Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation World]

Chapter 405 elsa’s sacrifice

Chapter 405 elsa’s sacrifice

  Elder song was listening to the talk between Leon and the old man lin from the sideline, he was still confused why these two are still rooting diya who don't have any kind of aura around her, compared to diya, jasmine and Natasha were better than her as their cultivation is higher while diya has nothing, no aura no cultivation base she is looking like a normal human being who don't have prior knowledge of any kind of combat, after a few moments later elder song finally broke his silence.

  "I don't know what is wrong with you, do you guys still think she would do anything to her, can't you see the aura around xiao feng, it's getting chaotic as passing time, it's a matter of time before diya will join Natasha soon, "elder song whispered as he looked old man lin and Leon.

  Hearing elder song, the old man lin took a deep sigh, "You will not understand why we are worried and afraid about the current situation, do you think it's some kind of game, they might seriously hurt each other"old man lin responded to the elder song.

  "Yeah whatever, I don't believe you" the elder song responded to the old man lin with an annoying way.

  Hearing elder song's words, Leon chuckled and he caressed his long beard, elder song noticed Leon's laugh, and seeing the broad smile on Leon's face, elder song smirked.

  "What so funny, Why are you laughing, have you already admitted your loss and want to call off the deal between us, if you are thinking of getting away with ten thousand gold coins that are not going to happen, just wait a few more minutes, not only I get those gold coin but I will prove that I was right,diya might be beautiful but she was still not a good choice to become yohan's first official partner, "elder song said as he looked, Leon.

  "Who said I am calling off the deal, the deal is still on if you want you can increase the bet amount, if not then shut your mouth for a few minutes, it's been a while since I watched a good sparring match," Leon whispered as his gaze fell on the ground where diya and xiao feng is standing in front of each other.

  Meanwhile, at the same time, Yohan and Elsa exchanged glances and nodded their head Seeing a giant portal.

  "Elsa we found it, let's get out of here,"yohan said as he looked at Elsa.

  Elsa smiled and nodded her head and both of them started walking in the direction of the portal and when they reached the portal, Elsa halted her movement and her facial expression slightly changed when she noticed something.

  Seeing that Elsa halted her movement suddenly, Yohan became confused, he turned to her and looked into her eyes.

  "What happened, are you okay, let's leave this damn place the portal is in front of us, what are you waiting for, "yohan asked as he looked at Elsa with a confused gaze, hearing yohan Elsa smile and she looked at him with a gentle gaze.

  "Elsa what are you up to..." he asked again.

  "Trust me yohan, I will find you no matter where you go, "Elsa said and the next moment she grabbed him by his collar before placing her lips over his lips.

  Yohan was taken aback and before he could understand anything Elsa pushed him into the portal.

  "Elsa dont..."Yohan shouted as he looked at Elsa with a shocked gaze, she had a smile on her face and looked at him with a gentle gaze. In an instant, Yohan was pulled by extreme force and disappeared from her sight.

  Elsa took a deep breath when Yohan disappeared from her sight.

  "I promise no matter where you go, I will make up with you, but right now I need to stop that thing"Elsa whispered and she turned her face towards the direction of Asura's tomb from where they came from.

  She saw a flying object coming in her direction with frightening speed, Elsa clenched her fist and her facial expression turned serious.

  "Come to me you a damn thing, we have some unfinished business, it's time to settle the score"She mumbled and the next moment with lightning-fast speed she ascended towards the sky and took a flight towards the sword.

  Meanwhile, somewhere inside the soul subspace Yohan's body trembled and the next moment he opened his eyes in shock.

  "Elsa—'' Yohan whispered as he found himself laying over the bed, he was panting heavily and his body was drenched with sweat.

  "I am back, she sacrificed herself for me,"yohan mumbled as he covered his eyes with his forearms,yohan's voice was carrying sadness, and Elsa's face was not disappearing from his sight.

  Yohan took a deep breath and the next moment he get up from the bed and closed his eyes and tried to make a connection with asura but alas after trying too many times he failed, he is not getting any kind of response from his sword even he can't feel anything from the mark on his hand.

  "Damn it, I can't make any connection with my sword, how I am supposed to get back to that place, I can't leave her like that,"yohan mumbled, but suddenly a notification resounded in his head.

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