Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation World]

Chapter 29 - Blessed By Heaven Final Part

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"what the hell how is this possible"Evelyn exclaimed as she saw the orb showed the brown colour, this is the highest colour she has seen in her entire life which shows that Yohan's potential.

Only a few individuals are able to awaken this colour and they are called blessed by heavens and prodigy.

Evelyn's becomes shocked but something unusual happened again and the orb started shining again and the brown colours become crimson gold, Evelyn didn't understand what is going on here, she never heard anything about this colour she looked towards the yohan with wide eyes.

"How could he be able to attain this kind of feat, people called him trash but he is entirely different" Evelyn took a deep breath and the next moment the orb shattered into pieces.

And a smile appeared on Evelyn's face, seeing the orb yohan was taken aback, he never thought this orb get blasted this easily"did I induced too much mana, is she going to kill me for that" he looked toward the Evelyn but to his surprised, she was looking very calmly.

"I am sorry, I think I applied too much mana force this is why this orb got broke, please don't worry Lin clan pay for this," he said nervously.

hearing those words she looked at him with serious gaze" this orb was the antique, and it was the single orb in the whole kingdom, your whole clan's assets couldn't compensate for this orb, never mind you owe me a great favour and you are going to repay me the damage you done today"

"what the fuck, this bitch playing with me, how the hell did I end up like this," he curses this woman from the bottom of his heart, he knows that she wants something from him that's why she is doing this.

"follow me, the test is now over you can leave this place," she said.

hearing those words he finally a felt relief but he was confused he didn't know what kind of aptitude he have, he was closing his eyes the entire time and when he heard something is broken he open them and found out the orb got broken.

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"umm...what kind of aptitude I have, may I know," he asked her while he was walking beside Evelyn towards the exit.

Evelyn look at him, she took a sighed "who knows, the orb got broken maybe it was about to show a yellow colour, you should be happy that you are not trash, what people call you"Evelyn responded to him.

Yohan smiled towards her"I don't care about people what they called me or what they think about me, I just wanted to live peaceful life withought any worries with my family" he casually said those words.

"peaceful life huh" she smiled towards him hearing those words, this is the first time yohan noticed how beautiful she is, and this is the first time she was honestly smiled towards him.

"is something wrong if I wanted to live a peaceful life," he asked her again," she nodded her head. and looked towards him.

"yohan this world is very unpredictable who knows what is awaiting you in future, so don't decide anything yet, it doesn't matter how do you wanna live, destiny has a different plan for you," she said and the next moment she leaves the elder hall withought looking back.

"what the hell wrong with this woman, it's my life I am going to live with my own way, she is definitely an odd woman, who knows what is her background but she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he thought inwardly while his face becomes red like a tomato. this is the first time she called him by his name, she didn't call him a kid, he became happy.

and next moment he also left the elder hall and stared following Evelyn behind her.


Elder Lin and two women were standing in front of the Elder hall they were waiting for Lady Evelyn and yohan, they entered inside the Elder hall a few hours ago and still, they didn't leave the hall, elder lin was looking worried about yohan.

but suddenly he familiar faces, it was Yohan and lady Evelyn, they finally leave the elder hall, elder lin approached lady Evelyn along with two women. before he could say anything Evelyn look towards those two women.

"take yohan along with you to my collection hall, he can choose anything for her mother," she looked towards those women and said those words.

both of them were taken aback but they nodded their head and looked towards the yohan"come with us"

yohan was taken aback hearing what Evelyn says he never expected she will say something like that, he looked towards his grandpa, seeing Yohan's gaze he smiled and nodded his head to give his permission to go along with those women.

and next moment he left with those two women towards the collection hall, he knows that this woman is very rich and she wanted to talk with his grandpa that's why she send him away, whatever her reason was yohan wanted to leave that place so he quietly followed those two women's behind.

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