Epic of Caterpillar

Chapter Chapter Chapter 1621 Seeking My Lost Summoner

Chapter 1621 Seeking My Lost Summoner

Except for Sol!

I ran upstairs into the house of Ariant and Eriant and quickly grabbed Sol.

"Wake up already!"

I poured fresh cold water over his head and then began slapping his face several times.

"Wake up!"



Sol quickly woke up after suffering a hundred slaps, suddenly jumping out of bed, and almost erupting in flames as a result, but I managed to quickly catch his fire and turn it off using water conjured by Aquamarine.

"Okay, okay, I am awake! Ugh… my head hurts like hell though."

Sol lamented his headache, but I couldn't care less.

"I don't give a damn! Purification!"


"Ahh… Wow, now I feel way more relieved." Said Sol. "Damn your healing magic has become pretty good…"

"Heh, of course! Purification is an all purpose healing magic and undead, demon, darkness element pest control spray." I said with a prideful smile.

"What? Well, I didn't understand that but whatever…" Sol said while gazing around. "What happened? I… the only thing I remember well is that I was running away and- Oh."


"Yeah, I got caught…"

"I figured out! Yesterday you came with a giant army of monsters and almost tried to wipe out the entire village in here…"

"S-Sorry… I was weak…"

Sol seemed a bit hit by what had happened. I quickly explained him how everything went. He had been apparently caught by the damn Genie and then brainwashed and mind controlled by his Miasma. So it wasn't some run-of-the-mill illusion magic, as he would had been able to repel it with his Magic Resistance.

"So it was Miasma…" I said. "Interesting, so Miasma of such a high level of power can be used to corrupt someone directly by abusing their past memories? So that Genie really is packing a dangerous power. I can control Miasma as well but I am fairly sure I can't go that far… yet."

"Yet?" Sol asked.

"I mean my previous self could had done it easily, but with beings of equal strength its pretty hard. Yet that Genie is surely weaker than you, how come he was able to brainwash someone stronger?" I sighed. "I guess his Miasma Control has some sort of Divine Element as it might had been inherited from the rotting corpses of the Gods… Oh, right! Can you lead us to that dungeon you came from? I want to check it for a bit…"

"A dungeon? Ah… sure, I guess I can. But for what?" He asked.

"EXP Grinding, what more?!" I asked. "You never stop the grind! Though I want to also see if I can devour it and fuse it with my main Dungeon too…"

"Eh?! Do you want to steal all dungeons or something?!" Sol asked.

"Maybe! That's what I did quite professionally back home, so why not do it again here anyways? Not like anybody is going to give a fuck, right? The less dungeons the merrier! And it is not a Dungeon though, they're called Dark Labyrinths here!" I said with a happy smile. I was really pumped up to level up some more.

My grind plan was pretty simple, I was already beginning to stock up on a few hundred summons and then leave them inside the dungeon constantly slaughtering monsters while I walk away, that way I can keep a nice amount of EXP constantly being earned every second.

It is kind of how I was able to earn EXP passively back home. But I think the spawn rate in Dark Labyrinths is way lower, so whenever all the monsters are wiped out, it might take weeks or months for the dungeon to be able to regain more energy to turn into more monsters.

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If we reach that point then I guess I'll try to make Silva absorb the Dungeon somehow. Maybe the other dungeons in this world might hold fragments of the "first dungeon to have existed" or whatever, like she does.

"Alright, go wash yourself, eat breakfast, and get going!" I said.

Sol leisurely didn't obey my words as he slowly walked around the room, inspecting the place.

"Wow, everything here is made out of stone? So beautiful… Look at the decorations as well. This is really another culture…" Sol looked into the window, seeing many elves and some humans wearing different clothes from his, their skin color was tan, almost as brown as chocolate to survive the harsh sun and not get burned, and most of the people had yellow eyes.

"Yeah, we are in a town made by the Desert Elves, they're a tribe of people that live even in this harsh place-"

"Woah! What's with that giant tree?! Oh! They got an Oasis too?! And they got a gigantic farm as well! I've never seen those plants before!" Sol quickly ran out of the house and began to explore the town, seeing everything and feeling like he was a tourist.

I guess it is fine to let him enjoy the place while he can…

At the end, he quickly came back and ended presenting himself to the trio of Desert Elves living with us, quickly getting to know about the twins, Ariant and Eriant, and their grandmother.

"I see! You guys fought well, you're really heroes of this village." Sol said. "I am sorry for all the trouble I caused; I wasn't me back then…"

"It is fine, we are glad a friend of Kireina is back." Said Eriant.

"Yeah! And you're so handsome as well!" Ariant said with a coquettish smile.

"O-Oi! Ariant, don't go flirting with guys again, it's disgusting!" Eriant said.

"What?! And when you flirt with any cute girl you see I don't tell you anything! It is also pretty disgusting how you try to be a gallant man!" Said Ariant.

"Eh?! You're so harsh!" Cried Eriant.

"You were harsh too idiot!" Ariant said.

The two began to discuss as always… I guess this is how siblings sometimes act. I can remember my kids not getting along sometimes, discussions like this were an everyday thing.

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