All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 287:

Chapter 287:

87: Tell me! How will you fight me?

“Hold the grass! As expected of my brother Ming! He’s invincible!” Beef Noodles gasped. All of a sudden, he felt that if he was to fight Brother Ming in the future, it would be like…

He couldn’t spit it out!

“That’s not nonsense! Brother Ming had been my big brother since ancient times. He’s invincible in this world!” Wang Lufei said seriously.

In their live broadcast rooms, hundreds of millions of bullets shot past.

“This humble man is worthy of being my big brother. He’s capable of escaping with his words, unparalleled in the world!”

“As expected of you, I am willing to call you the strongest in terms of verbal evasion!”

“White Beard: As expected of Brother Ming, come and be my father!”

“Lan Ran: As expected of Brother Ming. I, Lan Ran, am the number one expert in the Void Escaping World!”

“This is Conan: As expected of Brother Ming. There is only one King of Void, and that is you!”

The barrage of bullets swept past, and the forums exploded.

In fact, quite a number of new posts had appeared, and they began to study the art of mouth movement in the cultivation world.

At this moment, on the plaza…

“No!!!” Seeing Gu Changfeng explode, Gu Hang immediately cried out.

His only grandson was gone just like that!

It was all He Yiming’s fault!!!

“He Yiming, you’re dead!!!” Gu Hang could no longer be bothered anymore. He immediately erupted with the powerful aura of a late-Sea Wheel Realm cultivator!


When the aura of the Sea Wheel Realm burst forth, everyone present was stunned.

“Everyone, stop!!!” Gu Hang roared at the 96 chaotic players.

However, no one paid any heed to Gu Hang.

“Hold the grass, if I don’t beat up all your shit today, I’ll embarass myself.”

“My broadsword is already starving. Die!”

“Hold the grass, it’s useless to stop me today. I’m going to beat this bitch to death.”

The 96 players had already unleashed their true flames. Their teeth and blood splattered everywhere. There were even players who had their ears and noses cut off.

Compared to facing four opponents, the battles were ten time more intene.

The players fought fiercely, completely ignoring Gu Hang’s words and the burst of Sea Wheel Realm aura.

Gu Hang was stunned.

A group of Spirit Vein Realm scum who didn’t even care about him?

Who gave them the courage?

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He Yiming was speechless as well. Damn it, still fighting!

I’ll beat your ass!

Gu Hang was clearly going to flip out and command everyone to act, and you guys are still fighting your own people!

“All of you, stop! If you fight again, each person would be deducted 100,000 contribution points!” He Yiming roared and waved his hand at the same time, releasing the system notification.

“Ah, Brother Ming, don’t deduct my contribution points!”

“Ah, Brother Ming, I was wrong!”

“Stop fighting, stop fighting… Pah! Go back or I’ll beat you to death!”

The players instantly reconciled, but they all secretly started to fight.

“He Yiming, you actually dared to kill my beloved grandson! Today, I will definitely kill you!!!” Gu Hang no longer cared about face.

What second round test?

What competition!

Fuck off!

I am the headmaster!

This Haotian Academy, right now, follows my decision!

“Where are the guards of Haotian Academy!!!” Gu Hang waved his hand.

Over three hundred guards of the Haotian Academy stood out in unison. They were all at the Foundation Establishment Realm. The ten people in the lead were half-step Sea Wheel Realm!

“Where are the Mu Clan disciples?” Mu Ming also waved his hand!

Three hundred black-robed figures walked out, standing behind the guards of Haotian Academy, all of them lined up.

They also emanated the aura of the Foundation Establishment Realm. There were also more than ten Half-Step Sea Wheel Realm!

“Grand formation, rise!!!” Mu Ming waved his hand!


The sky around the square turned crimson!

“This is a rank four grand formation! Even a Heavenly Pill expert would not be able to survive its atack! He Yiming, this time, you can’t escape even if you wings!” Mu Ming laughed, then humbly bowed to Gu Hang and obediently took a step back, gesturing for Gu Hang to speak.

Gu Hang was extremely satisfied with this scene!

More than half of the experts of the Haotian Academy were dissatisfied with Gu Hang, especially the instructors and seniors of the Haotian Academy.Therefore, they were either sent away or locked up by Gu Hang.

This caused his combat strength to be insufficient.

However, the appearance of Mu Ming and his Mu Clan disciples had perfectly made up for the deficiency in combat strength.

In Gu Hang’s eyes, the experts of the Mu Clan were now part of his subordinates’ strength.

Thus, Gu Hang took a step forward and locked onto He Yiming.

“He Yiming, this place has been completely sealed off by the grand formation. Even with Sea Wheel Realm cultivation base, it’s impossible for you to break through!

“There are still six hundred elites here, enough to kill all of you and your disciples!

“Now, He Yiming, come and tell me!

“What will you fight me with?”

Gu Hang burst into laughter, his face full of pride and malevolence.

“Palace Master!!!” Qing’er’s face turned pale as she panicked.

Not to mention Gu Hang and the other Sea Wheel experts, this group of six hundred people, all of them were veteran experts. Their auras were powerful, and their killing intent was experienced. It was definitely not something that the examinees who relied on the power of pills could compare to.

As Foundation Establishment cultivators, the three hundred guards of Haotian Academy were all experts who had experienced too many life and death battles.

This was especially the case for the ten half-step Sea Wheel experts. All of them were captain-level existences. Every single one of them had the strength to fight against ordinary Sea Wheel experts for a short period of time.

With such a luxurious lineup, even an old rank two sect could be annihilated.

What about He Yiming?

No matter how powerful He Yiming was, if he was able to fight with a half-step Sea Realm cultivator, that was already heaven defying!

As for He Yiming’s disciples, they were indeed not weak. To be able to kill a pseudo-Foundation Establishment cultivator in an instant meant that they were indeed very strong.

However, when faced with an old Foundation Establishment expert, it was absolutely impossible for them to resist.

The number of opponents was six times that of He Yiming’s.

“Don’t panic… I feel like He Yiming has already predicted this. Let’s watch quietly!” Nangong Li whispered.

Nangong Li inexplicably believed that He Yiming had a way to deal with these six hundred experts!

But what about Gu Hang?

And what about the Sea Wheel experts behind Gu Hang?

At the early Foundation Establishment Realm, how could he surpass a great level and defeat the Sea Wheel Realm? Not to mention a group of Sea Wheel Realm cultivators!

“Looks like Gu Hang can’t take it anymore! There’s no need for us to act!”At that moment, the five figures hidden in the audience seats were also quietly watching this scene.

The two figures in the lead seemed to be at the peak of Spirit Vein.

However, the aura they emitted was extremely dangerous.

It was the secret division of the Holy Prion Land, the two single-digit ranking experts of the Underground Group!

Number 7 and Number 9!

“That He Yiming must be hiding his cultivation base. If he’s at the early Foundation Establishment Realm, he definitely won’t be able to kill three mid Foundation Establishment cultivators so easily!” Number 7 spoke, his gaze locked onto He Yiming.

“Number 7, what do you think He Yiming’s true cultivation is?” Number 9 asked curiously.

The other three didn’t dare to interrupt.

These two were the single-digit rankers in the underground group. They were not on the same level as the three of them who were in the ordinary Sea Wheel Realm.

“He should be at the late Foundation Establishment Realm. No, judging from his confident and calm appearance, perhaps… Half-step Sea Wheel Realm!” Number 7 hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Half-step Sea Wheel? Is that possible? I heard that three months ago, this He Yiming was only at the 10th Body Refining Realm?” Number 9 didn’t seem to believe it at all.

“Haha, this He Yiming must have a great opportunity! In a moment, we have to pay attention and think of a way to capture him alive. When we return, we should invite a Soul Searching Master! If we could obtain this child’s fortune…” No.7 chuckled, and a greedy look appeared in his eyes.

“Understood!” Number 9’s eyes lit up.

At this moment, the 100 players took a step forward and stood in front of He Yiming in a row. They immediately found their best position and even put on a handsome posture.

“I, Wang Lufei, will fight my way out today!” Wang Lufei said loudly. His arms were wrapped in white bandages and he wore a straw hat.

Whoosh! My blade is calling out to me! They’re saying that they want blood!” Gentleman Qian carrying a forty-meter-long saber said domineeringly.

“Don’t be afraid, ladies of the Ice Palace! I, Handsome Sanji, will not let an enemy hurt you here!” Handsome Sanji smoked a self-made wooden cigar and said casually. He was dressed in a black suit, slender and handsome.


At this moment, the other players were all preparing to show off.

“Retreat!” He Yiming waved his hand and stood in front of all the players.

He Yiming’s gaze swept across the crowd.

He glanced at Gu Hang, then at the six hundred experts.

He Yiming’s head crooked.

“That’s it?”

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