Fantasy: I Can Instantly Comprehend Everything

Chapter 50 - The Moderate Stage of Sword Control Technique

Chapter 50: The Moderate Stage of Sword Control Technique

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Zhou Yun widened his eyes as he looked around the room. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Su Lingyun, who was lying on her back.

Zhou Yun felt his worldview collapse.

Of course, he did not see anything unsuitable for children. However, to be honest, Zhou Yun would rather see such a scene. He would be more relaxed then.

Zhou Yun covered his face. He suddenly understood why the sect leader, Ling Qingyun, sighed when he mentioned Su Lingyun.

“You… Are you alright? If you want to wash up, the spring water is just on the right outside the door. There is also Spirit Valley’s uniform. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to continue cultivating.” Zhou Yun covered his face, turned around, and wanted to leave.

“Hold on! Don’t you have anything to say when you see me like this?” Su Lingyun stood up and kicked away the thing that she tripped over.

“Clink!” A wine jar hit the wall and broke.

“I… Burp! Don’t tell me even you don’t want to face me!” Su Lingyun staggered toward Zhou Yun and even hiccuped as she spoke.

Su Lingyun stood behind Zhou Yun and put her hand on Zhou Yun’s shoulder.

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“You lied to me! Who could command the sword control technique so easily the first time they practiced it? You must have liked Su Wanyi and then wanted to… burb, peek at me!” Su Lingyun put her head on Zhou Yun’s back and said while hiccuping.

Zhou Yun covered his face. He was at a loss and did not know how to face the current situation.

That was right. There was nothing unsuitable for children to watch in Su Lingyun’s room but there was something worse than that!

A plate of peanuts, a few jars of old wine, and the mortal world’s comics scattered all over the floor.

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Zhou Yun recalled Su Lingyun’s posture when she was lying on the ground. It was not difficult for him to imagine how Su Lingyun was lying on her side and reading comics with a mouthful of wine and peanuts.

In comparison, Zhou Yun felt that this elder sister was simply too inferior compared to the Eldest Senior Sister of Spirit Valley!

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“Wow! How could you be such a genius? You’re so powerful even though it’s the first time you practice the sword control technique, just like Su Wanyi!” Su Lingyun straightaway sat on the ground, holding a pot of wine, drinking and crying.

“Do you know how scary it is to have a younger sister who is a genius? I have to be gentler than her, more outstanding than her so that I can barely maintain the dignity of an elder sister.

“But I can’t do it! I feel so tired of smiling. To upkeep the progress of my cultivation level, I cultivate with all my might.

“But I’m not gentle. I don’t have the perfect foundation establishment. I’m just an ordinary person who likes to drink, complain, and read comics… blargh!”

Su Lingyun 90% resembled Su Wanyi, but she was more mature.

However, at this moment, she did not have the demeanor of a fairy at all. She was sitting on the ground, drinking and crying.

In the end, she vomited!

Moreover, she vomited at Zhou Yun’s feet!

Zhou Yun was frightened and jumped two meters high! He swore that he had never been so frightened before, not even when he was surrounded by Meng Fei’ang in the secret realm.

My sect leader Ling Qingyun, what did you hand over to me?

Zhou Yun suddenly felt as if he was being short-changed. How would a foundation establishment high-level mission be sufficient for handling such Su Lingyun?

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Zhou Yun was in a dilemma. The joy he felt from learning the sword control technique had disappeared without a trace.

He raised his head, but in the end, he lowered his head helplessly because he realized Su Lingyun had fallen asleep while crying and vomiting.

“What a sin! Sect Leader, no wonder you didn’t allow other disciples to get close to her. It turns out that Disciple Su is even tired of smiling.” Zhou Yun finally understood why Su Lingyun turned her head away when he looked at her. It was because she was too lazy to smile!

“This person is too tired of living.” Zhou Yun frowned and held his breath. In the end, he carried Su Lingyun and threw her into another empty room.

“I really don’t know if Eldest Senior Sister Su Wanyi knows about this.” Zhou Yun threw a body-cleansing talisman at Su Lingyun to clean up the dirt on her body before he continued to cultivate.

Zhou Yun had just completed his foundation establishment. He still needed to stabilize his cultivation!

Not long after Zhou Yun left, Su Lingyun, who was originally unconscious, suddenly opened her eyes. At this time, her eyes were clear and bright, and she did not look drunk at all.

“I wonder how many spiritual stones a forgetting talisman costs. If it doesn’t work, should I kill to silence him?” Su Lingyun looked at the ceiling and murmured a terrifying line. She swore that this was the most shameful time she ever had since she was born!

Outside the sect leader’s hall, Su Wanyi and Qiao’er were greeting the sect leader.

Under Ling Qingyun’s instructions, Su Wanyi and Qiao’er had been cultivating together for the Five Sects Tournament for the past fifty days.

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Coincidentally, today was the day of the weekly report. Qiao’er also wanted to see if her Brother Zhou Yun had come out of his closed-door cultivation.

“What? Brother Zhou Yun has come out of seclusion?” Qiao’er looked at the sect leader Ling Qingyun in disbelief. She also knew about the hundred-day foundation establishment. Even some people had come out of seclusion in advance, it was unprecedented to do so 50 days in advance!

“If I’m not wrong, Zhou Yun should be consolidating his cultivation in the cave now. If you want to see him, you can go.” Sect leader Ling Qingyun said with a smile. He waved his hand to dismiss Qiao’er.

“Sect Leader, may I ask if Senior… Senior Sister Su has come out of seclusion? I want her to see the results of my cultivation.” Su Wanyi touched the hemline of her skirt. The senior sister who used to be dignified, elegant, and steady was now like a shy little girl.

“Smack!” Ling Qingyun slapped his forehead, frightening Qiao’er and Su Wanyi.

“Ah… Sigh.” Ling Qingyun looked at the ceiling, and finally, he looked at Su Wanyi.

“Lingyun has indeed come out of seclusion, but she is currently on a mission. You will see her later.” Ling Qingyun looked at Su Wanyi, who was full of anticipation, and his tone was a little heavy.

“By the way, Qiao’er, you should go back first. Su Wanyi, let me check on your cultivation progress. You should know how important the Five Sects Tournament in 50 days is to Lingyun, do you?” Ling Qingyun said.

“Yes, Sect Leader!” Su Wanyi nodded her head seriously.

Zhou Yun once again calmed his mind. He was not distracted and entered the Enlightenment State.

After using too much energy the first time causing the spiritual sword to lose control, he was very careful this time.

Under Zhou Yun’s command, the spiritual sword rose and fell, accelerated, and stopped at times.

Zhou Yun was sweating profusely. He realized that controlling the spiritual sword consumed more spiritual energy than he had imagined.

“No, it’s my method that wastes too much spiritual energy. At this rate, not to mention riding a flying sword, even using the spiritual sword for a short while will consume a large amount of spiritual energy! It will affect the battle!”

Zhou Yun pondered. He realized that the sword control technique was several times more difficult than the sun-set sword technique!

“However, I found the trick.” Zhou Yun smiled. He clenched his fingers lightly and jumped into the air.


The spiritual sword was as nimble as a flying fish in the air!

The next moment, the spiritual sword flew toward Zhou Yun’s feet and steadily lifted him!

“The moderate stage of sword control technique!” Zhou Yun’s face was full of excitement!

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