Eternal Thief

Chapter 403

Inside the core region of the shadow mountain range, it was already dawn, but the shadow mountain was still enshrouded in dark and gloom.

At this moment, Feng appeared from the cave with a faint smile on his plain face as he looked at the wristband on his wrist.

The current rankings of the first blade domain competition were:

1. Jaxx Wild Wind: 23,230 Kill Points

2. Ramiro Wild Lion: 19,040 Kill Points

3. Peter Silver Blade: 17,080 Kill Points

4. Alora Wild Yisrael: 16,620 Kill Points

5. Eliezer Evil Blade: 11,000 Kill Points

6. Thomas Wild Cheveyo: 10,930 Kill Points

7. Alaric Green Blade: 8,000 Kill Points

8. Miya Evil Blade: 6,800 Kill Points

9. Carlee Wild Violent: 6,100 Kill Points

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10. Anton Fire Blade: 5,490 Kill Points

11. Bren Evil Blade: 5,170 Kill Points

12. …

100. Brenna Silver Blade: 2,890 Kill Points

‘Heh, how unexpected. It seemed the wild tribes are more powerful because they lived in this kind of environment and trained there at a very young age, and they’re giving these arrogant demons from the mainland a very hard time. Thomas also seemed to be doing great, but Peter’s reputation is on the line. Heh, it’s time for me to collect some kill points,’ Ace mused with a faint smirk on his face.

‘Although there might be many medicinal herbs in the core region and I didn’t have to worry about being detected by a demon beast with Moira’s help, since this area is grayed out this means, there isn’t any useful treasure for me here to waste my time on them.

‘Furthermore, I doubt Blade Demon Tribe would leave anything precious in here for others, so I better returned to the middle region or there might be someone who had noticed the commotion caused by the heavenly punishment and I won’t be wise to stay here.

‘Besides, I can’t hunt soul realm demonic beast, or others will instantly know with a sudden surge in my ranking. Going to the middle region is the only wise decision.’

After deciding his next move, Ace quickly left toward the exit of the core region and since he wasn’t too deep inside, it won’t take him long before he left the towering core region mountain and entered the middle region again.

‘There was a silver river core cultivator just a four-hundred-meter east. It seemed they were here to guard the boundary between core and middle region to protect other demons met any accident.’

Ace mused while he continued to go further south, leaving the outskirts of the core region before anyone noticed.

He didn’t know Aura Duke and Craig Duke were on their way here to investigate the phenomenon reported by earth troll Brenden.

But they were bringing along the leader of the Earth Troll Race as well, who happened to be the only soul realm earth troll of the earth troll race and if Ace hadn’t left, that earth troll might’ve found his new traces.

Now, however, by the time they will arrive here, Ace’s traces would be completely covered up by nature itself.

Half a day later, Ace had already left the danger area and now, even if someone noticed him, they won’t suspect him at all.

Ace also looked at the Live Mapping, but it was still gray, which disappoints him somewhat. Nonetheless, he wasn’t worried about it and looked for some demonic beasts to hunt.

After Ace wandered around for miles, he finally noticed something and used the live mapping again and saw one red point and one light red point three hundred and fifty meters away from him.

“Zoom in…” Ace’s pupil instantly dilated as the decagram around his eyes shimmer mysteriously before the map started to become more detailed as the two points started to enlarge.

Ace saw those two dots were continually collapsing together and closing the map while using his soul sense and, just as he thought, there was tumultuous Qi undulation in that area, which means those two were fighting.

‘Red represents the enemy. While Light Red Point means a hostile entity, neither an enemy nor a neutral party. This point also had fifty percent chances of turning red (Becoming Enemy) or turning white (Turning Neutral).

‘It wasn’t after me, and it’s completely different from red points that are specifically looking for me with malicious intent.

‘In this case, one of them is a demonic beast while the other is a participant and since he can reach here, he might be one of the top hundreds and his hostility toward me is only natural since killing is allowed.’

Ace mused, although he can easily discriminate all this with his soul sense, he still used live mapping to test how it worked, and it seemed it’s as miraculous as Moira described it to be and this will greatly help him in decreasing hidden enemies in the future!

It was just that 15% of his heavenly soul Qi was gone after just using this ability six times, and it wasn’t a wise decision to play around with it and only used it when required.

Nonetheless, after assuaging his curiosity, Ace was content and didn’t plan to use the Live Fate Map for now unless it was absolutely required.

‘Let’s see who this person is.’ Ace smiled coldly before, like a ghost, he vanished in the direction where the fight was ongoing.

Powerful enraged beast roars could be heard from hundreds of meters, mixed with a battle cry of someone who seemed to be engaged with this demonic beast in a fight.

Despite those two scrimmages and aftershocks of the Qi, Ace easily reached fifty meters away from them and watched the fight, which was already at its climax.

A four-meter-wide brown lizard with stony spikes twisted around its spine was madly releasing its brown Qi, creating Qi spikes in thin air and shooting toward the heroic demon youth in indigo armor waving his long spear!

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