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All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

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3 months ago

Before her rebirth, she was abandoned by her parents, then murdered by her seemingly pure but vile younger sister.

After her rebirth, she kicked all her scum boyfriends to the curb and began a campaign of abuse against the superficially perfect.

Rumors were rife on the internet that Qin Sheng was a kept woman?

A bunch of computer nerds, “Let’s hack the keyboard warriors’ computers.”

The first director, “Boss, have you written the script yet?”

The medical expert, “Sheng Sheng, our research institute will give you 100 million. When will you be able to join our team?”

A famous painter, “Sister Sheng, take me along when you hold your art exhibition.”

The CEO of a billion-dollar company, “Boss, when are you going to publicly disclose your identity?”

Finally, a big boss pulled Qin Sheng into his arms. “Sheng Sheng, I’ve transferred all the assets under my name to you.”

Netizens, “?? This world has suddenly become crazy?”

She was a business genius, a computer genius, a legendary screenwriter, a legendary painter, and a legendary medical expert. It remained to be seen how she would create flourishing prosperity.

(The male protagonist has a propensity for recognizing bitches, but is infinitely sweet and doting to the female protagonist!)