Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1519 - Descent of the Dragonsouls of Origin!

Chapter 1519 - Descent of the Dragonsouls of Origin!

There were still bloodstains on the dragonspring that clearly belonged to the Greendragon Emperor.

“Leave!” Long Xiqian anxiously told him. If he didn’t leave soon, he might lose the chance forever.

Tianming sucked in a deep breath. At this juncture, it wasn’t just that he had trouble convincing himself to retreat. Qingyu and Lingfeng’s position also made it impossible for him to fly the Ninedragon Tomb away. To him, surviving alone was as good as death.

“Godfather.…” When Tianming remembered his promise to him, it meant he couldn’t give up now. When he thought of the Ninedragon Emperor, Saintdragon Emperor, Long Wanying, and Yang Ce.…

“Tianming!” Long Xiqian grew even more anxious. Tianming looked back toward the fire-filled, bloodsoaked battlefield. The Ninedragon Army was collapsing and corpses covered the ground. He knew that Lingfeng was struggling beside Qingyu even now.

Who could save them?

As his, the Greendragon Emperor’s, and all of the rest of the fresh blood on the battlefield contaminated the Grand-Orient Sword, it gathered at the nine-colored scale. Tianming sensed a call from the Primodragon Cave. “Come!”

It sounded like countless seniors were speaking to him.

“Yes!” Tianming’s eyes finally shone.

“Who’re you talking to?” Li Xiqian asked, confused.

“Aunt Qian, follow me.” Tianming forced down the anger in his heart and maintained his rationality. Tianming didn’t fly away in the Ninedragon Tomb; instead, he rushed toward the rear of the Nine Dragon Army in the direction of the Primodragon Cave.

“Use the dragonspring to open the way!” Tianming hurriedly passed it to her.

“You want to enter the Primodragon Cave?” Long Xiqian frowned. Her mission was to bring Tianming away. With the Veildragon Palace around, the cave was no longer a safe place, but a trap.

She was considering forcefully bringing him away. “Don’t blame me.…”

Tianming excitedly cut her off halfway. “Quickly, the seniors and Ninedragon Emperor are calling me!” He was practically shouting.

“Go!” Long Xiqian’s eyes briefly flashed with shock, but she immediately reacted and pulled Tianming along in the direction of the cave.

“Quickly, quickly!” Tianming urged. Someone was dying with every passing moment. Even the willpower of the dragon clan might not last long in the face of such odds.

Looking down, he saw that the Grand-Orient Sword was shaking and the lake-like environment inside the scale was already surging with waves. The projection from the Ninedragon Emperor looked like it was about to charge out as well.

“Tianming, what was that about the ancestors?” Long Xiqian’s eyes were red as she asked with a trembling voice. As she spoke, the Primodragon Cave was already in front of them. Tianming directly entered, finally leaving behind the battlefield for good.

He accelerated; the route seemed especially long this time. The summons from inside the cave were shaking his heart and causing a resonance with his bloodline. The Primodragon Cave was furious! He finally arrived and saw Primodragon Mountain.

On the mountain, the hundred thousand lifelike Dragon Imperial corpses were neatly arranged alongside even more dragons. Tianming hadn’t noticed it before, but this time he realized that the arrangement was actually similar to an army’s! Even though they were dead, he could sense their blood pumping and those lifeless eyes of theirs regaining some color.

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He wasn’t sure he was seeing things, but he could see unbridled fury in their expressions! It was the kind of fury one felt when their homeland had been invaded, their descendants killed, and their legacy ended.

“Could it be.…” Tianming lifted his head up and looked at the plane of origin above the mountain.

As expected, the previously calm lake surface was seething and churning, with bubbles appearing. Under the radiance of the plane of origin, the mountain seemed to light up, and the hundred thousand Dragon Imperials seemed to be glowing. Their gazes seemed to become more piercing and their auras much more robust. And of course, there were the hundreds of thousands of dragon corpses!

Their eyes sharpened into a glare and many whiskers were swaying in the breeze. Gradually, anger began coloring their features as killing intent began to leak from their bodies. An invisible will had gathered on the mountain, which now seemed to be a single, massive, superdragon a million meters long.

Perhaps, these were the dragonsouls of origin.

The babbling of countless seniors drifted past. It started off anxious before gradually becoming clear roars of fury.

Tianming felt like a fire had ignited in his chest that was expanding and heating up his whole body. The Azuredragon Emperor, Greendragon Emperor, Yang Ce, and the mountains of corpses piled up outside all became a deep, burning grudge that filled Tianming.

The Grand-Orient Sword vibrated; unbidden, the sword rose up and pointed at the plane of origin. The nine-colored dragon scale on the sword gave off a piercingly bright light and a nine-colored projection of a man walked out, leading five dragons. Instead of four limbs, he had dragon heads. Together, the total of nine dragons roared toward the plane of origin!

In response to the earth-shattering roar, all of the Dragon Imperial corpses shone with light. Their eyes become bloodshot, immediately making them appear more ferocious. Perhaps they had already witnessed what was going on outside. Their excellent descendants died standing, their will unbroken. The survivors defended to the death, not giving any ground!

At that moment, the projection spread his arms as he faced the plane of origin. Despite not reaching two meters tall, his voice managed to shake the entire Primodragon Cave. “On Origin Festival, our children suffer. Our territory is no longer ours. I ask you, if the Primodragon World doesn’t open now, when should it!”

Tianming felt like his eardrums were close to bursting.

“Dragonsouls of origin, descend!”

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