the four little ones forgot to be sad.

The Fourth Born came to stand by Lu Jiao and looked up to her with stars in his eyes, “Mommy, you’re amazing.”

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