Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 128 - Indiscriminate Attack

Chapter 128: Chapter 128. Indiscriminate Attack

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These women were all talking simultaneously, which made Zhuang Xian very annoyed. She turned to look at Mrs. Liu and said coldly, “This Madam should also be careful! It’s windy today, and you’re laughing so loudly. Be careful not to bite your tongue. This is a public dining area, so please shut your mouths and be less noisy, okay?”

“You …” Mrs. Liu did not expect Zhuang Xian to mock her suddenly. She was clearly on the Zhuang family’s side earlier!

“Ha! Since when was it your turn, the adopted daughter of the Zhuang family, to speak here? I’m helping your mother vent her anger. Why are you still making bogus accusations? What an uneducated child.” Mrs. Liu seemed to have realized what was going on. She sneered and crossed her arms as she spoke in a high-pitched voice.

She turned to look at Lin En, standing behind Zhuang Xian, and continued to speak strangely, “Mrs. Zhuang! What’s wrong with your family? How did you raise such an ungrateful adopted daughter? I’m on your side!”

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Naturally, Lin En understood the hidden meaning behind this. This prosperous Mrs. Liu must have had some personal grudges with Haotian’s Mrs. Chen. She wanted to drag her along to deal with Mrs. Chen.

Lin En’s lips curled into a smile. She did not even want to give this Mrs. Liu an extra glance. “Then what should I do?” Our family’s baby Zhuang Xian is such a little angel who hates evil! She can’t stand people slandering us for cutting the queue. She also doesn’t want to associate with some hypocritical and ugly people with ulterior motives, so she can only attack indiscriminately!”

“That’s right. You and this Mrs. Chen aren’t good people either. You don’t have to pretend to be very familiar with our family.” Zhuang Huai looked at Mrs. Liu, and a beautiful smile appeared on his handsome face. However, the words he said were enough to anger people to death.

Zhuang Xian did not need to turn around to know that her family must be standing firmly and proudly behind her, as her solid backing.

Mrs. Liu was so infuriated by Lin En’s and Zhuang Huai’s words that she almost died from anger. She had not expected the Zhuang family to have such an impervious attitude that they could not distinguish between friend and foe!

The mother and child had slapped her face and made her lose face. She stared at Lin En with her red eyes and retorted, “It seems like the adopted daughter of the Zhuang family isn’t the only one who doesn’t know what’s good for her! You people from the Zhuang family are all the same! I’m too kind to help you!”

When Zhuang Hang heard this, he couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up. He laughed sarcastically and said, “How can you be so funny? Our Zhuang family didn’t do anything. Do we need your help? Why don’t you look at yourself in a mirror? Are you worthy? If you want to make fun of others, then do it yourself. Why do you have to drag our family down with you? We don’t want to get involved in your dog-eat-dog drama. ”

Zhuang Ming looked at his wife and children and suddenly felt that his mouth was a little clumsy. He couldn’t keep up with the speed of everyone’s attacks!

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The Zhuang family’s children should be like this!

Everyone did not cause trouble, nor were they afraid of trouble! If there were people or things that they didn’t like, they would scold them! This way, they wouldn’t live in vain, regardless of which Company or Group’s wife you were!

Since she dared to cause trouble in front of the Zhuang family, she could only admit that she was unlucky!

Because she couldn’t win against the Zhuang family, Mrs. Liu turned to her friends angrily. However, they only dared to bully Mrs. Chen. They didn’t dare to offend a wealthy lady like Lin En, who had a strong aura and backing!

Although Ming En had been in a lot of trouble recently, it was still at the peak of its power. Small companies like theirs didn’t dare to go against them.

“Trash!” Mrs. Liu scolded her cowards, then looked up at Lin En and Zhuang Xian.” I won’t argue with you, ignorant people. Anyway, I’m not the one being pointed at and scolded!”

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As she said this, she wanted to leave the place and save her face.

However, the next moment, the manager of Lanwei and a large group of managers appeared beside Zhuang Xian and called out to them, “Please wait.”

Lily tried to suppress her excitement and did not pounce on Zhuang Xian. How could she not be excited to see her Boss and idol, whom she had not seen in a long time?

She had told her that if she followed the address Shire had sent her to the Lanwei shop in City H, she would see her Boss!

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