Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!

Chapter 753

Almost everyone on the viewing platforms was tuned in to the fight that was about to start but to everyone’s surprise, Cynthia was the one to make the first move.

In all honesty, there was a stark difference between Cynthia and Ramil’s physiques and even if there were rare occurrences in which a person could bridge the gap and somehow win the fight with such a disadvantage, the “how” would be the part we should focus on.

With that said, everyone saw Cynthia dash forward with her wooden stick in hand while all Ramil did was smirk as he shook his head.

At the right moment, Cynthia swung with her whole body to deliver an overhead strike to Ramil’s head but it only took an instant before we saw the stick on Cynthia’s hand get broken in half.


What Ramil did was he simply turned his body slightly to its side before kicking upwards, meeting the stick with his shin, hitting it in such a way that it would break into two pieces.

However, it seemed like Cynthia already assumed that a thing would happen because she followed through with her attack, making contact with Ramil’s leg with the now jagged end of the stick she was holding.

Ramil’s leg was still raised and stretched as far as it could and Cynthia’s stick just dug into his skin and went down.

“That’s gotta hurt—”

It only took one— maybe two seconds for the pain to register in Ramil’s head because right now, his right leg had multiple lacerations from his calf right to his thigh.

His leg was bleeding profusely from the multiple cuts it sustained and we saw the snark smile on his face turning upside down.


Right after that, we saw him send a left slap to Cynthia’s face but as soon as he connected, his screams resounded for a second time.

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Cynthia’s hair came loose and was now covering her face but once we looked a few inches down, we saw both her hands gripping what’s left of the stick she was holding which was now a few inches deep inside Ramil’s other leg.

I doubt those cuts would be fatal—unless it actually hit a major artery—but I fucking know getting stabbed and scraped up with a jagged end of a stick would still fucking hurt.

After that, Cynthia wasn’t even able to pull it out before a right hook came straight for her temple and made her stumble back a few feet.

There was a mix of reactions from the people on the viewing platforms but Kaley and I were this close to intervening and making our team forfeit the match. However, we still had people below that could do the job for us and they just noticed what just happened when the noise around them quieted for a few seconds.

What they saw was Cynthia sprawled on the muddy ground while Ramil was pulling out the stake off his leg while wearing a murderous expression.


[You’re awful loud for someone about to kill someone with a raging hard-on~]

‘Nani the fuck—’

At this moment, Cynthia was still groggily trying to get herself up but once her bruised face looked forward, she was met with a bizarre sight.

Long story short, two little balls were now being held hostage but in order to get the whole picture—though the whole picture just spanned a few seconds—let’s just say that there was a repeat right after this similar game was concluded the last time we were here.

Tatiana and Quinn a few seconds were still in the process of eliminating the total number of participants as the twins did their thing but Tatiana saw what had just gone down on Cynthia’s side and ran toward them to intervene.

With that said, what happened was Tatiana bridged the distance in a second and the first thing she got her hands on was Ramil’s family jewels.

Her whole hand was now deep inside his shorts and clutching his balls and let me just say that no matter how fucking tough or ‘roided up a guy was, if his balls were in danger—let’s say a mosquito landed on it for example—that guy would always choose the peaceful option.

It’s just that our guy at this time used his dick to think instead of his head.

[Oh? Giving me a handy right now without paying for it? That’s new— Grrck!]

[Giving me lip? I for sure thought all tall guys have long ones?]

[F-Fuck you! I’ll— AHHHHHH!]

Before Ramil screamed at the top of his lungs, everyone looking at the huge screen saw how Tatiana’s hands twisted for several degrees while clutching his balls as hard as she could. In turn, Ramil’s face twisted even worse but the moment every guy in the vicinity tucked their balls inside was when Tatiana’s hand started… pulling… with a closed fist.

Everyone that had experience touching their balls or had the experience of touching a pair knows that it stretched to a degree and one of the few reasons a pair could stretch as far as what we just saw was if the owner of said balls was an old geezer.

As I said earlier, something similar happened the time we were here before but aside from a champion getting his jewels stretched to the maximum, he was suddenly met with an RKO from nowhere as Quinn arrived at the last moment before grabbing his head and slamming his face in the mud.

Long story short, the guy had no way to defend himself because that simple head-grab quickly turned into a headlock.

Ramil tried his hardest to get away from Quinn’s grasp but this time, I could say that Quinn’s physique had the advantage. Granted a male’s body was different from its female counterpart, Quinn’s body wasn’t the usual female counterpart either.

Well, there was a chance that he would’ve broken through her grasp but Tatiana was just sitting there waiting as a backup.

It didn’t take long before Ramil was down for the count and the medical staff wearing gimp suits arrived at the scene shortly. They brought his unconscious body out of the play area but they did check on Cynthia’s condition, and luckily enough, all she sustained was some bruises. However, it looked like Cynthia was in no mood to talk because right when Tatiana tried to approach her, Cynthia slapped her hand off and ran away.

Tatiana could just only look at her helplessly as she disappeared into a corner but the show must go on.

At this point, there were only a few pairs remaining that were still in fighting condition and the game was slowly coming to a close. Tatiana and Quinn kept reducing the number of participants at a steady pace while the twins continued to wear down their targets by pursuing them relentlessly and Bogdan and Ricardo… umm… they seemed to be in a dance battle with another pair that was almost naked.

Everyone thought the winner was already decided at the last few minutes of the competition but it took a nasty turn when Cynthia popped up at the last second.

The twins just managed to corner the little piglet after tiring out the boar protecting him but right when they were about to pick it up and claim the victory, Cynthia just appeared behind them and struck the two out of nowhere. The twins weren’t able to react properly because since we were technically on the same side, friendly fire shouldn’t happen.

With that said, the piglet dropped to the ground but the other end of Cynthia’s stick that was kicked off by Ramil struck it in the abdomen and started bleeding out helplessly. Needless to say, everyone saw how Cynthia carved its poor body out while it was still alive and she just left it for dead after obtaining the coins hidden inside its body.

Of course, once the game was over, the animals involved would be butchered and eaten sooner or later but there was a proper way of laying them to rest.

The conclusion of a game that was supposed to be met with cheers just got drowned out with music while a mix of reactions was on the viewing platforms as Cynthia claimed the win for our “family”. Even Mr. Cuervo was speechless once he got a look at Cynthia’s face as she handed over just part of the piglet’s corpse to serve as proof of “catching” it.

After that, Mr. Cuervo just forced out an awkward smile after declaring Cynthia the winner and he just showcased the rewards we would receive as quickly as he could.

As that was happening, we saw Cynthia quickly leave the stage, and Kaley and I quickly went down to chase after her. However, Kaley looked to the side before stopping in her tracks and she turned to me with a solemn expression.

“I’ll follow after her, talk to the twins.”

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