After Rebirth, Mrs. He Dotes On Her Husband

Chapter 127 - Derailed Topic

Chapter 127: Derailed Topic

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“What?” When He Xun heard Assitant Yang, his head heated up, and his pupils shrank.

He Xun quickly checked his phone, and sure enough, he saw the latest hot search about Chen Wei’er.

A wave of anger burned in his heart. He said coldly, “Suppress this news immediately. I don’t care what method you use. Delete it right away!”

“Yes!” Yang Zui responded.

“You will not receive your bonus this month. He made the post more than half an hour ago. How could you only notice it now?” He Xun’s tone was filled with rage.

“President hH, I’m sorry. It’s my fault!” Yang Zui broke out in a cold sweat.

“Deal with this matter properly!” He Xun said coldly.

“Yes!” Yang Zui quickly promised.

After hanging up the phone, He Xun’s expression was still unsightly. Chen Wei’er wasn’t stupid. She sensed something and stopped eating.

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Chen Wei’er directly put down her chopsticks and took out her phone. When she saw the first hot search, she shivered.

Nie Suijing spread her past stupid and embarrassing relationship to everyone.

Chen Wei’er’s nails dug into her palm as she bit her lower lip tightly. The memories of her previous life also surged back into her mind.

Prior to her rebirth, Chen Anhe was as thin as a stick and was in so much pain that she was bedridden. Chen Wei’er had no choice but to watch her mother die.

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Back then, Nie Suijing was impatient with her every day. He openly flirted with other women while his mother treated her with sarcasm and verbally humiliated her.

In the end, Nie Suijing kicked her in the stomach for the sake of gambling, completely ending her first life.

Tears flowed uncontrollably from Chen Wei’er’s eyes, and her entire body trembled!

The past that she didn’t dare to face and didn’t want to deal with swept through her body like a storm.

“Wifey, it’s alright! It’s alright, my precious wife.” He Xun quickly hugged her tightly in his arms and comforted her softly.

Chen Wei’er lay in He Xun’s arms and sobbed softly. She couldn’t help but weep.

On the other hand, Yang Zui was quite efficient. In less than 3 minutes, Nie Suijing’s personal account on the internet had been banned, and all the news about Chen Wei’er had been suppressed.

However, the more the information was suppressed, the more enthusiastic the masses were, and the more intense the discussions were.

The speculations grew uncontrollably!

[I have finally witnessed the power of wealth today. It turns out that when you’re rich to the extreme, you can really do whatever you want.]

[No wonder Nie Suijing said that he doesn’t have the ability to protect Chen Wei’er. What can he use to protect her? She could pinch him to death with just a finger. Chen Wei’er’s family is too much. They would marry their beautiful daughter off for money?]

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[Her husband is so good at this. Don’t tell me he’s a greasy old man?!]

[Don’t say anymore! I already have a picture. A big-bellied, bald old man with a greasy face is hugging Chen Wei’er in his arms and kissing her! I f*cking want to vomit.]

[Is there anyone who can find out who Chen Wei’er’s husband is? I just want to see if anyone dares to challenge him by force in this peaceful era.]

[Our powerful netizens, expose him! A bastard man who takes things by force must die!]

With the public’s interference, the news about Chen Wei’er’s husband was also pushed forward by netizens.

At this time, the Heaven Blessed Charity Foundation’s official website also released the photos earlier.

One of them was Chen Wei’er holding He Xun’s arm and holding the trophy.

The person who saw this message by chance was stunned at first, then he almost threw his phone out. “Fuck!”

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Then, this bit of information was also thrown into the mix. However, the direction of the discussions changed a bit.

[Everyone, take a look. This is Chen Wei’er, right? She and Nie Suijing are wearing the same clothes in the pictures!]

[Am I blind? Isn’t this He Xun?]

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[Who is He Xun? Can someone explain it to me? Is this person very powerful?]

[Oh my god, there’s actually someone who doesn’t know He Xun! Do you guys live in a cave? He’s the youngest entrepreneur in the country. It’s because of the He Group that we have been recognized as the city with the highest GDP in the country. It’s obvious that the He Group has a lot of funds. The current owner of the He Group is He Xun. He even had a few meetings with several leaders before. The He Group is already among the top 10 in the world!]

[Is he that powerful? No matter how I look at it, Chen Wei’er is the one who profited, right?]

[I have another piece of news. Other than the top rich families, no one knows that He Xun is already married. There are still many rich families who want to marry off their daughters to He Xun.]

[I have heard about this too. One of my classmates from university is from a rich family in this city. She has a villa by the sea and real estate in the city center! Oh my gosh, her parents have been creating opportunities for her to meet He Xun!]

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